Mimijumi Bottle : Most Natural Baby Breastfeeding Bottles

mimijumi baby bottles

Ever since their introduction into the market, the mimijumi bottle has been causing a buzz among nursing mothers and the babies. Perhaps the most outstanding achievement about these breastfeeding bottles is how they were able to come up with a design that mimics the actual breast and natural flow of milk. The baby has total control of the milk coming from the bottle’s nipple just like it happens with natural breastfeeding. Other aspects of texture, color and design are also perfected to provide an efficient breast-to-bottle transition. Mimijumi bottle is simply the ideal breastfeeding product in the market as it delivers everything a parent looks for in such products. It also factors other issues including safety and convenience as well as versatility. Here is a descriptive review of the product including the features, pros, cons and top examples in the market:

What is it?

Mimijumi bottles are simply small bottles offered for breastfeeding mothers and they kids. The bottles can be used for milk as well as water and other fluids are given to the baby. It features bold colors and natural texture to trick the baby into thinking it is the actual breast and comes with a unique nipple design with a resemblance to the natural one.

What are the features?

There has been much hype about Mimijumi bottle and their innovative nipple design, but this is not the only feature you will get from the breastfeeding bottle. Some of the other attributes include the following;

• Non-free flow mechanism

If you overturn Mimijumi bottle with milk inside, it won’t leak as it is designed to allow flow only when suckled. This means the baby has to suckle the nipple to draw milk or any liquid filled into the bottle. A non-free flow mechanism gives your baby more control over suckling and prevents the popular choking and accidents that occur when free-flow bottles are used without precaution. This also provides a natural experience that allows the baby to stop suckling when full and fall to slumber.

• Innovative nipple design

This has been the talk of most reviews and indeed deserves the attention it gets. Mimijumi bottle features a one-of-a-kind nipple design that will certainly be the one to replicate for companies that offer baby bottles. It simply looks like the natural breast nipple and is made using a semi-soft material with a natural texture and bold color. The design also offers natural latching and feeding experience. A lot of detail was given to the nipple including pores on the skin and soft surface.

Mimijumi bottles

• Crisp colors

The bold colors used make Mimijumi bottles quite appealing for kids. The eye-catchy nature and natural feeding experience are said to make it easy for kids to prefer the bottle over other contemporary modern designs.

• Venting

An integrated venting system is used to ensure there is no Colic or gas. The 1.9-ounce bottle measures 3.2x3x7 inches and features no BPA or Latex material making it one of the safest bottles on the market.

• Ergonomics

The bottle is designed to support seamless breast-to-bottle transition and has various ergonomics built into its frame. A skid-free base ensures the bottle remains steady on the surface it is placed. This is quite convenient especially when you have to refill it using one hand. The length surface is given a natural tilt to allow easy handling during feeding and changing the latch-nipple is quite simple.

There are several other minor features, but most of them will revolve around these key attributes. Mimijumi bottle was designed and mad in Australia and exceeds all Australian quality standards.

The benefits of Mimijumi bottle

The advantages of Mimijumi baby feeding bottles are quite obvious and straightforward. Most reviews given for this product are positive although some kids will not get impressed. Nonetheless, this does not mask the benefits which range from convenience to effectiveness, natural experience, and safety. When looking for baby feeding bottles, these four should be your top priorities. The bottle must be safe (BPA free, Latex free, EA-free) containing no toxins. It must also be easy to use and handle. Mimijumi used a semi-soft natural compound that offers the natural texture of real breasts making the transition easier. They are simply the next trend in baby bottles, and other manufacturers are already following suite.

Cons of the product

Mimijumi bottles may resemble the natural breast and nipples, but not all babies will be pleased. In fact, some mothers were very eager to purchase the design only to find out that their babies prefer other models. This is quite subjective, but still, a concern as it does not suite all babies. You can try different colors and models to see if that makes a difference. Another concern has to do with the price. Mimijumi bottle outperforms other competitors and therefore comes at around $65 for the 8 oz. bottle. This is significantly expensive as you can get other top models at a fraction of the price. Nonetheless, the money is simply worth the value you get.

Available offers and where to find them

You can find Mimijumi bottles online and buy from the actual manufacturer or any other online store that offers delivery services. There are two main offers that Mimijumi currently has. The 4 oz (not very hungry), and 8 oz (very hungry) baby bottles. Both have the save features and design with the only difference being how much content they can hold. Buying both comes with an attractive bonus and also gives you the option to choose.


