Best Glass Baby Bottles 2016

Finding the best glass baby bottles just got easier. We put together a list of the best glass bottles for babies in 2017. As you will see here, there are plenty of great glass baby bottles worth considering for your health needs. Here’s a look at a few popular choices for your use when aiming to get glass baby bottles that are suitable and ideal for your child’s needs.

Most Popular – Best Glass Baby Bottles

The Lifefactory is easily one of the best glass baby bottles available. This bottle is simply made with a better design and feel that makes it easy to handle. It also works well with numerous nipple options in case your child has a nipple preference.


Lifefactory 4-Ounce BPA-Free Glass Bottle

Lifefactory made this attractive four-ounce bottle with a body that is easy for a child to hold onto. It features a four-ounce design with a silicone sleeve. The sleeve has a few openings to support a better grip. This alone makes it one of the best baby bottles available.

This uses a thermal shock resistance material that allows this to handle all sorts of conditions. It can go from freezing conditions to boiling water in a short time without being too hard to handle. This works with a dishwasher safe body with all parts being able to support the sterilization process at the same time without wearing out or weakening.

This works with many Lifefactory nipples including Stage 1, 2 and 3 nipples. It also works with Y-cut nipple and sippy caps alike.

This is a very easy to clean model that works well for most needs. It is not at risk of breaking apart either. This makes for a suitable choice for all families to look at. Learn more about the Best BPA Free Bottles.

Best Priced – Glass Bottle

The Philips Avent glass bottle is the best priced option. It can be found for about $5 to $8 on average. The price easily makes it one of the best glass baby bottles available today.

The Philips Avent glass baby bottles can also be found in packs that offer four of these bottles for about $25. These prices are for the  nine-ounce bottles.


Philips Avent Natural Glass Bottle

Philips made the Avent bottle as a natural glass option that is easy to handle. It is made with fewer parts so it will be rather easy for this to be maintained as needed.

This uses a wide breast-shaped design for the silicone nipple. It makes it easier for a baby to latch on to it while feeling comfortable. It simulates the natural breast shape on one’s body. The wide neck opening makes it one of the best glass baby bottles for cleaning purposes.

The BPA-free borosilicate glass material on this bottle especially lasts for a long time. It will not wear out or weaken easily. It is also very easy for this to be cleaned out and washed as needed. Thus, it should not be tough for this bottle to work for one’s feeding requirements.

This all comes with a comfortable nine-ounce capacity. This will not be too hard for the baby to grip onto and use as necessary. The size of the bottle does still make it to where it might be easier for a larger child to handle the bottle without problems.

Best Grip – Glass Baby Bottle

The Evenflo glass bottles have the best glass baby bottle grip. The Evenflow Twist bottle has a good design that uses a gentle twisting pattern that creates a strong gripping space for the baby to hold onto. This should not be too hard to hold onto when used right.



Evenflo Feeding Classic Glass Twist Bottle

Smaller four-ounce bottles are easy for many babies to handle but it can be easier for them to be held when they come with comfortable designs. The Evenflow Feeding Twist bottle is one particularly useful bottle for how it offers a strong twisting design. This creates enough smooth and easy to handle grips that the baby can hold on to.

This all works with tempered glass that is very easy to clean. This does well when moving from a freezer to a boiling pot of water.

The small air vents around the silicone nipple are especially helpful. This keep gas from coming out while also keeping the nipple from collapsing as it is in use. This can even be used with many nipple options outside of the one it comes with and can be applied onto a typical pump material to make the filling process a little easier to handle.

This twist bottle is designed to be one of the best glass baby bottles. If used right, it should be very easy for the baby to take in the formula or other items that might be in the bottle at a given point.

Best Nipple Design – Glass Baby Bottle

The Born Free Breeze design uses a great nipple arrangement that is carefully organized. This uses a comfortable body that simulates the natural feeding process.

By using this nipple, the baby can go from breast feeding to bottle feeding rather quickly. This makes it the best glass bottles for breastfed babies.

This uses a simple process that will not be tough for the baby to handle. This in turn improves how well the baby will respond to the feeding and should be considered when finding something that is easy for a baby to feed with.



Born Free Breeze

The Breeze is a bottle from Born Free that is available in sets. This is a rather unique option that uses a two-piece design that isn’t too hard to carry around or use. It can be frozen or heated quickly and will handle both conditions effortlessly without being at risk of harm.

The Just Like Mom nipple design on this model is especially useful. This makes it easier for the transition from breast to bottle feeding to be seamless without any stress.

The ActiveFlow vent on the nipple also improves how well the bottle can work for feeding. This keeps the baby from struggling with colic or other issues relating to excess air coming through the vent.

This is available in five and nine-ounce sizes. Born Free typically sells many of these sizes together to make it easier for these bottles to work for different feeding needs.

Tatum’s Choice – Best Glass Bottle 2017

The Minbie is Tatum’s favorite glass baby bottle. It is a BPA-FREE Natural Glass Bottle! Minbie also offers a great line of nipples that make this one of the top ten glass baby bottles 2017.


Minbie 6-Ounce Glass Baby Bottle

Minbie has been a rather popular name for how it offers some effective and easy to use baby bottles. It works with a variety of designs but its 6-ounce glass bottle is the best option from the company to look for.

This has a slight curve on its body. This creates a comfortable grip while also supporting how well the baby can handle the feeding process. It can be positioned well enough to simulate the natural breast feeding process. Thus, it should be easy for the baby to be fed with this without feeding more stress than necessary.

This works with a silicone seal and cap to keep it easy to store and carry around. However, this does not come with its own nipple. This part should be provided separately but it will at least support a vast variety of nipple options that you might provide separately.

More About Glass Baby Bottles

Here are some things you might want to know about glass baby bottles. This info can help you decide on if glass bottles are the best baby bottles for your child.

Glass Baby Bottles are Safer

While it is true that BPA has been outlawed from many plastic bottles, glass bottles are still considered to be safer. This is a strong plus in the favor of glass baby bottles.

The fact that tempered glass is being used in many of these bottles is great to see. This reduces the risk of injury greatly should the bottle break. If breakage does occur, it will break apart in larger pieces that are very easy to clean off.

Glass Bottles are Easier to Clean

One appealing thing about glass bottles is they’re easier to clean. You can sterilize your bottle in boiling water or clean in the sink very easily.

Glass Baby Bottles for Milk and Formula

The best glass baby bottles are very versatile. They work well for both milk and formula. In many cases you will just need to find the right nipple choice for your child.


All options for these best glass baby bottles are different in their own ways. Be sure to look around to see what options are right for your baby’s needs when finding something attractive and useful for your baby to have while also helping with the natural feeding process the right way.