Top 10 Advantages of Yoomi Bottles – Based on Tens of Truthful Online Reviews


Your new-born baby is an exceedingly unmatched source of joy. Therefore, you truly have to ensure that your angelic bunch of happiness enjoys the best the world can offer. This is the reason why your infant’s feeding items ought to be carefully selected so as ensure maximum comfort and health. Yoomi bottles are one perfect example of such optimally helpful and safe apparatuses for feeding your cuddly young.

For those who aren’t familiar with this extraordinary baby bottle brand, below are some compelling features and advantages associated with it. Continue reading this Yoomi bottle reviews summary in order to discover some top 10 benefits of this amazingly awesome baby feeding gadget.

1. Self-Warming

To begin with, the amazing bottle contains a number of self-warming features. Consequently, users only need to fully understand the precise need of the young being fed and thus re-adjust the excellent gizmo according to the desired specs.

For example, if a kid should take milk that’s slightly warmed up to around 10 degrees. The handlers only need to accordingly preset the receptacle to the required warmth specifications. Throughout the time the milk is in the gadget. It will be kept within the intended levels of warmth, depending on a particular baby’s unique preferences.

2. Optimal Safety

Secondly, all Yoomi infant feeding kits are made with the baby’s whole welfare and overall safety considerations well taken care of. For instance, the feeding assemblage doesn’t have any small detachable parts that might pose risks to the clueless user.

Again, the outside temperatures are constantly regulated and thus stay at wholly harmless degrees. The portable design also comes with well-defined handles to help users bootle-feed their newborns in an absolutely convenient and hassle-free manner.

3. Unquestionable Hygiene

All Yoomi baby feeding bottles are specifically made with spotless clean interior that’s quite easy to wash. Once milk or other drinks are put into the container, it’s completely sealed off. Leaving the air vents as only gaping openings. On top of these hygiene a oriented safeguards, the said vents are actually very small holes that only help release any trapped air.

As you’ll practically observe, it’s totally impossible for even the littlest forms of dirt to enter the container through these ventilating openings. Therefore, the bottles are 100% hygienically secured and also incomparably easy to clean/sanitize before use.

4. Outstanding Durability

Furthermore, all Yoomi bottle reviews point out the truth that the feeding kit is extremely long-lasting. As such, one doesn’t have to buy a similar one multiple times as their toddlers grow. Due to the unmistakable durability of the unparalleled gizmo, you will only have to purchase one Yoomi feeding bottle as soon as your young ones are born and continue to use the same item until the kids stop bottle-feeding.

In fact, many parents confess to have used the gadget to feed up to two or three kids. With an estimated 3-year spacing between them. As a result, these godsend feeding innovations are the best way to spend money. Make your dear newborns an inimitably exciting meal-taking experience.

yoomi bottle reviews

5. Affordability

In a similar vein, the newfangled affair remains wholly affordable to even the most careful middle-class buyers. In fact, compared to several other traditional brands, the self-regulating acquisition sells at unimaginably affordable rates. To discover just how cheaply priced the paraphernalia actually is, you should simply compare its utility-related components and the end quotes. You’ll find out that the infant feeding innovation provides purchasers full value for each dollar they fork out paying for it.

However, this tip does not imply that people should look for exactly dirt-cheap deals for Yoomi bottles. It’s vital to first accept that these bottles are understandably costly. Although their unmatched quality will ultimately pay off in the end. Subsequently, you should treat every questionably low-price packages you might come across out there. You must always think twice whenever you find a deal that sounds too good to be true.

6. Ready Availability

In addition to the foregoing benefits, Yoomi baby bottles are sold all over the map. Both online sites and at various brick-and-mortar facilities. Given their mass/ready availability interested parents can take full advantage of discounts, warranties, and bonuses and thus enjoy the most exciting and reasonably priced deals in the industry. For instance, some online platforms offer discounted prices provided the buyers acquire other related items together with the feeding kit.

7. Great Choices

Similarly, parents can go for the most promising color and features. As seen on a couple of web-based stores, one may opt for any personally inspiring color or specific collection of utility features.

Depending the needed utilities and accessorial necessities, the average buyer will be able to pick not only the most physically endearing models but also ones that meet their functional specifications.

8. Well-Designed Air Vents

Young kids are highly susceptible to colic, which may sometimes result from poorly designed milk bottles. However, all these hurdles become a thing of the past once you invest in the newest Yoomi bottle. Since this extraordinarily helpful kit features meticulously appropriated air vents. Chances of exposing your baby colic are extremely low because all trapped air immediately exits the receptacle via these strategically made vents.

9. Awesome Feeding Experience

One of the most thrilling reasons on feeding acquisition looks irresistible to many punters is that it resembles a real mum’s tests. The real-life brand thus guarantees your little angel an awesome feeding experience. That’s almost similar to sipping their mother’s warm breast milk.

The entire feeding experience is also quite awesome on the part of the parents themselves since nothing beats seeing your newborns getting the very best care and comfort in the whole universe.

10. Unbeatable Portability

Finally, Yoomi bottles are also quite advantageous due to the fact they are remarkably easy to carry around. Unlike other bulky or cumbersome traditional feeding alliances or containers. That weren’t convenient to move around with, this innovative brand remain pretty simple and light enough to take with you whatever you go.

In short, the invention offers parents real value for their hard-earned cash is because they’re sold both convenience and utility carefully packaged into one amazing unit.

MAM Anti-Colic Bottles-What’s So Special About Them?


Choosing a bottle that works for your cute little baby can be a daunting task. Every baby is different, and may not like the bottle that your first baby used or your friend’s babies adore. We recently read many mam anti-colic bottle reviews and have found that no other baby bottle has as many interesting features this baby bottle has, and is also competitively priced. It’s easily available online. Let’s have a close look at this MAM anti-colic bottle reviews.

They Look Great!

All MAM anti-colic bottles look lovely! You can get them in four attractive colors (pink, green, blue and mauve) so there are colors to suit everyone, and the beautiful decoration on the measuring guide makes them look so darn pretty! We’re also pleased to say that this decoration does not affect the measure guide’s visibility in any way.

