Best Bottles for Newborns with Gas

Find the Best Baby Bottles for Newborns with Gas

Trying to find the best bottles for newborns with gas can be tough. Gas is a real problem that can occur among newborns. It can be extremely bothersome and keeps your child from comfortably consuming milk from a bottle. Therefore, you must look for a few options when finding the best baby bottles for newborns with gas.

Vacuum Is Important

See the Best Bottles for Newborns with GasA great baby bottle for a newborn should be made with a vacuum-free design. This works in that the venting system in the bottle will allow air to move carefully and quickly.

This is to make it easier for the child baby to be fed properly. More importantly, it keeps air from mixing in with the milk or formula. This keeps the baby under control without being at risk of gas.

The Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow bottle is one good example of a bottle that does not produce a vacuum. The two-piece vent setup helps with keeping the bottle comfortable and easy for the child to consume milk from. This makes it one of the best bottles for babies with gas.

Baby Bottle Venting System

The venting system in a bottle should go on a spot that is comfortable and easy for the child to handle. A vent can come around the top and allow air to move through without adding more from outside the bottle into it. The Comotomo Natural Feel bottle has a great design that isn’t hard to use.

Milk or Formula Circulation

The best bottles for newborns with gas often include vent features on the bottom part. This allows the milk to circulate well all around and to keep the body comfortable. The Munchkin Latch bottle particularly has such a vent on the bottom to keep the milk or formula under control.

A Flexible Nipple Is Important

A great nipple should be designed with a comfortable setup. It should be flexible and easy to handle while offering a good sense of compression. This is to make the bottle easier for the child to use. The Lansinoh mOmma is a great option that offers a flexible nipple that is very easy to use and conforms well to the child’s use.

Nipple Size Can Make a Difference

A great size for the nipple can also make a difference when used right. A great nipple should be designed with a body where the nipple is easy to use and consume milk or formula of out. Anything like the mother’s natural nipple is always worthwhile. It keeps air moving well without causing any buildups within the bottle to make it harder for the child to drink out of.

The MAM Anti-Colic bottle is one bottle that works with a smart design hat is easy to handle. This uses a slightly wider nipple than most other bottles but still makes for an easy to use setup.

The best bottles for newborns with gas  can certainly do well for newborns who often struggle with this issue. You should look carefully to see that you have bottles that are easy for a baby to handle without being all that hard for the child to use in any kind of case.