Baby bottles are used to transition babied from relying on breast milk to drinking from bottles at a tender age. They can help nursing mothers quickly recover and get back to work and other errands. However, this is only helpful if you find ideal bottles that do not put your baby’s life or health at risk. If this is guaranteed, other features and conveniences are bonuses that can be used to land the perfect bottle that your kid loves. It is advisable to shop from highly reputed credible licensed stores that can guarantee original genuine quality bottles. If your baby is not drawn to the bottle, keep on the watch for the new models within the range.

How To Choose The Perfect Baby Bottle Nipples?

baby bottle nipples

One of the major decisions that you have to take after being parents is to choose the right baby bottle nipples. Babies must drink sufficient milk or water in order to grow or develop fast and completely. But there is no formula to successfully find the ideal bottle or nipples for your baby. Some babies accept any bottle with a smile and some refuse to accept a different one rather than the particular type they are used to. You should choose a bottle nipple very carefully in order to make sure if that is comfortable to your baby .

There are many important factors that you need to consider while you buy a baby bottle nipple. It needs to make sure that the nipple you choose is not only the best but also safe for the baby.

Here are some of the vital factors to look for:

Material of the Nipple: Generally these nipples are made up of either silicone or latex. The latex ones are more flexible and also softer than that of the silicone ones. But latex nipples do not last for a long time and also some babies are allergic to them. On the other hand, the silicone nipples are quite firm and also hold their shape for a long time.

Shape of the Nipple: Mainly, you will find two types of shapes for the baby bottle nipples and these are either dome or bell. There are also orthodontic nipples that are specially designed to accommodate the palate and gums of your child. There is also a flat-topped nipple for baby bottles that is usually wider. This is said to be more like that of the mom’s breast. So, it is quite good if you have a plan to switch between bottle-feeding and breastfeeding.

Size & Flow: The bottle nipples for baby come in different sizes and flow speeds. It can be slow in flow speed as well as fast. The newborns usually need the smallest size with the slowest flow. Babies will need the larger size with the faster flow as they start growing older. This is because as get older they will be able to suck more effectively.

Disposables: The safest and the most convenient nipple type that can be quite handy for you is disposable ones. This type is great, especially if you are traveling somewhere or on the go with your baby. You will not be able to sterilize it while traveling so these disposable nipples are already sterilized before selling. So, you have to use it once and then toss it after the use.

baby bottle nipples

Different Sizes of Baby’s Bottle Nipple

There are different sizes too for the nipples of the baby’s bottle. They come in different sizes of holes ideal for different needs of the babies. Size one is the smallest hole which provides the slowest speed of flow ideal for the newborns. Then there are size two for slow flow but faster than that of the newborns. Then there are size three and size four for the medium and fast flow.

Each of the nipple size allows different types of speeds. You need to choose the size of the nipple based on the flow you want. The flow has to be ideal for the age of your baby. If it is too slow for your baby then he/she will not get adequate amount of milk needed. On the other hand, if the hole is too big for your baby then the flow will be faster than your baby’s efficiency. In this case also, he/she will have problem in sucking the milk from the nipple.

How To Choose The Right Flow Speed & Size?

As mentioned above, flow speed and size is one of the most important things that you need to consider while buying a baby bottle nipple. But the confusion is mainly on which is the perfect flow speed or size for the babies. So, generally there are 4 types of flow speeds that are commonly found in the nipples for baby’s bottles. These are – Newborn flow, Slow flow, Medium flow and Fast flow.

Newborn flow (Size one) is for the newborn babies. It is especially used from birth to 4 weeks after the birth. The flow is very slow in this which is perfect for the newborns.

Slow flow (Size two) is ideal for the babies from 1 month to 3 months old. They are perfect for the newborns and the breastfed babies.

Medium flow (Size three) is perfect for the babies 3 or 4 months to 6 months old. They have a medium speed flow ideal for them to suck.

Fast flow (Size four) is the speed that offers the fastest flowing of all the 4 speeds. It is ideal for the older babies who are mostly above 6 months.

These are the ideal size and flowing speed of the nipples for baby bottles. So, you have to be very careful about the size and speed that goes hand in hand while buying the baby bottle nipples.