Great Features

Many mam anti-colic bottle reviews proudly discuss some of its features that make transitioning from beast to bottle super easy for you. The first feature you would live is its patented silky soft nipple that has a unique shape. It’s not completely circular and long like other nipples. Instead, MAM nipple is wide and short (yet flattened) and I feel it resembles a women’s breast more than other available bottle nipples. It has been designed so that it fails to collapse while drinking. Therefore, no need to “burp” the milk bottle because its nipple collapses in your baby’s mouth! Your baby will take its nipple immediately without any problem.

Leak Proof Cap

MAM anti-colic bottle’s cap is completely leak-proof. This function is helpful if accidentally the bottle gets tip over in your diaper bag. It’s also BPA free and comes in three sizes. The MAM nipple is available in four different flow rates for your growing baby.

Choice Of Three Sizes

You’ve a choice of three sizes with these baby bottles:130ml, 160ml, and 260ml.

Functional Design

You’ll definitely love the functional design of this bottle. Both bottom (the base) and the top of the bottle has wide openings that easily unscrew to make it an extremely easy bottle to clean. No need for any bottle brush! Plus its wide openings make filling effortless.

MAM anti-colic bottle reviews

Self Sterlizing function

The biggest attraction of these bottles is their ability to “self-sterlize”. This feature is best for on-the-go, busy parents, as it allows them to easily sterilize as many or as few as they want or need at any one time. All that is needed is a microwave. The entire bottle can disassemble into six different parts. The chamber seal, the base chamber, the teat, the bottle body, the bottle cap and the screw lid.

For sterilizing the bottel, you just have to place the seal right inside the base chamber and add only 20ml of cold water (you can measure it using the marks on the bottle cap). Place the screw lid and the assembled teat on the top seal and then sit the entire bottle body on the top of the base (without actually attaching it to the base) and then rest the bottle cap on the top of the bottle’s body.

The entire bottle then goes into the microwave (on full power). Keep it there for 4 minutes (with one extra minute for each additional bottle you want to sterilize). This system of sterilization is very helpful.

Anti-colic feature

These MAM bottles also have an Anti-Colic feature. Its innovative base is properly vented to control milk flow. It also balances air pressure for reducing colic there by preventing baby from swallowing any air during their feed. However, it is important for you to screw the base of the bottle in a correct way every time or it may start to leak.

MAM’s fantastic Silk Teats

These cute little bottles come with MAM’s fantastic Silk Teats. The MAM Silk Teats boats of all advantages of standard silicone and are also extra sot. So you have safe silicone with that extra edge! It ensures your baby can enjoy all available benefits to the full.

This is definitely one of the most important deciding factor for most parents. In fact, MAM boasts that their smart Silk Teats are loved by babies because they feel soft and familiar-exactly like mummy’s skin. This kind of feeling makes the switch between breastfeeding and bottle extremely easy. As your child starts her life breastfeeding, its important that the transition to bottle is smooth and stress free. This is definitely possible with MAM anti-colic bottles.

While reading many mam anti-colic bottle reviews, we’ve encountered just one negative concern among users. Some users find that their bottles leaked. Once they remove the sterilized bottles from the microwave and pour the left over water from the bottle base, they would assemble the bottle as per manufacturer’s instructions. However, they found that the water would subsequently leak right from the bottle of the baby bottle, ad they would have lost 8-10ml of water before they could even add the formula.

We further researched into this and found that it was mainly due to seal loosening itself. Within the base between sterilization and assembling. There is any easy way to reduce this problem. You can pour all excess water from the base, and use the screw cap and teat part to securely and gently press down on the seal to ensure it is right in place. Now you won’t find so many leakages!


According to thousands of mam anti-colic bottle reviews, in spite of occasional leakage, these are fantastic feeding bottles that most babies live. Most parents are now using Man anti-colic bottles full time, and purchase many sets for personal use and also recommend them to relatives and friends.

Give your baby a comfortable feeding experience with these cute little and completely safe infant bottles that have been designed to prevent any kind of sudden air intake during feeding. In addition, the bottle’s unique flat-shaped nipple perfectly fits in baby’s mouth, resulting in a natural and smooth breastfeeding-like experience for your baby. MAM Anti-Colic bottles are ergonomically shaped, making it super easy for both babies and parents to hold.

More information about the MAM Anti-Colic Bottles including ordering information and prices can be found online on company’s website. Advice and support can also be found through their Twitter and Facebook Page. You can connect via Twitter by following MAM.

The Baby Bottle That’s Imitating The Comfort of Breastfeeding

First Years breastflow bottle

Parents only want what’s best for their newborn. As their baby first experiences a life outside the womb, they are continuously adjusting and learning from their environment. And the right nurture and care make the biggest difference in a child’s life. If a baby is not comfortable with how they are consuming milk, then they will not effectively consume the right amount they need. As most parents know, it takes a lot of time for some newborns to get used to bottle-feeding. A mom cannot always be present to breastfeed their baby. And it’s important that they have a bottle that can provide to comfort and ease of feeding on a breast to guarantee that a baby is receiving the right amount of nutrition they need from milk. A comfortable baby will consume milk far better than a baby who doesn’t feel happy with a bottle.

Parents thrive to give the best for their young ones. And it’s exactly why the First Years breastflow bottle is becoming a favorite amongst parents. It’s the only bottle designed to mimic and work just like a breast. And the First Years breastflow bottle reviews and feedback from parents, are the perfect reflection of why it is the best bottle to use.

First Years breastflow bottle technology

The design that has gone into the making of this bottle is nothing like the standard bottle most people are used to. The First Years breastflow bottle works to maximize a baby’s ability to control the milk flow. A baby uses suction and compression to control how much milk they suction out of the nipple. And it’s a natural response they make when they are feeding on either a breast or a bottle. The design of the bottle gives babies the ideal comfort and functionality they need to consume as much milk as possible.

The absence of a breast to feed on, should not be a reason for babies to feel uncomfortable or unhappy with how they are fed. The technology used to build the First Years breastflow bottle is ideal to provide as much comfort as, possible when feeding. And it’s the distinct reason behind why this new nipple technology is quickly becoming a favorite in many households.

