The Benefits And How To Use MAM Baby Bottles

MAM Baby Bottle

Having newborn baby is one of the most amazing joyful moments in this world. This, however, comes with several responsibilities the main ones being ensuring that the baby grows healthy. Cleanliness is one if the ways of ensuring that the baby remains healthy. Different products from baby nappies have been developed to ensure that the baby does not get infections. One of the best products to ensure that the baby stays healthy is the MAM baby bottles. The main reason as to why this product should not lack in the baby shopping list is the fact that it is a self-sterilizing baby bottle.

Why choose MAM baby bottles

There are several reasons as to why these baby bottles have been a buzz in the past years. Most of these advantages or reasons are however health associated. The main advantages of the MAM baby bottles include the following:

Self-sterilizing – As mentioned above the unique feature of these types of bottles is the fact that they self-sterilize. This means that the mother will have one less thing to worry about when feeding the baby.

Time-saving – With the older baby bottles it was quite a chore when it came to clean them. One had to buy several cleaning equipment as well as ensure that it was stored properly. This ends up to be time consuming and tiresome. MAM baby bottles just require the mother to add some little water at the bottom of the bottle and place it in the microwave for just 3 minutes, and everything is done. This bottle turns out to be highly beneficial for busy mothers.

Prevention and treatment of colic – one of the hectic parts of being a mother, is worrying about colic. This is why whether the infant has colic or not all mother are always cautious. With the bottles, the parents will not have to worry about colic any longer due to the bottle’s ability to prevent and treat colic.

Silky teat – the bottle has a silky teat that makes it extremely easy for the baby to feed on. Apart from that they have a protective cover that makes the bottles easier to transport as well as makes it less messy.

Easy transition – The softness and feel of the teat makes it easier for the infant to change from breastfeeding to the MAM bottle. The teat mimics the mother’s nipple.

Ease of use – with the sterilizing feature the bottle is always ready for use in a couple of minutes.

Readily available and affordable – the MAM baby bottles are readily available at online stores as well as baby shops. Apart from that, they are highly affordable since the difference between the mam bottles and older bottles is not that much. This is why new mothers are mainly advised to opt for the MAM bottled compared to the older types.

These are just a few of the several advantages associated with the use of MAM bottles. Once the mother opts for the MAM baby bottle, it is important to learn how to use and take care of the bottles.

MAM Baby Bottles

How to use MAM baby bottles

When using the MAM baby bottles, it is important to learn about the proper methods of sterilization. In some cases, some mothers prefer to both self-sterilization and handy washing. The most important point to remember when using the self-sterilizing feature, the components should be placed one over the other. In most cases, people tend to forget and sterilize when the components are still screwed together. This does not sterilize the bottle thoroughly.

In the case that you want to hand wash the bottle, ensure that you wash each component separately. Ensure that hot water is never poured into the MAM bottle. Kettle water should at least cool for around thirty minutes before introduction to the bottle. Apart from the self-sterilizing feature, mothers are advised to wash the bottles manually with warm water after constant use. This is just a precaution to ensure that the bottle is always clean. Proper storage is highly advised. Ensure that the bottle is placed at a high place where children will not be able to access.

How to choose the best MAM baby bottle

Choosing the right baby bottle is at times a hectic task. There are some steps that one can follow in order to know which baby bottle will be best for the child. The age of the child is the main factor that should be considered. It is important to take note that the bottle comes in 4 main sizes. It is from slow to fast flowing. This is because the bottle teats come in different sizes to fit babies from various ages. However, all the bottle nipples have the following standard features:

Conventional designs – All the MAM nipples should fit all mam bottles and also sippy cups. It allows the mother to change the bottle but maintain the nipple.

Collapse proof – the nipples are designed in a way that they do not collapse during feeding. This is one of the ways that the mother can test whether the bottle is of standard quality. This can be done by lightly pressing and releasing the top of the nipple and check whether it will collapse.

Soft – The nipples are designed in a way that it feels like the mother’s nipple using soft silicone. The main reason behind this is to allow the smooth transition from the mother’s milk to the MAM bottle. It makes it easier for the mother and the child during feeding as well.

Compliance – All mam baby products are baby safe and are compliant with the CPSIA rules. This is one of the reasons as to why the product has been in demand in the last couple of years.
The mother can use these features as tests in order to determine the quality of the product. However, It is advisable for the mother research and understands all the instructions on how to use the bottle. The instructions are easily available online as well as in most bottle packages.