Some Important Tips

Here are some important tips that you have to remember while buying a baby bottle nipple:

Always sterilize before every use as it will kill all the germs and bacteria which can possibly cause harm to your precious little one.

While on go or travelling, use the disposable nipples and throw them after every use. Do not use these twice ever.

Be very particular about the quality, size and flow speed while you buy these bottle nipples for a perfect tension-free feeding

Choosing the shape is completely based on your personal choice or the comfort of the baby.

So, these are some of the important things you need to remember while buying baby bottle nipples. Always buy from a reliable online store which will provide you with the best quality material as it is for your precious little one. You should not take any risk about the material and type it provides. It has to be the best one. After all, the health of your baby should be given utmost priority.

Comotomo Baby Bottle Review

comotomo baby bottles

Every parent has a story to tell about bottle feeding their baby. In some cases, parents fear that their kids will reject the bottle or love the bottle so much and they reject the breast. It is with this and some other considerations in mind that the makers of Comotomo baby bottle decided to come up with a new and unique design. There is no denying that in comparison, the make of this baby bottle is distinctive.

The aim of making such a design, according to the manufacturer, was to overcome most of the currently existing feeding bottle issues. The bottle’s design and feel are intended to mimic a mother’s breast as closely as possible. It means that a baby can easily transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding without noticing much difference.


Material – the bottle is made of skin-like silicone material to make the nipples and the mold parts. The silicon has a soft feel aimed at making the baby feel as though it’s still feeding on the breast. The thinking behind this was based on the understanding that babies, even the small ones, love touching and feeling a mother’s breast even at a very young age. Therefore, when they touch this material, it gives them a calming feeling. Since it is squishy, they can also have a better grip on the bottle.

Design – The Comotomo baby bottle has a wide mold and rounded edges. The top opening is quite wide in comparison to other bottles in the market. This design further helps to mimic a mother’s breast. The bottle has four distinctive parts. These are the bottle, the nipples, the cap, and the outer ring. The material used is strong enough to withstand heat in microwaves, boiling water, steam sterilizers, and dishwaters.

The bottle also has two anti-colic vents at the top of the nipple meant to ventilate the bottle as the baby sips in the drink. This ensures that as the child drinks the milk, there is no chance of sucking in the air leading to colic, burping, gas, and spit-ups.

Specifications – The Comotomo baby bottle comes in two sizes. The 5oz and the 8oz. They also have two color variations; green and pink. The two sizes vary in that the 5oz has a slow flow nipple and it is suitable for newborns of between 0-3 months. The 8oz bottle is suitable for babies between 3-6 months, and it has a medium flow nipple. Faster flow nipples are also available for parents with older children.

comotomo baby bottles

The Pros

There is no doubt that many aspects of this bottle are interesting to any mother mainly due to the design. Here are the main positive factors about the bottle.

· The bottle does not leak during transport. This is the most annoying part of a baby’s milk bottle. When this happens, it can mess up things and waste a baby’s milk.

· The nipple and the mold of the bottle closely mimic a mother’s breast. The softness of the silicon gives it a very natural feel, making it one of the best makes in the market. It also helps prevent cases where babies reject the bottle because of the stark difference from a mom’s breast.

· The Comotomo baby bottle is also very easy to clean since it has a wide mouth that allows hand washing of the bottle. This means that it helps improves the general hygiene by not relying on bottle brushes to clean it.

· The materials used offers a further advantage because they will not spoil when dipped in boiling water, put in a microwave, or in the top rack of a dishwasher. This is very beneficial when sterilizing the bottle or warming a baby’s milk.

· The bottle is easy to use due to its ergonomic shape. The silicon is squishy, meaning that even if the baby wanted to clasp, massage, or squeeze, it can.

· The fact, it is not made of glass or plastic ensures that it cannot easily break even when it is dropped accidentally.

· The ventilating system of the bottle is a great addition in that it reduces the chances of sucking in air instead of milk. The system is also simple, making it easy to clean and assemble.

· The silicon material used also poses no health hazard to the baby compared to other materials that are commonly used to make milk bottles.

The Cons

While the Comotomo baby bottle is of superior quality, it still has some negative facts about it.

· The rounded design of the bottle’s mold makes it unstable, and it can easily fall and spill milk.

· There nipple is also not fully spill-proof. It does spill some milk when the baby is sipping on the milk.