First Years breastflow bottle flexible use

This bottle is also flexible to use, as it can function effectively with both breast milk and formula milk. It’s not easy for parents to have to change between formula and breast milk. And the added cost of using two different bottles for both milk forms isn’t ideal. The First Years breastflow bottle nipple holds both milk forms well. It releases the milk at a soft and comfortable flow for the baby. And it is not limited to just one form of milk. This is perfect for parents who use either formula or breast milk, or who use both.

First Years breastflow bottle

First Years breastflow bottle prevents colic symptoms and waste The nipple of the First Years breastflow bottle is not just  designed to mimic the feel and function of a woman’s breast. It is also designed to eliminate spills and waste. The silicone, vented nipple is built to reduce colic symptoms in newborns. Colic symptoms are abdominal pain caused by gas built up in the intestines. This can be extremely painful and uncomfortable for newborns. Standard nipples cannot control the air that a baby may be consuming along with the milk. This often contributes to the gas build up and colic symptoms experienced by babies. The First Years breastflow bottle nipple is designed to eliminate the gas consumed by a baby. And with the same technology, it also reduces the spit-up often experienced when feeding with a bottle. This is accomplished by a two piece nipple and wide neck design.

Easy to clean

Sometimes, the most complicated and advanced technology that goes into equipment, may also mean a complicated process of cleaning. But of course, for the many busy mom and dads out there who need the most efficient and easy to clean bottle, the First Years breastflow bottle is designed just for that. The two piece nipple is easy to remove and disassemble to guarantee a thorough clean. It’s important that hygiene and cleanliness are prioritized when taking care of newborns. And the design of this bottle was specifically made to guarantee that it is both easy to use and clean.

Free from harmful chemicals used in plastic

First Years breastflow bottle design thrives to not only be the most comfortable, but the safest bottle for newborns. There’s a chemical used to line different plastics called BPA. This stands for Bisphenol A. It is usually found in different plastic products to help strengthen the material. But this is extremely dangerous for babies who are exposed to it at a constant rate. BPA mimics different hormones in the body. And if babies are exposed to this, it can cause Endocrine Disruptions in the body.

Any system in the body that functions with hormones, can be disrupted. This is extremely dangerous for newborn babies who are growing and developing their bodies at a fast rate during their first 3 months. Endocrine Disruptions can cause birth defects, developmental disorder and is known to be linked to the growth of cancer tumors. The First Years breastflow bottle is guaranteed to be BPA-free. This is another harmful situation parents can avoid when using the perfectly designed First Years breastflow bottle.

The comfort, health, safety and maximum growth of a newborn is the first priority parents and doctors focus on. And in the first months of a baby’s life, proper breastfeeding and bottle-feeding is the most important way to guarantee that a baby is as healthy and as strong as possible. Parents need bottles that are not just going to help feed their child. The First Years breastflow bottle is designed to make every aspect of bottle-feeding as easy and as safe for both a baby and the parents. The technology and design of the First Years breastflow bottle is changing how babies are bottle-fed. And it’s growing popularity amongst many households, is not just the only goal First Year is aiming for.

They are also eager and prioritizes the comfort, growth, health and safety of babies. That’s why they have made their First Years breastflow bottle surprisingly affordable. Despite its outstanding design and the technology that went into building this bottle, it is available at a good and fair price. On top of this, it is a simplistic design that’s flexible and easy to use and clean. It’s not just a bottle that’s best for the baby, it’s also extremely ideal for parents.

The Favorite of Colicky, Gas-filled and Fussy Babies Everywhere – the Playtex Ventaire Bottles Reviews

playtex baby ventair

So you’re having a baby! Time for knitting, and lace work. Well, I guess you really don’t have time for knitting in today’s world, but it’s a nice thought! You are setting up a nursery, buying things for your new baby – happy times! You’re also making decisions about buying bottles, should you buy this one, should you not? You may need to buy a few just in case. Now it’s time for the big decisions, you ask around among friends and look online – glass or plastic? Should you buy silicone nipples or latex? What shape bottles should you have? So many types of bottles, so many decisions to make! Don’t worry; Here we are with the ultimate Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews and their pros and cons.

A General Overview of the Playtex Bottle:

The Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews we have made should guide you in the decision-making process. The key features are the shape of the bottle and the position of the vent. The unique shape of these bottles allows for a more upright feeding position for your baby. An ordinary nipple has vents at the top near the portion where the milk flows and sometimes your baby can swallow air along with the milk. This makes the baby bloated due to the gas build up and lead to colic (though no one knows for sure what actually causes colic.). In the Playtex Ventaire Bottles there are special vents which are actually made up of micro holes, at the bottom of the bottle which allows air to flow in without any chance of having your baby swallow it while feeding.

The Pros of this Revolutionary Bottle:

1. Babies using these bottles seem to have less gas resulting in less spit up and reduced fussiness.

2. Our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews also note that the unique angle of the bottle allows you to feed the baby in a more upright position, preventing potential ear infections from happening.

3. The nipples of the bottles are shaped more like your breast so baby can feed comfortably. There will be less confusion for the baby between breasts and the nipple of the bottle, as the flow of the milk also can be controlled by your baby just as they do with the breast. Babies also seem to latch well with this nipple.

4. The Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews show that the nipples are shaped to help baby switch easily between breast and bottle. The bottles have a revolutionary Playtex NaturaLatch patented nipple. They are wide and have a special raised, textured portion which will help your baby to latch. You can also use the bottles with a variety of other nipples from Playtex.

5. You would be surprised at how much easier it is to use the unique tilted bottle. We found that most mothers in our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews discovered a pleasing difference in the holding-comfort in the Playtex Ventaire Bottles. They didn’t realize there could be a difference in the first place until they tried the Playtex Ventaire Bottle. And then realized the ease with which you can hold the bottle for the baby.

Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews

6. Parents will also find the price of these bottles much lower than its closest competitor. Compared to other anti-colic bottles, you will be delighted with its value for money. As you can get them in sets, they are even less expensive than you imagined.

7. The mouth of the bottle is wide enough for you to make up a bottle for your baby, comfortably. You will be happy to know that our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews found there are no leaks in the bottle when you shake it to mix up the formula. You will find that the markings are clear so it’s easy to fix a bottle when the baby
is hungry. The wide mouth makes cleaning it easy too!

8. The unique shape of the bottle is not a problem when you put it into a regular bottle warmer. And it is BPA-free, so heat it knowing it’s safe for your baby.

