Best BPA Free Baby Bottles

Finally, all of the best BPA free baby bottles in one place. Truth is, most baby bottles are BPA free. However, it’s always good to check if you’re unsure. Below are our picks for best bpa free bottles for babies.

Best for Preventing Colic

Finding the best BPA free baby bottles is important these days. If your looking for an awesome baby bottle, you’ll like the Munchkin.

Munchkin Latch Baby Bottle

Another option for a BPA-free bottle is this choice from Munchkin. The Latch is a four-ounce bottle that is easy to handle and use. It uses a Stage 1 nipple and a sealing disc to keep the inside protected. This also supports nipples in other stages although Munchkin sells them separately from this bottle.

The nipple will stretch well and move evenly and carefully. This creates a comfortable feeling that is like what would come from a mother’s breast as that is being used. In addition, it also keeps colic from developing.

The pressure that comes against the nipple will also release milk as the baby sucks on it. This creates a breast-like feel, thus making this good for the transitionary process from the breast to the bottle.

The stretching, pumping and smooth moving design of the nipple on the Latch makes this ideal for a baby. This offers more feeding angles and should be very easy for a child to handle when being fed properly.

The design especially works with enough compatible nipple sizes to guide the baby from one feeding stage to the next. This is important as nipples must be replaced regularly to ensure that the baby can physically handle them. If used right, it should not be too complicated for the baby to handle the materials the right way.

Tatum’s Choice – Best BPA Free Baby Bottle

The reason we find this to be one of the best bpa free baby bottles is the compatibility. Since we have a Medela breast pump, the bottles work perfectly with the pump.

Medela Breastmilk Bottle

Medela has been known for making a variety of breast pumps but it is also popular for making many bottles. Medela makes its own BPA-free breastmilk bottles that are often sold in sets. These include plenty of great eight-ounce bottles that the baby can quickly take in without worrying about losing one’s grip while trying to handle it.

These bottles are designed with slim bodies and can support an extensive variety of different nipples. These include options that can be contoured and positioned to handle the baby’s unique feeding needs with ease.

The best part of these bottles is that they can be quickly hooked up to any Medela breast pump. This makes it easier for the bottles to be filled. Still, it is best to ensure that these cleaned properly and that they can work with the right brushes for getting them cleaned out properly. The simple labels on each bottle make it so it won’t be tough to measure the amount of milk that is being pumped in at a time, thus improving how well the setup can be handled right.

The best baby bottles from Medela do not necessarily have to be used alongside the breast pumps that can work from the company. Still, it is best to have such pumps ready. Medela makes effective and useful pumps that are sensible and easy to use but they will work better if you have the proper bottles from the company to go with them.

Most Popular – BPA Free Bottle

The Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow bottle is the most popular choice for children to have. This is a simple and useful option that is easy to handle and offers a good variety of materials that aren’t too hard to handle. These are all options that are sensible and easy to follow.


Dr. Brown’s BPA Free Natural Flow

This is a choice from Dr. Brown’s that is designed with a polypropylene and silicone series of materials. These are easier for a baby to handle as they will not pass off any harmful or dangerous chemicals into the baby’s formula or milk. These also encourage the production of a safe and soft body for the bottle.

The positive pressure flow on this bottle helps with creating a comfortable space for feeding that does not establish a vacuum. This creates a design that makes this like breastfeeding processes.

The vent system also keeps air from getting into the milk. This helps to keep the vitamins in the baby’s formula from wearing out or breaking down in any way. It even keeps fluid from developing in the ear, thus keeping the baby comfortable and less likely to be distracted or bothered by what comes from the bottle one has.

This is available with four and eight-ounce bottle sizes. This can also handle many nipple sizes for different feeding needs that a child has.

This is especially popular but it is also helpful for making it easier for a child to be fed the right way. This should not be too hard for a child to consume milk out of.

Best Value – BPA Free Bottles for Babies

The Playtex Ventaire bottle is a great and affordable option for all people to look for. This is available for about $3 to $5 per bottle although it is often easier for one to find this in sets. Also, this value is consistent for the six and nine-ounce variants of this bottle.

Playtex BPA Free Ventaire Bottle

The Playtex BPA free Ventaire bottle is a brilliant choice that is very easy for parents to have for their children. This uses a BPA-free body that uses a leak proof design. This also has a nice curve to its body but the big feature of this bottle set comes from its curved top. This allows for a natural breast-like angle for the feeding process. The fast-flow nipple also has a natural shape to it that allows the baby to take in the formula with relative ease.

The bottom vent on this also keeps leaks from occurring while also keeping bubbles from developing. As this is used, it keeps the bottle from being too hard for the baby to handle and is especially simple for any child to have.

Best BPA Bottle for Feeding Transition

The Philips Avent BPA Free bottle is the best choice when looking for a bottle that can handle the transition from the breast to bottle feeding. The flexible nipple design improves how well the baby can handle the bottle and makes for a sensible setup that should be easy for the baby to use.

Philips Avent BPA Free Polypropylene Bottle

Philips has been making a variety of bottles in its Avent series fro years. While Philips has made a few glass bottles in this line, it’s BPA-free polypropylene bottles are especially popular.

The Avent bottle uses a wide shape and comfort pedals that help the baby to latch on to its body. This offers a flexible design without any nipple collapse issues getting in the way.

The wide design also allows for a grip that the baby can comfortable hold with both hands. This also comes in a variety of sizes and can especially handle up to eleven ounces of formula or milk depending on the bottle being used.

The twin-valve setup on the top part of the nipple also improves how air flows. This prevents colic from developing and makes for an easy to use the bottle.

More About BPA or Bisphenol

BPA, or Bisphenol A, has been used in the production of many plastic materials since the 1960s. It’s an easy to use compound, but it is also a very dangerous material.

BPA has been known to cause increases in blood pressure in people who use it too often. The risks of BPA are greater for children. It can impact brain development and various glands. It can also create a negative influence on a child’s behavior depending on how it is used.

Therefore, it is important to find the best BPA-Free baby bottles. BPA-Free bottles are designed with alternative compounds that are safer for babies.This means you don’t have to worry about feeding affecting your child’s health.


Remember, always choose a bottle that it does not contain any BPA. The options here are just some of the many that will help you feed your child. You can stay rest assured that the risk of harmful compounds will be reduced.

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