· Due to the soft nature of the silicon used to make the bottle, it is hard to tighten the collar over the nipple. This further creates chances of spillage.

· The measure marks on the frosted silicone are hard to read, which can be frustrating when trying to pour in the right amount of feed, especially at night. One way to deal with this can be pre-measuring baby milk before pouring it into the bottle.

· While the material used to make the bottle is heat resistant, it also has a negative side in that heating milk in it takes longer. This may force a mother to pre-heat the milk or formula before pouring it in the bottle.

· When the bottle is used over a long period, the nipple turns color from its normal clear look to a cloudy one. While this has no effect on the performance, it may not look presentable.


In comparison to other baby feeding bottles in the market, the Comotomo baby bottle scores highly. However, all these additions and the unique design come at a price. Still, with all the consideration made in the manufacture of this bottle, one can agree that it is one of the best in the market. For mothers who are looking for some break from breastfeeding, the Comotomo baby bottle is a good alternative that the baby will most likely love.

Everything You Need To Know About Avent Baby Bottles

avent baby bottles

Babies are gifted blessings for their parents. In order to make sure that the parents cherish their offspring’s completely and thoroughly, they get the best of everything out to provide their babies’s comfort and safety. Philips Aventis is a company that has been working with profesionnal scientists and healthcare to help design perfect baby feeding bottles. Keep in your mind about the health and safety of your babies. Avent Baby Bottles are one of the most useful and convenient baby products. Philips Aventhas has introducing newer and improved versions of these baby feeders to ensure your babies get a proper care. One of the reasons that make Avent Baby Bottles awarded as the best baby feeding bottle is the way they make the feeding bottle with natural and user friendly material.

Types of Bottles

Avent Baby Bottles is a very convenient product, especially for busy parents. The bottles come in different designs.

Natural baby bottles, which consist of breast-shaped nipples that are wide in size. This feature helps in making the baby feel comfortable in using the bottle and thinking of it as breastfeeding. These bottles come in different sizes and have different types of nipples as well.

The anti-colic baby feeding bottles. Colic is a reason why your baby often cry, they become inconsolable and comfortless. And the most obvious reason why your baby have colic is because they have weak digestive system. The excess air sucked in your baby bottle also can cause discomfort to the stomach of your baby. Keeping this in mind, Philips Avent designed anti-colic bottles, this design allows the nipple of the bottle to avoid excess air from the baby bottle to ensure this air does not get sucked by the baby.

Types of Nipples

These baby feeding bottles come with different types of nipples.

– The first type is flow nipple. It has one small hole and it is suitable for newborns which will have their first bottle fed.

– The slow flow type is another type that is suitable for infants that are slowly become used to drink using a bottle and for babies that are slow drinkers. This type of nipple has two holes.

– The medium flow nipple with 3 holes, is more suitable for babies that have been bottle feeding for at least 3 months.

– The last type of nipple available is the fast flowing type, for a baby that older than 6 months. This nipple type allows the baby to suck easily and get more in one gulp.

When your baby is ready to drink other liquids besides milk, there also a bottle that available with 2 other types of nipple. First is a bottle that has a medium flow that is suitable for 3 months babies and above. The other one is the bottle with a nipple design for variable flow. This type is suitable for any kind of flow for the babies.

avent baby bottles

Nipple Description

These bottles have nipples that are anti-colic and also have unique petals inside the nipple that allows more stability and flexibility, without that, the the nipple will collapse. The nipples shaped are wide, soft and resemble an actual breast, make it easier for the babies to become accustomed to bottle feeding. Avents baby bottles have nipples that made of silicone, which is why they may look different compared to other bottle nipples. These nipples do not collapse, crack or crumble when sucked or chewed by the baby, which ensure the safety of the baby. They do not trap in odor or have any discoloration happen to them either. And this bottle also dishwasher friendly. Though it is advised to wash the bottle and nipples according to the instructions given with the feeding bottles. We recommend you to change the nipples of the bottles, at least every 3 months.

Bottle Description

The bottles are made of glass and 100% BPA free. The natural glass bottle introduced by Avent is heat and shock resistant, which means it can be sterilised, filled up with warm liquids and can also be stored in refrigerators. The glass is high quality.