9. All the parts of the baby bottle can fit into other Playtex bottles. So you can do mix up and mix and match parts, getting your baby exactly what he/she needs.

10. Our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews found the bottles are very good travelers. Just make sure to place the nipple inside the travel lid correctly, screw on the lid and you’re good to go! No leaks, no waste, and your baby’s food is ready at a moment’s notice.

There are always a few cons, so here we go:

Where there are pluses there are also a few minor cons too so after our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews, we have a small list for you to consider:

– The lid pops off when you drop it

– The bottom of the bottle can develop a leak if not closed properly or after some use

– Lots of parts that need careful cleaning.

– The curve of the bottle needs special care with a good bottle brush to scrub out.

– The nipple can stain if left with things like tomato sauce.

– A small portion of babies found it difficult to latch on to the NaturaLatch nipples. Each baby is different so do try another if yours has the same problem.

Other Details We Think You Should Know

The bottles come in both 6 oz and 9 oz. They come as a set of three in a pack. You can find a starter pack at a low price which has three bottles of 6oz and two bottles in the 9 oz size. It also comes with extra nipples, bottle caps, and the vent disk. There are numerous selections of nipples to choose from like the Petite nipple, the Full sized nipple, the angled nipple and the Breast-like nipple. Our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews also note since the back and the top is removable, the bottle is so easy to clean. You can also put the bottles in the dishwasher’s top rack as it is dishwasher safe. The three lovely colors are very pleasing to the eye.

Remember You Know What’s Best

Our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews are done with an eye on really helping you make the right decisions. It can get very confusing for new mother when you see the numerous choices out there. It’s not always possible to rely on word of mouth. We have analyzed the products as thoroughly as possible from all angles. Sometimes what works for one baby doesn’t work for another. In which case, it’s wise to give up and try another product to see if baby responds better. We know how precious your baby is to you and want you to make informed choices. Ultimately you know what’s best for your precious baby.

Minbie BPA-free Natural Glass Baby Bottle is The Best Choice For Your Little Bundle of Joy

minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottle

I was struggling as a first-time mom to get everything right for my baby. The way these bottles made feeding a great experience that I could not stop myself from writing the minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles review. When I introduced the bottle to my infant, he resisted them all until I gave him minbie glass bottle. It was pretty surprising for me to see him happy whenever I fed him with that bottle. There were so many issues that I faced with other brands. Some had hard nipple, some got him into colic problems and some were too wide for him to grab.

These are just few things that I noticed while trying to get him the right bottle. I went through a lot of online reviews and got hold of some pretty facts through minbie bpa-free natural glass bottles review. That is when I decided to try them. I was sceptical about making another bad investment but was glad to check the prices. Among all the variety of its kind, it was the cheapest and still had almost all positive feedbacks from parents all around the world. What else a mom would need? Hence, I paid for these bottles. I would like to talk about few features that make these bottles stand out.

Features of Minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles

As the name suggests, these bottles are made of natural glass that is environment friendly and are a great substitute for plastic bottle. Those who are not aware of the side effects of plastic bottles, must know that plastic is bad for your baby and become reason for lot of infections and weaker immune.

Hence, when I got these glass bottles, I made the first step towards my baby safety in terms of feeding. These glass bottles are BPA-free and made of natural material which makes it a healthy option for your kids.

The best part about these glass bottles that make them completely different from other brands is its heat and shock resistance feature. This is one unique feature that is not available with any other bottle brand in the market. You can take out the bottle from the fridge and put it directly into the boiling water. This won’t make any cracks to the bottle as other glasses are expected to behave. So, you do not have to wait after taking out the minbie bottle from the fridge to pour the hot milk inside.

The nipple of these bottles is designed to eliminate the nipple confusion among infants. Hence, you can keep your baby on breastfeed as well as bottle feed and your little one will have comfort in having milk in both ways. The nipple is soft and the milk flow is great. It’s not too fast and nether too slow which makes it easy for kids to accept.

minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottle

Good for your child digestion

The minbie bpa-free glass bottles comes with anti-reflux and anti-colic design for feeding which supports great digestion. This problem is very common among infants and starts as soon as a bottle is introduced. However, with minbie, this is never going to turn your night sleepless as your baby will have a sound sleep.

These are few of the features that these bottles unveil. You will find many moms talking about the benefits of these bottles in the minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles review. Everyone has their own story and almost everyone found them lucky to have these glass bottles.

The recognitions these minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles have gained

If you are not sure about trusting reviews, you can check the various awards that the design of these bottles has received. It has been categorized among the best brands and for some reasons even surpass them.

Primer’s design 2014 award, reddot award, good design award are few that it has gathered. There are many other awards that it has received for design as well as other reasons. Many reviews have included it among the top 10 bottles in the world.

It is not just the awards that speak about the awesomeness of these bottles, but the way it has made difficult for the other brands to survive. It is no far when most of the parents will get minbie bottles instead of any other brand.

Being economical and cheap, it is easily available for every house. Who can ignore the benefits it has over other brands?


Minbie has made a remarkable difference in the way this industry worked. Instead of designing a bottle with a nipple that only facilitate feeding, Minbie introduced a completely different latch design that is very close to the breast feeding. It took care of the environmental problems by replacing the plastic base with glass.

There are few customers who do not like the idea of buying a nipple and the bottle separately. But, this is also made for a reason. With this option, you can easily pick your bottle and nipple combination. Every Minbie nipple is adjustable with every bottle model. Some also have talked about the bottle being heavy. But, this is nothing if compared with all the benefits it provides.

In a nutshell, if you are a mom and this is especially your first experience as a parent, you must be wary about every little detail which concerns your child. This is not different and happens with almost every parent. But, getting a minbie glass bottle would never make you regret your decision.

These bottles are closely designed to meet the needs of infants who shift from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. So, that change would be smooth through these bottles. All in all, these minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles are true companions for moms who face trouble shifting their child to bottle feeding. You will love seeing your baby comfortable throughout that shift.

If you do not want to base your opinion on the minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles review, get ono for yourself. I am sure, you would not be able to resist yourself from writing one such review.

