Best Bottles for Gas 2017

Gas is a real problem that many parents deal with when it comes to feeding their babies. This problem stems from air bubbles developing inside the bottle. Such bubbles can cause colic and make it harder for a baby to consume the milk or formula that they need.This makes finding the best bottles for gas and colic so important.


  • Tatum's Choice
  • $12
  • Comotono Natural Feel
  • Wide Neck
  • Great Grip
  • Comfortable Texture
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  • Most Popular
  • $6
  • Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck
  • Wide Neck
  • Positive-Pressure Flow
  • Vacuum-Free
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  • Best Value
  • $5
  • Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature
  • Curved Contour
  • Slow Flow
  • Great Grip
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  • Easiest to Clean
  • $13
  • Philips Avent - 3 Pack
  • Wide Neck
  • Breast-Shaped Nipple
  • Easy to Use
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Best Bottle for Gas – Tatum’s Choice

The next of the best bottles for gas is the Comotono Natural Feel bottle. If your willing to pay a few bucks more, we feel this bottle is worth it.  The silicone nipples are soft, naturally shaped, and perfect for gassy and breastfed babies.

Comotono Natural Feel

The Comotono Natural Feel baby bottle has a wider neck but it also has a texture like what one’s skin would feel like. This allows the bottle to have a better total feel as it simulates the breast-feeding process more than others. The silicone nipple especially makes it easier for the bottle to have a better natural feel to it, hence the name of that bottle.

The vent on the inside of the bottle is carefully designed to offer a comfortable texture that is easy to handle. This is not too hard to use and should be rather simple for all to handle. The air inside the bottle will move smoothly and without any real obstruction.

The wide neck especially makes it easier for you to clean it off. It is still best to use a proper baby bottle cleaning brush though.

Most Popular – Bottle for Gas

The Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck bottle is the most popular choice.. This is thanks to how easy to maintain and clean the bottle is. It also has a good grip that makes it easier for your baby to handle. This in turn improves how well the baby can handle the formula or milk during feeding.

Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck

The Dr. Brown’s company made the Wide Neck baby bottle with gassy babies in mind. These bottles for gas are made with polypropylene and silicone. Dr. Brown’s makes only BPA-free bottles.

The positive-pressure flow is made for vacuum-free feeding. This is made with a setup that is easy to handle and isn’t too complicated or otherwise hard to handle.

The vacuum-free setup makes for a design that is like breastfeeding. This in turn improves how well the child can handle feeding and should not be too complicated to use. The vent system also allows the milk to flow well without worrying about vitamins of all sorts being lost in some way.

The bottle itself only weighs a few ounces. It will handle the formula or milk well and will not be too hard for the child to grip.

Best Value – Bottle for Gas and Colic

The best value among the best bottles for gas is the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottle series. Six of these nine-ounce bottles in this line can be found for about $20 in many cases. This is a very affordable and easy to handle choice. In fact, this even comes in a variety of colors in the same set so you can keep individual bottles divided up by each day during an entire week. This makes planning the feeding process a little easier to handle.

Tommee Tuppee Closer To Nature

The design of the Tommee Tuppee Closer to Nature bottle makes it a choice for best baby bottle. This is made especially for children who are moving from breast feeding to the bottle. This is even available in a variety of colors.

This uses a small nine-ounce body that is made with a curve with a contour in the middle. This creates a better grip that isn’t too thick or wide for a baby but still has a good border for holding the bottle. This keeps the bottle from being at risk of slipping out of the child’s hands. It’s all made with a great BPA-free body that is easy to clean off.

The venting valve works with a nipple that creates a slow flow. The keeps the air intake in the bottle down so it should not be tough for the baby to handle this.

Best Bottle for Transitioning

The Playtex Nurser bottle is designed with a better total setup that allows for a more natural feeding position. This improves how well the bottle can handle the natural feeding process. It is designed to especially help with the transition from the breast to the bottle if used right.

When it comes to improving how a baby will respond to the feeding process, these bottles are all good choices. These best bottles for gas ensure a better flow of milk, thus keeping colic and irritation from being more of a problem than necessary.

Playtex Nurser

The Nurser bottle from Playtex features a wide neck and is available in many sizes. Playtex particularly sells its Nurser bottles in sets with many of these sizes in mind. You can find four and eight-ounce bottles in this series. These can also work with their own fully replaceable sterilized liners to keep the contents inside the bottle protected and safe.

The sterilized liners from Playtex that work with this bottle series are especially important. These helps to keep air from being more of a problem than needed.

The natural flow of milk or formula in the bottle will especially help. It can even be angled to create a semi-upright feeding position. This makes it like what the natural shape of the mother’s breast while supporting how well the feeding process is handled. If used properly, it should not be tough for the child to keep a good handle on this if used right.

Easiest to Clean – Bottle for Gassy Babies

The Philips Avent bottle is easier to clean than the others the BPA-free polypropylene materials are easy to clean off through a simple brush material. The wide neck on each bottle also improves how well the parent can access to bottle so it will not be harder for the mother to clean it as needed.

The best part of this is that it can be quickly sterilized. It can be cleaned off through a standard pot of boiling water and the shape will not be impacted. This will ensure that any bacteria or other germs in the bottle will be cleaned out before anything is served. This is a popular feature of the bottle that keeps the child protected from harm while using it.

Philips Avent

The last of the best bottles for gas to consider is the Philips Avent. This is a bottle option that uses a slim body that is very easy to handle. This uses a four-ounce bottle size although many other options are available.

The nipple on each Avent bottle is soft and has a breast shape to it. This improves how the feeding works. The shape also uses a unique ventilation system to keep air from building up far too much. It even has a small bend in the middle part of the bottle to create a better sense of coverage. The wide neck also makes the filling and cleaning process easier to follow without being too complicated.

The bottle can work with various other nipples. However, it is best to use the ones that Philips makes in its Avent series when aiming to keep colic under control. This works better because it offers a comfortable design that is easy to prepare and won’t be too hard to use.

Best Baby Bottles for Gas Features

Proper Flow

The best baby bottles for gas will be ventilated well enough to make it easier for the milk or formula to flow properly. This is specially to keep the baby from feeling uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are plenty of great baby bottles for gassy babies that can help parents with their feeding needs. These best bottles for gas are designed with shapes that are conducive to keeping a proper flow going.

Avoid Feeding Discomfort

This is especially important when you consider how a baby’s digestive system will not have fully formed until a few years after birth. It is easier for a baby to feel discomfort during the feeding process when the digestive system has not fully developed. Thus, it is a necessity to find a bottle that keeps gas from being a real problem. You can view the best glass baby bottles to see other options.


The right nipple can keep the flow of milk or formula from being too hard to handle.  The best bottles for gassy babies will have nipples that provide just the right amount of air flow. This in turn will make it easier for the baby to drink comfortable without the irritation of gas.


The best bottles for gas feature designs that suitable for feeding. These will be easy to grip and use for the newborn.