3 Easy Ways to Sterilize Baby Bottles

How to Sterilize Baby Bottles

It is important to look at how you can sterilize baby bottles the right way. It is easier to sterilize these baby bottles than you might think. There are many great ways for you to consider when you’re aiming to keep these bottles safe for your child’s use.

1. Sterilize with Baby Bottle Sterilizer/Steamer

philips avent 3 in 1 electric steam sterilizerAn electric steamer or baby bottle sterilizer is a great product to use when sterilizing your bottles. This uses steam by killing off germs and bacteria in your baby’s bottle.

To use this, you must add clean water into a reservoir in a steamer. A bottle and nipple should be placed in the steamer with the openings facing downward. This allows the steam from the sterilizer to clean off the two as quickly as possible.

This should be very easy to use as the heat from the steamer cleans off the bacteria in your baby’s bottle. Also, some sterilizers work with multiple bottles at a time while others are better for just one at a time

How to Sterilize Baby Bottle in Electric Sterilizer Steamer

2. Sterilize Baby Bottle & Nipples in the Microwave

Sterilize Baby Bottles
How to Sterilize Baby Bottles


You can always use a microwave sterilizer as well.  This is perfect for most microwave safe and glass baby bottles. This can be done with a steam sterilizer that is applied into your microwave.

The water that you add into it will be activated through the heat generated by a microwave. The steam will be kept within the unit if you use a proper cover.

This is a fast and simple way to clean off your baby bottles. Still, you must be careful when getting it to work. A sterilizer will work best when you keep the microwave you use for it cleaned off.

You must clear out the stains inside your microwave to keep it all intact and comfortable.

How to Sterilize a Baby Bottle in the Microwave

3. Boil the Baby Bottle to Sterilize

You can also boil your baby’s bottles. This requires a large pot and a lid. You must keep the pot and lid clean so the baby bottle will not be harmed. A lid will be required to keep the steam inside the pot.

You should add clean water to the pot and then add the baby bottles into it. By heating the bottles, you will get all the bacteria in them killed off through the strong heat and steam generated.

This works best if you only use a pot that is reserved for sterilizing baby bottles. Anything that you normally use for food should be avoided, what with such pots possibly containing bacteria from other foods. This is to keep your foods from being at risk of developing added bacteria.

How to Sterilize Baby Bottles by Boiling

These options can all work well when you’re looking to sterilize your baby’s bottles. Make sure you watch for how well the bottles are prepared and that the materials you use for cleaning them off will be safe to use. This is all about making it easier for you to keep your baby’s bottles clean and comfortable and safe for your child to have.