Feeding Can Be Made a Fun Experience for Your Baby with Playtex Nurser Bottles

playtex nurser bottles

It is annoying to see your baby irritated from a lot of trouble while shifting from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. Being mom is not an easy job. You need to stand on your heels for getting the best for your baby. In midst of all the pain you take, you come across many brands and their promises to make your baby happy. However, it becomes impossible to find the one that provides the best solution for your baby’s bottle feeding. Sometimes online reviews may assist you in making the right decision as it did for me. I saw playtex nurser bottles reviews on internet and the next thing I did, I made online order for these bottles.

It would be surprising to see how your baby latches to these bottles without asking for the breastfeed. My struggle was over after I got these miraculous bottles for my baby. I was going through a trying-time. Every product I used, was not up to the mark. There were problems with every brand. Either the bottle was too heavy for my little one to hold or it made him colic most of the time. These issues were getting me into depression. Mothers may be the strongest creature that god has created, but mothers also need break from all the responsibilities that they take up after child’s birth. Feeding bottles are a life saver for taking out some time to check the messages on the mobile.

When I got Playtex for my baby, she was already fighting colic symptoms. It had been few months that I shifted her to bottle feed and since the time, she stayed cranky most of the time and would cry the whole night without a break. I knew that the bottle feeding was making the condition worse and had to do something about it. Hence, I checked internet for some suggestions and found playtex nurser bottles reviews which had all the information that I needed.

Features that makes playtex nurser bottles vital for your baby’s feeding

While you go through the website of Playtex, you would be able to collect a lot of information. I did the same before making the order. I checked the options available with them and found the one that suited all my concerns.

They have got different variety of bottles, from your new ones to toddler, you can get range of nursing bottles. I love playtex nurser bottles because some of the great features it provides:

Customized Angled Design: I have never seen a design that playtex nurser bottles provide. Doctors suggest feeing babies in semi upright position which helps in preventing ear infection. However, with bottle feeding, this becomes close to impossible. But, playtex nurser bottles come with the optional angled design which makes it easier to tilt the head to an angle. After getting these bottle, I was never worried about the feeding position.

Adjustable nipple option: Playtex bottles come with nipple that are greatly designed and are made of natural latch silicon which feels close to the breastfeeding. This makes the transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding much convenient. However, the playtex nurser bottles are compatible with all different nipples that Playtex provides. Hence, you can choose one that suits you better.

playtex nurser bottles reviews

The bottles are free of BPA: Being a parent, we are highly concerned about using BPA-free nursing bottle. If you will check the Playtex nurser bottles reviews, you will find great buzz about the same. These bottles are BPA-free and will keep your babies away from infection or any health hazards. Above all, baby’s health comes first and there should be no compromise made to their growing body. For these reasons, Playtex provide safest and best bottles.

Comes in different sizes: Platex bottles come in different sizes to make sure the infants as well as growing babies are fed with right amount. The smaller size is of 4oz and the bigger one is of 8oz. The smaller size bottles are also great for carrying milk while traveling.

Great Locking feature: It becomes great problem when your baby’s feeding bottle leaks and spoils everything in your diaper bag. These bottles solve this issue efficiently by providing twist and click seal. It is safe to carry while traveling.

Compact: These bottles come with liners. So, if you are on the go, you can pack just one bottle and bring extra liners and nipples to keep your travel bag light weight.

Today’s Parent Approved winner of 2016

What made me believe about all the fuss on playtex nurser bottles reviews, is the recognition it has gained. The design is astonishing and Playtex bottles get you everything that you need for keeping your little one out of colic problems as well as other infection. These bottles are a great help for those moms who are always in rush. It has pre-sterilized liners that avoids mess and lots of cleaning later on. You can put the liners in the bottle and turn on the nipple. It becomes ready to feed your baby.

If you think that convenience is the only thing that counts here, then you have got me wrong. The liners are designed to collapse as baby feeds. This is similar to the breastfeeding pattern. This helps in avoiding colic problems.


Babies are different and their needs as well. We, as a parent, try to find the right mate for our baby. Either it’s the first game that we introduce them to or their first bottle. Everything should make them feel comfortable. Playtex nurser bottles reviews will make you understand about the ways these bottles will make your baby happy irrespective of the different needs.

Playtex bottles have served a lot of parents around the globe and it is the benefits that it provides which makes it the most trusted brands among nursing bottles. If you wish to have a great time watching your baby playing with her toys instead of crying out of gas, Playtex bottle is the perfect purchase you can make.

Glass or Plastic – Reasons Why You Should Move to Glass Bottles for Your Baby

bor free glass bottle 1

With a new baby on the way, you must be preparing for his/her arrival. You are setting up a nursery, buying supplies, deciding which the best items are for your new baby. These are things you enjoy doing while waiting for the big day. Nothing but the best will do, of course. Then the dilemma comes, do you need to buy bottles? If so, what type of bottles – glass or plastic? Glass was a popular option thirty years ago, but then came plastic bottles. Soon enough we realized that plastic may not be so good for your baby, so now it’s back to glass bottles again. This Born Free Glass Bottle review attempts to shows you that it is the perfect option out of all the items available to you in the market.

Read our Born Free Glass Bottle review further to know why glass gives you an advantage over plastic:

Advantages of using Born Free Glass Bottles:

Inert Glass – your Born Free Glass Bottles are inert, that is, they don’t give off or absorb any nutrients, chemicals or other things from the milk. It’s so much safer for your baby.

Stronger bottle – In our Born Free Glass Bottle review, we found that the latest technology has been used to toughen the glass, and if it does break it shatters into smooth pieces, unlike the old bottles which shattered into sharp bits. So it’s easie

Better for your baby – We found in the Born Free Glass Bottle review that the shape and structure of the bottle helps keep your baby colic free. So less trouble with gas.

Heating – they don’t break on heating. The Born Free Glass Bottle review also found that on heating, the bottles are safer than heating plastic bottles, which may leach harmful chemicals; after all, plastics
are a petroleum bi-product.

Environmentally Friendly – your glass bottles are recyclable, so when you are done with them, if you dispose of them properly they are not going to end up in a landfill.

To be fair we reviewed some plastic bottles too, so here are the disadvantages of using glass bottles:

 – Despite being reinforced, glass bottles do break. They need to be handled with care but can last for years.

– The glass bottle is a bit heavier than plastic. You will adjust to them soon enough.