Cleaning and maintenance

The bottles have wide necks that makes it easy to clean and fill without spilling anything out, whether it’s breast milk or the powdered formula. The bottles also dishwasher safe to make the bottle cleaning is convenient for parents. Avent baby bottles can hold up through continuous washing, without becoming weak, discolored, cracked or even slightly scratched. There are no grooves or scratches inside the bottle that would end up trapping germs in them. The shape of the bottle also helps in letting the baby hold and latch on to the bottle without support.

Size and Capacity

Avent baby bottles also come in different sizes and capacities for different stages of the babies’ bottle feeding life. For newborns, the feeding bottle has a capacity of 2oz/60ml and also comes with the capacity of 4oz/125ml. For 1 months and above, there is a bottle with 9oz/260ml capacity. And the bottle of 3 months and above has a 11oz/330ml capacity. One thing that should be kept in mind is that the over tightening of the lid is what causes the bottle to leak. Make sure to tighten it firmly but not overly.

Philips Avent wants the parents to feel convenience and comfortable while using their products and so they made the products with interchangeable bottle systems. The handles from sippy cups can also be attached to this feeding bottles. The bottles can also be used for breast pumps.


· A very durable product.

· The design is very convenient for the baby to hold.

· Different sizes for different baby age and stage.

· Easy to clean and assemble.

· Heat and shock resistant.

· The nipple design is very natural and easy to become used to.


· Over tightening the bottle causes the liquid to leak.

· Need to be maintained and cleaned properly.

Philips Avent has become the number one choice for parents due to its consistent and stable reviews. This baby bottle feeding is very convenient and made with high quality.

How to Prepare a Baby Bottle In 4 Steps

look at the bottles for breastfed babies

Your baby’s bottle cannot just be filled with milk or formula. You must clean off the plastic or glass bottle and prepare it right. This is to keep your baby’s bottle from being dirty or otherwise too hard to handle. There are several steps that should be used when preparing your baby’s bottle so it will be easy for your baby to consume milk or formula out of it without any harm.

Sterilize Everything

To start, you should sterilize everything that you’re going to use. Get all the bottles, nipples and other parts of your bottle sterilized properly so the bacteria on it will be killed off.

You can always submerge your bottle into a boiling pot of water if it can handle this. You can also use a steamer device that you can find on the market. Either way, the steam that comes from water that is properly heated will kill off the bacteria in your bottle when used right.

Wash with Soap and Water

You must also wash off the baby bottle with soap and water. This is to clear out various items that might be tough to handle. You might need to use a brush to help with clearing out soap materials so it will not be too hard to keep the bottle safe to use.

Either way, you should watch carefully to see how well the bottle is being treated. The bottle should be prepared carefully and well enough to see that nothing wrong will come out of it and that outside particles will not be a threat to it.

Store It Safely

After you have prepared your baby bottle, you must store it in a safe spot. This is important for cases where you need to let the bottle cool off after it is properly treated. You must store the bottle in a spot like a sealed container in a climate controlled spot. Any place that keeps the bottle from being in contact with outside bacteria is always welcome.

Check the Nipple

The last step is to look at how the nipple works. The nipple should be cleaned and managed properly to ensure that the bottle will not be too hard to handle. Look carefully to see that the nipple is also clear and that milk or formula can flow out of it carefully but only when enough pressure is applied onto it as well. This is to see that the nipple will not be too hard to use in any manner.

These steps for preparing a baby bottle will help you to clear out all sorts of things from inside such a bottle. These steps are important for when you’re looking to make it easier for your baby to consume formula or milk in a safe and sensible manner.

How to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay In 6 Steps

Even though your baby’s teeth are still developing at a young age, it is a necessity to watch for how baby bottle tooth decay can be a real problem. This often occurs when a baby’s teeth get in touch with the sugars from milk or formula for too long. This causes the baby’s teeth to be harmed.

There are many things you can do to prevent baby bottle tooth decay. These should help you to keep the sugars from the milk or formula from being a serious threat to the health of your baby’s teeth

#1 – Clean the Nipple Regularly

You must clean off the nipple on your baby bottle regularly. You should use a standard soap and water material to clean it off properly

#2 – Replace and Sterilize Nipples

After a while, you must replace the nipple on a bottle. Make sure you sterilize any nipples that you add before your baby uses them so the nipple will be clear of any bacteria or items it might have collected before it could be used.

