5 Ways to Clean Baby Bottles That Have a Milk Odor

5 Ways to Clean Baby Bottles That Have a Milk Odor

Get Rid of Milk or Formula Odor From Baby Bottles

The odor that can develop from baby bottles as you are cleaning them can persist for a while. This can be bothersome to you and your baby alike.

Here are five safe solutions to clean out baby bottles that have milk odors. These should be simple enough to work with although some of them do take a bit of time for you to handle right.

# 1 Use Baking Soda

5 Ways to Clean Baby Bottles That Have a Milk Odor
5 Way to Get Milk Odor From Baby Bottle

For starters, you can use baking soda to take care of the odors. Baking soda is a great deodorizer that doesn’t harm the body. To make this work, use a traditional detergent and water and rinse it out.

Then, add a tablespoon of baking soda into the bottle and fill it halfway with water. Shake for a few minutes and then rinse it out when the odor is gone.

#2 Sterilize the Bottle

Sterilization is a process where the bottle is cleaned off with steam. To make this work, you need to add the bottle into a pot of water and then bring it to a boil.

Make sure there’s a lid over it too. The steam generated by the boiling water or electric baby bottle sterilizer will kill off the bacteria that cause the milk odor.

Make sure the bottle is safe to boil. This should work with glass bottles and much of plastic bottles but do look carefully.

#3 Vinegar 

Vinegar is another common compound that is great for cleaning purposes. Mix one part vinegar with three parts water and then soak the bottle in that compound. This works best when you soak it overnight.

#4 Charcoal

This next process takes a few days to complete but it helps as charcoal can clear out many odors. Crumble up some active charcoal briquettes into a powder. Add into a bottle and then add warm water. Shake and leave it to sit for a few days. This takes a bit but the charcoal will do well as a great cleanser. Do clean out the bottle after you’re done though.

#5 Toothpaste

The last option is to add toothpaste to the bottle. Use a clean new toothbrush and apply toothpaste onto the inside part of the bottle.  Rinse the bottle off with water and allow it to dry. Make sure the bottle is rinsed carefully as toothpaste can be harmful if ingested. This is despite how it is a great deodorizing agent.

Try these options out and you’ll see how easy it is to get your baby’s bottle to be easier to handle. This will help you to keep the odors that come with old milk from being a real problem. This is great for you and will help your baby to have an easier time with consuming milk without any irritation.