– Due to the high quality of the glass, they are more expensive than plastic bottles. But glass will not show wear and tear.

– It’s best not to use these bottles for freezing as they can break during the defrost process.

 born free glass bottle review

Here are some more reasons why Born Free Glass Bottles are best for Baby:

Chemical Free

We found during our Born Free Glass Bottle review that the bottles are BPA free and PVC-free, so your baby isn’t taking in any toxins while on the bottle. You’re feeding your baby pure milk and nothing else when you use Born Free glass bottles.

Convenient Sizes

If you find the usual 4oz and 8 oz bottles inadequate for your baby, your best bet is to get Born Free Glass Bottles which come as 5 oz and 9 oz bottles. They are just right for the active and demanding baby.

No Nipple-Confusion

In our Born Free Glass Bottle review we see that these glass bottles are designed so they imitate how your breast milk flows. It is similar to breastfeeding for your baby. Your baby can control the flow as required. The nipples in the bottles are designed to resemble your breast as closely as possible, so there is less likely to be nipple-confusion. You can use the Born Free Glass Bottles along with breast feeding whenever necessary without your baby feeling the difference.

The Latest Technology

These glass bottles are well-designed to reduce colic and uncomfortable bloating from gas swallowed during feeding. They have a leak free, Active-Flow vent system. So it’s the preferred choice for your colicky baby. Our Born Free Bottle review noticed that the Active-Flow vent technology doesn’t allow a vacuum to build up and reduces air pressure, so your baby won’t take in as much air as in other bottles. The upshot is there is less discomfort due to gas resulting in less fuss.

The nipples come in different flow rates – there are five types of flow. You can get:

· Slow Flow for 0 to 3 months babies

· Medium Flow for the 3 to 6 months babies

· Fast Flow for you 6 months plus baby

· The Y Cut Fast Flow for the six months and older baby

· The Variable Flow Slow, Medium and Fast Flow for all age babies.

Easy to Carry Around

We also noted in the Born Free Glass Bottle review that the bottles don’t cause leakages when you carry them around in a diaper bag. They have a special sealing system in the cap and sealing ring that keep the milk from messing up your diaper bag or another carry bag when you are on the move.

Ready for Baby Fast

This range of glass bottles can be heated very quickly, so a crying baby won’t have to wait long for his/her food. Use the silicone sleeve to protect the bottle from breakage if you accidentally drop it. The Born Free Bottle review shows an added advantage in the silicone sleeve which gives you a firm grip on the bottle.

Easy Clean Up

The Born Free Glass Bottle review also shows that the bottles are easy to clean. No mild odor, no staining or scratching of the surface of the bottle during washing. The bottles can also be washed on the top rack of your dish washer, an added blessing for a busy mom. Sterilizing the bottles is easy as they can tolerate high temperatures well so boiling them in a sterilizer will not damage them.

Interchangeable Parts

The Born Free Glass Bottle review also distinguished that the collars, valves, and nipples, are easily interchangeable. When your baby is ready to transition away from the bottle, they also have interchangeable Sippy cup spouts and handles. If you want to use glass instead of plastic for your Sippy cup, just transition using the bottle. You can also buy 7 oz and 9 oz training cups which use the same spouts and handles.

Finally, you know it’s definitely a personal choice whether to use glass or plastic. There are many options out there and many pros and cons in the decision. The Born Free Glass Bottle review was done with honesty and care so that you can make the right choice. We hope our review helps you in your decision to make the best selection for your little prince or princess.

Why Must You Always Choose An Evenflo Glass Feeding Bottle For Your Baby?

evenflo glass bottles2

No wonder, feeding your baby is probably one of the most enjoyable moment for any mother. And not having the right feeding bottle can be stressful for both child and the mother. Therefore, it is important to choose the right bottle for your baby and make the process easy. With so many types of bottles available nowadays, glass bottles still hold their own place for being BPA free and eco-friendly. Evenflo is one such name that tops the chart. Here are a comprehensive Evenflo glass bottles reviews to help you choose the best for your baby

Why choose an Evenflo glass bottle?

* Safe Material

Evenflo bottles are made from tempered glass which proves to be highly advantageous in many ways. Plastic bottles tend to pose a threat of leaching of chemicals in the formula milk, whereas glass bottles are extremely safe for babies and do not cause any harm. The durability of plastic bottles comes from polycarbonate. Evenflo uses a high-quality glass material for making feeding bottles which are safe yet sturdy. The only disadvantage of the glass bottle is the heavy weight and easy breakability but the benefits always overweigh the disadvantages and make Evenflo bottles one of the best glass bottles to invest in.

* Iconic Design

Evenflo glass bottles have a classic shape that makes it easy to hold and use. The twisted grooves provide additional grip and prevent the bottle from slipping from hands. The simple yet sturdy shape makes it durable and easy for your child to hold as she becomes independent at the age of 9 to 12 months.

* Easy Assembly

Evenflo glass bottles are designed by experts to provide maximum comfort. Unlike other glass bottles, bottles from Evenflo have an extremely easy assembly. With a simple bottle design and one piece nipple, it is extremely easy to use, clean and assemble.

* Great Capacity

If you read some Evenflo glass bottles reviews, you would find that all the Evenflo feeding bottles come in various capacities to suit your need. You may start with the lowest capacity bottle for a new born baby and gradually buy bottles with more capacities as your baby grows. It ensures convenience and comfort at every stage of your child’s growth and makes feeding enjoyable. Every Evenflo feeding bottle is made keeping in mind your baby’s need, and therefore, it comes in two sizes 4 oz. and 8 oz.

* Convenient

The best part of having an Evenflo glass bottle is convenience. The easy to clean bottle is dishwasher safe and can be sanitized for increased safety. Glass being transparent is easy to clean and does not get stained with fruit juices such as beetroot and carrot. Unlike plastic bottles that easily get stained these glass bottles are sure to last for years.

* Proflow™ Technology

Vented Evenflo glass bottles have a Proflow™ technology that is significantly useful for your baby. The Integrated venting nipple prevents air bubbles from getting into baby’s tummy and directs it back to the bottle. It reduces the chances of colic and gas and keeps your baby happy. The vents also prevent the nipple from collapsing and help your baby feed with ease every time.