#3 – Use a Pad to Wash the Gums

After each feeding, use a cloth or pad to wash off the baby’s gums. A gauze pad or washcloth can be used after every feeding. This should be good enough to keep the baby’s gums from collecting too much sugar.

#4 – Brush Your Child’s Teeth

You should brush your child’s teeth regularly as they start to come in. Don’t use toothpaste at the start as it might irritate your baby. A plain brush will be good enough.

If you do plan on using toothpaste, use a fluoride-free option or something else made with baby use in mind. This will not be harmful if the baby accidentally ingests it.

#5 – Check on Fluoride Supplements

While your baby’s toothpaste should not contain fluoride, that does not mean your baby cannot utilize this mineral that improves upon the health of the teeth. A small fluoride supplement can be given to your baby to provide your child with a healthy small amount of it in a safer form.

Also, check and see if your water supply has fluoride. Some supplies have fluoride as a means of cleaning off water and to improve teeth in people who consume it. Check and see if the fluoride is at an acceptable and safe level too.

#6 – Floss Regularly

As your child’s teeth come in, you can start flossing them. You should floss your baby’s teeth as they come in so the deepest spots on them can be treated. This allows the teeth to air out.

Believe it or not, baby bottle tooth decay can be a problem if not controlled. Be sure to use the six steps here to keep it from being a threat. From taking care of a bottle to managing your child’s teeth, the steps to use should not be hard to handle.

5 Ways to Clean Baby Bottles That Have a Milk Odor

5 Ways to Clean Baby Bottles That Have a Milk Odor

Get Rid of Milk or Formula Odor From Baby Bottles

The odor that can develop from baby bottles as you are cleaning them can persist for a while. This can be bothersome to you and your baby alike.

Here are five safe solutions to clean out baby bottles that have milk odors. These should be simple enough to work with although some of them do take a bit of time for you to handle right.

# 1 Use Baking Soda

5 Ways to Clean Baby Bottles That Have a Milk Odor
5 Way to Get Milk Odor From Baby Bottle

For starters, you can use baking soda to take care of the odors. Baking soda is a great deodorizer that doesn’t harm the body. To make this work, use a traditional detergent and water and rinse it out.

Then, add a tablespoon of baking soda into the bottle and fill it halfway with water. Shake for a few minutes and then rinse it out when the odor is gone.

#2 Sterilize the Bottle

Sterilization is a process where the bottle is cleaned off with steam. To make this work, you need to add the bottle into a pot of water and then bring it to a boil.

Make sure there’s a lid over it too. The steam generated by the boiling water or electric baby bottle sterilizer will kill off the bacteria that cause the milk odor.

Make sure the bottle is safe to boil. This should work with glass bottles and much of plastic bottles but do look carefully.

#3 Vinegar 

Vinegar is another common compound that is great for cleaning purposes. Mix one part vinegar with three parts water and then soak the bottle in that compound. This works best when you soak it overnight.

#4 Charcoal

This next process takes a few days to complete but it helps as charcoal can clear out many odors. Crumble up some active charcoal briquettes into a powder. Add into a bottle and then add warm water. Shake and leave it to sit for a few days. This takes a bit but the charcoal will do well as a great cleanser. Do clean out the bottle after you’re done though.

#5 Toothpaste

The last option is to add toothpaste to the bottle. Use a clean new toothbrush and apply toothpaste onto the inside part of the bottle.  Rinse the bottle off with water and allow it to dry. Make sure the bottle is rinsed carefully as toothpaste can be harmful if ingested. This is despite how it is a great deodorizing agent.

Try these options out and you’ll see how easy it is to get your baby’s bottle to be easier to handle. This will help you to keep the odors that come with old milk from being a real problem. This is great for you and will help your baby to have an easier time with consuming milk without any irritation.

3 Ways to Keep Air Out of Your Baby’s Bottle

how to keep air out of baby bottle

It is crucial that you keep air from getting into your baby’s bottle. Air can cause irritation as the baby consumes milk or formula out of it. This can cause gas and colic in many cases. Fortunately, there are three simple ways how you can keep air from getting into your baby’s bottle. This will avoid you having to find bottles for gas and colic specifically.

These methods are especially important if you don’t have a baby bottle that can support vents. This can help you out substantially if you are careful enough but there are still a few added ways how you can get air out of your baby’s bottle the right way.

