Best Bottles For Newborns

If you just had a child, your likely trying to find the best bottles for newborns. While many baby bottles are designed to handle several ounces of milk or formula at a time, it is crucial to watch for how a newborn baby is to handle it.

A newborn should only have to handle a bottle that is not too big and should be easy to grip onto and use. It should also allow the milk or formula on the inside to move in without being far too difficult to use. The best bottles for newborns will allow your child to be under control while feeding.

Bottle Features Score Buy at Best Price
First Years Breastflow
What Do We Like About It?

  • Great for Formula and Breast Milk
  • Less Gas, Spit Up, and Fussiness
  • Requires Suction and Compression Like Breast-Feeding
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Works Great to Prevent Colic

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Medela Calma
What Do We Like About It?

    • Easy to Control Milk Flow
    • Baby Must Create Vacuum to Create Flow
    • Mimics Natural Feeding Behavior
    • Made Without BPA
    • Nipple Works for All Stages of Feeding

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MAM Anti-Colic
What Do We Like About It?

  • Made from Combination of Plastic and Silicone
  • Include Medium Flow Nipples
  • Wide Openings in Five Parts Make for Easy Cleaning
  • Great for Breast-Feeding and Bottlefeeding Simultaneously
  • Smooth Milk Flow Makes it Easy for Baby to Control

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Lansinoh mOmma
What Do We Like About It?

  • Nipples are Interchangeable with mOmma Bottles
  • Simple to Clean
  • Leak-Free Protection Built In
  • Air Ventilation System (AVS) Reduces Air Intake
  • 100% Silicone Nipple
  • Nipple Works for All Stages of Feeding

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Best Bottles For Newborns Reviews

Most Popular – Newborn Baby Bottle

The First Years Breastflow bottle is the most popular option among the best bottles for newborns. This is thanks primarily to the brand power and its reputation but there are many additional factors worth noticing. The bottle also has a soft texture and a nipple system that allows milk to flow properly at the baby’s pace. This establishes a comfortable feeling that will not be too rough for the child to handle.

First Years Breastflow

The First Years Breastflow has been making a variety of great products for baby care needs over the years. The Breastflow bottle series from the First Years is a popular option for feeding that improves how well the baby can handle milk the right way.

This uses suction and compression movements when getting milk taken care of. This is needed to create a consistent flow of milk. It is a motion similar to how breastfeeding works. This in turn, creates a better design for feeding and is very easy for a child to handle.


The consistency of the nipple on this bottle allows the baby’s tongue to stick in the same position as it would be during the breast feeding process. The transition process should be seamless thanks to this feature. This makes this also one of the best baby bottles for breastfeeding too.

The bottle can also be quickly sterilized. This uses a BPA-free body that can go from being frozen to being boiled for sterilization needs with ease. It will not encounter far too much stress as it works, thus allowing the flow to work carefully and without enough control for staying healthy and easy to use.

Best Bottle for Breast Pump Use

Any of these bottles can work well with a pump but it might be easy to use the Medela Calma if needed. This option can be linked up directly to a breast pump without any adapter. The fact that this bottle uses a great labeling system that highlights how much milk is to be used certainly helps just as well.

These best bottles for newborns are important for parents to find. These bottles are made with great bodies that are easy for a baby to handle and should not be too hard to follow. Be sure to look at these to ensure that the right bottle is ready for your child’s needs.

Medela Calma

Medela has been famous for its breast pumps for a while but today the company has been making a variety of attractive bottles. The Medela Calma is one option for newborns that creates a better interface.

This bottle gets the baby to establish a vacuum between the mouth and the nipple. The milk will flow when the bottle moves through. The design helps to keep the milk moving at the baby’s pace. It ensures that the feeding is like what happens in the breast feeding process. This keeps the baby comfortable during the feeding process without any kind of irritation.

Thus the Medela Calma is also one of the best bottles for breastfed babies as well. The vented nipple also keeps gas from developing. This prevents colic from occurring.

This also works with Medela breast pumps. While these are not required, such pumps can help with filling these bottles quite well with natural breast milk. This is essential consider how such milk may be more appropriate and suitable for feeding than another formula compound.

Best Newborn Baby Bottles For Colic

The best option for colic is clearly the MAM Anti-Colic bottle. This choice uses a better flow system that offers more vents. These include vents not only at the top part of the bottle but also an added one that works at the bottom part. This additional vent helps with creating a comfortable tone that allows the baby to take in enough milk without having to go through too much stress when making it work.

MAM Anti-Colic

The MAM Anti-Colic bottle is a choice for newborns that is also easy to use. It uses a vented base to go along with the vents featured around the top part of the bottle. This helps to create a better total feeding process.

The five parts on the top for the opening help to adjust the bottle and make it easier to work. This creates a better tone that is easy to apply and should not be too hard to use. The soft silicone nipple especially creates a comfortable feeling for the newborn that simulates the natural breast feeding process.

This BPA-free bottle is made with a plastic and silicone mix. It uses a nipple with a gentle flow while keeping the milk flowing only as the baby applies pressure to it.

The bottom part has its own vent space. This allows the baby to feel comfortable and to keep the feeding process from being too tough for the baby to follow.

Tatums’ Choice – Best Bottles for Newborns

The Lansinoh mOmma lands as one of the best baby bottles for newborns. If you don’t mind paying a few bucks more, give this a go. Your baby likely won’t be disappointed.

Lansinoh mOmma

The mOmma bottle from Lansinoh is made with fewer parts in mind so it should be very easy to clean off. This bottle also comes with the AVS or Air Ventilation System, a feature designed by the company to improve how well the fluid flows. This establishes a series of small vents at the top part of the nipple. This creates a better flow that keeps colic from developing.

The NaturalWave nipple feature on this bottle is an especially important part of what makes it work. This nipple uses a waving setup that is very flexible and improves how good milk comes out of the bottle. As this is used, the bottle will feel healthier and more natural during the feeding process. This all comes with an eight-ounce capacity to improve how well the bottle works.

Best Newborn Bottles for Breastfeeding

More importantly, the best bottles for newborns should be made to where they will support the natural breastfeeding process. A bottle should be designed to create a feeding pattern and angle that is like what might be found during the natural breast feeding process.

What are the Best Bottles for Newborns?

This includes working with a shape and nipple that has a similar design to the breast. Anything that allows for enough air to move and for the flow of milk to be easier to control is always a positive. This allows the baby to feel more comfortable with the overall feeding process.

Parents who need the best baby bottles should see what these best bottles for newborns offer. These are all choices that feature a series of comfortable components that are not too hard for a baby to handle.