Evenflo glass bottles reviews

Evenflo glass Bottle reviews:

#1 Evenflo Classic Glass Bottle

Evenflo Classic glass bottle is a great choice for new born babies. It comes in two sizes to choose from 4 oz. and 8 oz. If your baby is 0-3 months old, consider buying a pack of 4 oz. size. It will help in reducing the additional weight of the glass and make the feeding comfortable. The classic glass bottle comes with Classic Slow Flow Nipples which is great for small baby. You can gradually switch to other nipples as your baby grows. It is compatible with classic nipples, Proflow + Integrated Vented Nipples and all standard Neck bottles from Evenflo. It has a clear color that makes it useful to read the marking and also check if it is well sanitized and squeaky clean before every use. The bottle comes with a classic hood to protect the nipple when not in use.

#2 Evenflo Classic+ Vented Glass Bottle

The Vented glass bottle from Evenflo provides the benefits of vented bottles without making it hard to use or clean. The vents are integrated into the nipples that pass the air back into the bottle without any mess and significantly reduces the chances of gas and pain in your baby. Made with tempered glass, the bottle is sturdy enough to last long and provide superior sanitizing. Unlike plastic, glass can be recycled and this makes the bottle eco-friendly. The classic vented glass bottle from Evenflo is compatible with Classic Nipples and Proflow Nipples, so you can conveniently choose the best for your baby. The leak-proof design makes it suitable for feeding while traveling. It is available in two sizes 4 oz. and 8oz. and makes the best choice for glass feeding bottles.

#3 Evenflo Classic+ Vented Tinted Glass Bottle

If you are bored of using clear glass bottles, this one is for you. Evenflo presents the new Classic+ Vented Tinted bottles that are not only safe but are trendy too. Unlike plastic bottles that come in different colors and prints, glass bottles are always clear and transparent. The tinted variant provides a unique twist to the plain ones and is often loved by kids. The tinting is very little so as to keep it clear enough to see through it. The design and capacity are same as of other Evenflo glass feeding bottles except for the color. It is BPA free and is safe for use. It can be cleaned without any mess which makes it convenient. The bottles come with Slow Flow Proflow+ Vented Nipple, colored cap ring and a tinted hood.

Read Evenflo glass bottles reviews to know that they are affordable, durable and provide optimal safety. All products are tested for functionality which ensures no leakages during usage. Having a cozy sleeve will prevent the bottle from damage due to slips and falls while making it more attractive. These bottles are great for feeding your child with breast milk and gets clean effortlessly. Of course, glass has some disadvantages, but the benefits are unmatchable. With an affordable price, Evenflo brings the best glass bottles to invest in for a happy feeding time for both mommy and baby.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Baby Bottle Review

dr. brown natural flow bottle

When it comes to feeding the baby, parents want the best baby bottle. The problem is that there are so many baby bottles out there. So, that choosing the right one is a big challenge. Luckily, Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottle is designed to make feeding your baby easier. The bottle is designed in such a way that it mimics natural breastfeeding. But what is it? Is it worth it? What are its pros and cons? To learn more about this bottle and if it’s worth your money, continue reading our in-depth Dr. brown’s natural flow baby bottle review.

What is Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Baby Bottle?

Designed in 1996, Dr. Brown’s baby bottles were the first of its kind to feature internal vent system which eliminates the vacuum, negative pressure and air bubbles. All these are problems that are usually associated with traditional breastfeeding. The unique design of these bottles is meant to mimic breastfeeding. Unlike other wind venting or anti-colic systems, the air in these bottles never combines with formula or breast milk. This is important in minimizing oxidation and at the same time helps in maintaining essential nutrients such as vitamins C, E, and A.

Key features Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles


The bottle features a classic and simple shape. It also doesn’t have any dents. The bottle is practical and also easy to clean thanks to its regular shape. The bottle also feature mold measurement which allows you to the exact amount of liquid that’s in the bottle. The mold engravings are great since they won’t discolor easily when the bottle is put in the dishwasher.

Advanced air vent feature

This stops negative pressure from building up inside the bottle when the milk is being sucked out of it by the baby. In other regular bottles, the negative pressure that forms inside the baby bottle may not only cause nipple collapsing but at the same time affect the baby negatively. There is also the possibility of air winding its way back into the bottle via the nipple whole and go to the milk. This air causes air bubbles to form inside the milk. When the baby swallows this milk, it may lead to reflux, spit-up, colic and excessive burping.

To prevent that from happening, the unique venting system of Dr. Brown Natural Flow make the air to travel from the side of the bottle ring and into the bottom side of the bottle inside a special tube. This prevents the negative pressure from being created, and air bubbles are not formed as a result.

The air vent system is made up of two elements which essentially mean you have a little bit of cleaning to do but certainly not a lot. An included brush greatly helps with cleaning it.

Wide neck

The bottles are comparatively wider and also feature a nipple that is significantly wider. They were designed specifically to breastfeed babies as the nipple’s shape replicates breasts. This prevents nipple confusion and also eliminates the chances of your baby developing bottle preference because of the slow flow of milk.

Smooth Surface that makes the bottle less prone to scratching

The bottles feature a smooth surface that makes them quite easy to clean and sterile. This means that you can even scrub the bottle and it will not scratch. The fact that there are no micro-scratches means that there is no staining or smell retention, something that is common in most plastic bottles. These bottles also don’t change their color to brownish after being repeatedly exposed to high sterilization.

dr. brown’s natural flow baby bottle review

Not prone to breaking

These bottles are not easily breakable as they have high impact resistance. But to be 100% sure, it’s advisable to use the bottles with a protective silicone sleeve to cushion the bottle. This means if the bottle breaks (very unlikely), it will keep the glass inside. The silicone sleeve is sold separately.

Another advantage of the silicon sleeve is that it provides a perfect non-slip grip not only for you but also for the baby. It also helps to keep the baby milk warm for longer. You can wash the bottle and even sterilize it with the silicon sleeves on.

Available in a Variety of Sizes and Colors

Standard shape baby bottles are available in 4 and 8-ounce versions. As far as colors go, you can opt for classic blue and a pink one. You can buy the bottles separately one by one or at all.