Watch How You Fill the Bottle

how to keep air out of baby bottle
Learn how to keep air out of baby bottle

The first way is to keep yourself under control as you are filling the baby’s bottle. Everything you add should be poured gently. This is to keep bubbles from developing, thus preventing air from developing. You can also stir the bottle after you pour to take care of any small bubbles that might come up.

If you’re using formula, stir the formula and water in a separate container before adding it to the bottle. Again, you must pour it slowly.

Whatever you do at this point, do not shake the bottle. That would cause the milk or formula to develop even more bubbles. Stirring the bottle without shaking it helps to keep the air in the bottle from being a serious threat.

Position the Bottle Properly

The baby should be fed properly with the bottle organized at a position that is easy to handle. The bottle should be applied at a 45-degree angle. This allows for a gentle flow while the nipple will be covered by the milk. As the nipple is covered properly, it will be easier for the nipple to stay comfortable.

The bottle should not be held in a horizontal position. That would cause the bottle to develop added air pockets in some of the worst cases.

Check on the Nipple Size

The size of the nipple on the bottle should be checked carefully. It must have a hole that takes in milk at a gentle rate. This includes ensuring that the flow is not too rapid or otherwise rough. The nipple should keep from taking in far too much milk or else your baby will take in air while using the bottle. The potential for the bottle to take in more air is a real problem that can hurt your child.

Make sure you watch for how your baby is consuming milk out of a bottle. This must be done with control to keep air out and to ensure that the baby will not be at risk of any serious kind of harm. Besides, air can cause colic and other serious problems to develop if the bottle that you give your child isn’t handled well enough.

3 Easy Ways to Sterilize Baby Bottles

How to Sterilize Baby Bottles

It is important to look at how you can sterilize baby bottles the right way. It is easier to sterilize these baby bottles than you might think. There are many great ways for you to consider when you’re aiming to keep these bottles safe for your child’s use.

1. Sterilize with Baby Bottle Sterilizer/Steamer

philips avent 3 in 1 electric steam sterilizerAn electric steamer or baby bottle sterilizer is a great product to use when sterilizing your bottles. This uses steam by killing off germs and bacteria in your baby’s bottle.

To use this, you must add clean water into a reservoir in a steamer. A bottle and nipple should be placed in the steamer with the openings facing downward. This allows the steam from the sterilizer to clean off the two as quickly as possible.

This should be very easy to use as the heat from the steamer cleans off the bacteria in your baby’s bottle. Also, some sterilizers work with multiple bottles at a time while others are better for just one at a time

How to Sterilize Baby Bottle in Electric Sterilizer Steamer

2. Sterilize Baby Bottle & Nipples in the Microwave

Sterilize Baby Bottles
How to Sterilize Baby Bottles


You can always use a microwave sterilizer as well.  This is perfect for most microwave safe and glass baby bottles. This can be done with a steam sterilizer that is applied into your microwave.

The water that you add into it will be activated through the heat generated by a microwave. The steam will be kept within the unit if you use a proper cover.

This is a fast and simple way to clean off your baby bottles. Still, you must be careful when getting it to work. A sterilizer will work best when you keep the microwave you use for it cleaned off.

You must clear out the stains inside your microwave to keep it all intact and comfortable.

How to Sterilize a Baby Bottle in the Microwave

3. Boil the Baby Bottle to Sterilize

You can also boil your baby’s bottles. This requires a large pot and a lid. You must keep the pot and lid clean so the baby bottle will not be harmed. A lid will be required to keep the steam inside the pot.

You should add clean water to the pot and then add the baby bottles into it. By heating the bottles, you will get all the bacteria in them killed off through the strong heat and steam generated.

This works best if you only use a pot that is reserved for sterilizing baby bottles. Anything that you normally use for food should be avoided, what with such pots possibly containing bacteria from other foods. This is to keep your foods from being at risk of developing added bacteria.

How to Sterilize Baby Bottles by Boiling

These options can all work well when you’re looking to sterilize your baby’s bottles. Make sure you watch for how well the bottles are prepared and that the materials you use for cleaning them off will be safe to use. This is all about making it easier for you to keep your baby’s bottles clean and comfortable and safe for your child to have.

Cheap Baby Bottles for Baby Shower Gifts

Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Polypropylene Bottle

There are all sorts of cheap baby bottles that you can get a new mother for her baby shower. However, you have to be careful when thinking about how you’re going to get one. As essential as a baby bottle can be, there is much more to such an item than what you might think.