Nipple Options

Dr. Browns Natural Flow baby bottles feature 2 sets of nipples: stage 1 and stage 2. The stage one nipple forces the fluid or milk inside the baby bottle to flow slowly. The stage 2 nipple, on the other hand, allows for a slightly faster fluid flow. As a parent, this gives you the option to choose from. You can comfortably adjust it based on the feeding pattern of your baby. If your baby is the type that gags, sputters or leaks milk while they feed, you will want to use stage 1 nipple as it gives you a slower flow. The slower flow also regulates the fluid intake of your baby which makes feeding an easier experience.

What is included?

Each bottle package includes:

• Stage one nipple• Venting mechanism• Hygienic cap• Bottle ring• Assembly, cleaning and storing instructions• Cleaning brush (one per pack)


• Patented vent system helps reduce spit-up and gas• All parts of the bottles are dishwasher friendly• It prevents oxidation and at the same time preserves vitamins C, E, and A.• BPA-free• Comes in various shapes and colors• Excellent air venting system


• Nipple is a little long• Measurements contained on this bottle are small and may not be easily readable for some people

Bottom Line

If you are a first time mom and are looking for bottles to feed your baby, Dr. Brown’s natural flow is the ideal option for you. These bottles reduce gas, ear infection and colic and at the same time maintain nutrients. The bottles aren’t difficult to use. In fact, they make your life and that of the baby a lot better. Washing can be somewhat a pain to you. But this is nothing compared to the quality of the bottle that you will get. We hope the above Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Baby Bottle review was helpful to you.

Why is Philips Avent Natural Bottle the Best Feeding Bottle in the Market?

philips avent natural bottle

Philips avent natural bottle review seeks to explore the unique benefits that this feeding product offers as well as any shortcomings arising from its characteristics. The bottle is designed in a manner that seeks to make the feeding process easy and natural. The makers have adopted a shape that’s well suited for ease of holding. The teat allows the baby to make easy movements like turning around comfortably while feeding. They take the shape of a natural breast which helps the baby to adapt and get used easily and effortlessly quickly.

An improved version of the product is particularly convenient for working mothers who may require expressing milk for later consumption by the baby as it combines an efficient storage and feeding facility as well as a manual breast pump that’s used to extract it from the breasts for storage. The bottles also assume the shape of a breast with a rounded natural design. The teat has a natural latch that borrows from a mother’s breast. It’s also made from a strong, durable material that ensures it is soft but thick and flexible enough to facilitate ease of suckling.

Description of Philips Avent Natural Bottle

The bottles are well labeled on both sides with lines depicting quantities it holds at different levels and the respective units in millimeters while lines on the other side give their quantities in ounces. This allows the mother or nanny responsible for maintaining required feeding quantities and program.

The symmetrical bottle shape is also a plus in easing handling by the baby as well as the feeding individual. The bottle consists of three components and dismantling it for cleaning is easy and fast. These consist of the teat, bottle, and the teat ring. It has a wide mouth that eases cleaning. There are three main sizes available. They are 125ml, 260ml, and 330ml. The unique but uniform bottle design promotes familiarity by children such that introduction of larger versions becomes easy. The superior quality is an advantage as well since these bottles can be handed down to new babies and cut down on costs of acquiring younger ones.

How to clean the Philips Avent Natural Bottle

An important point to remember when handling philips avent natural bottles is that while cleaning them manually, warm soapy water is all is needed. The cleaner should use their fingers to remove dirt. The material used in making the teat is silicone, and any scrubbing material can scratch it hence shortening its lifespan. The Philips Company has designed a bottle sterilizing equipment. One may use it or boil the bottle for 10 minutes. Boiling bottles are not very common these days due to the plastic nature of most bottles. It’s mostly recommended for glass bottles.

Steaming using a microwave or electric sterilizer takes around five minutes, and it’s mainly preferred as its fast and convenient and also its ability to avoid annoying smell or chemical aftertaste. This ensures its free from bacteria or germs that may infect the baby with some disease. Cold water sterilizing is also common, especially where a mother could be traveling and power not available to boil the bottle.

philips avent natural bottle review

This involves soaking the bottle in sterilizing solution contained in a bucket or any large container. They should last in the solution for a minimum of thirty minutes while the solution needs to be changed every twenty-four hours. Philips avent natural bottles contain no BPA which is an organic synthetic plastic material that has raised health concerns among health practitioners due to its suspected effects on brains, prostate gland of fetuses as well as behavioral effects on humans.

Therefore, it is highly discouraged as a component in food container making the material. Philips avent natural bottles are made of sturdy polypropylene which can easily withstand any form of cleaning such as steam sterilization, boiling in water, hand cleaning as well as solution soak sterilization.

A bottle could be leaking

In order to avoid this, always make sure that the nipple or teat ring is fastened just right. Over-tightening could be problematic as it spoils the effectiveness of the seal. Ensuring the right tightness will eliminate cases of leakage. This is done using the bottle cap. There is an assembly procedure that should be followed to minimize cases of leakage. This includes ensuring the teat and teat/nipple ring is wet when being fastened together. Doing this immediately after cleaning the bottle brings out the best results. This is because they tend to stick together creating an airtight seal and stay set for the next time. The next step is to place the adapter ring at the bottle’s neck. This should be well in position and at the same level with the top of the philip avent natural bottle.

Inserting the adapter ring in position before putting baby formula ensures nothing comes between the bottle and seal that could bring leakage while feeding the baby. Next is to place the fastened nipple and nipple ring in position. Finally, place the clear bottle cap on the bottle and turn it round till it moves independently of the ring. The bottle is now tight enough. Avoiding mixing the formula in the bottle certainly, helps to reduce cases of leakage. Testing for leakage involves just holding the bottle upside down for some seconds. Any leakage will show through formula seeping through the seal.

Advantages of buying Philips Avent Natural Bottle

Some versions come with an advanced anti-colic system. This consists of an innovative twin valve that prevents colic by redirecting air into the bottle and not into the baby’s stomach. This is a major advantage to mothers who don’t have to cope with the stressful complications associated with colic.

The philip avent natural bottle has fairly unclear side marks that help in taking measurements. One might over feed or under feed the baby depending on what they understood as the quantities they intended. One may also observe that the bottle is slightly more expensive than other equivalents in the market though its superior quality may justify the additional few coins more spent.