Baby Bottles – Affordable Baby Shower Registry Gifts

While there are plenty of cheap choices to consider, no two baby bottles are ever truly alike. You have to watch for what you are ordering based on a number of key considerations in mind. These include points like the following:

  • The material used to make a bottle can make a difference. Glass is sturdy while stainless steel is lighter in weight. Plastic is also popular although it is critical to find a model that doesn’t contain BPAs.
  • The size of the bottle is important as it needs to contain enough of something for your baby to consume. This is especially as the baby’s feeding needs will change with age. A baby will need about six to eight ounces of formula with every meal at six months of age, for instance.
  • The ability of the baby to handle the bottle is important as it should be easy to grip onto. A bottle that isn’t too hard to the touch and has a nipple that is carefully made and easy to access will certainly make a difference.
  • The ability of the bottle to support the natural feeding process is also important. A bottle must be supported with a design where the baby can handle the nipple in a manner similar to what the child can handle during the breastfeeding process. This is a necessity when moving from the breast to the bottle.

You can find many cheap baby bottles for baby shower gifts these days. These options are available with some strong values in that you can find options that are available for around $20 in many cases.

Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Infant Starter Gift Set

When finding something for a new mother, it helps to look at the Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Infant Starter Gift Set. This is a model designed with a series of anti-colic valves.

Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Polypropylene BottleThese are added into the bottle to move air into the bottle. That is, the baby will not be at risk of taking in more air than necessary, thus keeping discomfort from being a huge problem.

This is useful for the baby’s consumption but it is also a model that is easier for the baby to grip onto. It is flexible with the nipple having a molded petal shape. This makes the bottle softer and flexible to support the baby’s consumption motions.

This is available in a polypropylene or glass model. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about BPAs as Philips ensures that its bottles are never made with these dangerous compounds.

A brush is included in this set too. This helps you to clean out the bottles and nipples as necessary.

This set is available for $50. You can always get additional Avent bottles from Philips if desired. A set of four 4-ounce bottles is available for about $20 or less through many retailers.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle

The third choice to find is a set of three nine-ounce bottles from Tommee Tippee. The Closer to Nature bottle is instantly recognizable with its clear curved design. This is especially designed with the baby’s comfort in mind so it should be very easy to make this work.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature BottleThe curved design of each body is made to help you carefully and comfortably use this for feeding. This is also designed so the baby can easily handle this.

There are three different nipple options that may be used on this bottle. These are flexible models that use an extra-wide base. This creates a breast-like shape that is easy to handle. This is a perfect bottle for breastfeeding babies.

The nipples are also designed in different forms to offer various flows. There is a slow flow option for infants to use as well as a fast flow option for older babies to have. The Variflow option is also easy to adjust and is best for when you’ve got a thicker liquid to use in a bottle.

This set can be found for about $20 in most places. This is a good deal that offers a strong value for you to take a look forward to.

All three of these choices are certainly great to have when you’re looking for a baby bottle set for a new mother. These will make for perfect baby shower gifts without breaking your budget.

Playtex Baby Drop-Ins Premium Nurser Bottle Feeding Set

Playtex Baby made the Nurser set as a solution that keeps you from having to wash lots of bottles in a typical day. This comes with a BPA-free body and uses a shape that mimics the natural breastfeeding process. This uses an air-free feeding setup to help keep colic from being an issue.

Playtex Baby Drop-Ins Premium Nurser Bottle Feeding SetThe physical design makes the switch from the breast to the bottle very easy to handle. This supports the natural feeding pattern that a baby uses.

The Naturalatch Nipple is a big part of what makes this bottle simple for a baby to use. It has a raised texture that allows the baby to naturally latch onto it. This also has a wide shape that offers enough of a grip for the baby to handle.

Pre-sterilized liners are also included with these bottles. These are fully disposable and will make it easier or the feeding process to work without causing any spills or leaks. This gives you a better setup while spending less time washing the bottle. It provides you with a fresh and clean bottle for use every time. The one-handed assembly also works quite well.

Many nipple tips can be used on this model. These include a full-sized option for a wider mouth, a petite model for smaller mouths and an angled model that is made with upright feeding in mind.

This can be found for about $20 in most spots. It is an appealing value that is especially impressive for a model that is flexible and easy to adjust in many ways.