The Baby Bottle That’s Imitating The Comfort of Breastfeeding

First Years breastflow bottle

Parents only want what’s best for their newborn. As their baby first experiences a life outside the womb, they are continuously adjusting and learning from their environment. And the right nurture and care make the biggest difference in a child’s life. If a baby is not comfortable with how they are consuming milk, then they will not effectively consume the right amount they need. As most parents know, it takes a lot of time for some newborns to get used to bottle-feeding. A mom cannot always be present to breastfeed their baby. And it’s important that they have a bottle that can provide to comfort and ease of feeding on a breast to guarantee that a baby is receiving the right amount of nutrition they need from milk. A comfortable baby will consume milk far better than a baby who doesn’t feel happy with a bottle.

Parents thrive to give the best for their young ones. And it’s exactly why the First Years breastflow bottle is becoming a favorite amongst parents. It’s the only bottle designed to mimic and work just like a breast. And the First Years breastflow bottle reviews and feedback from parents, are the perfect reflection of why it is the best bottle to use.

First Years breastflow bottle technology

The design that has gone into the making of this bottle is nothing like the standard bottle most people are used to. The First Years breastflow bottle works to maximize a baby’s ability to control the milk flow. A baby uses suction and compression to control how much milk they suction out of the nipple. And it’s a natural response they make when they are feeding on either a breast or a bottle. The design of the bottle gives babies the ideal comfort and functionality they need to consume as much milk as possible.

The absence of a breast to feed on, should not be a reason for babies to feel uncomfortable or unhappy with how they are fed. The technology used to build the First Years breastflow bottle is ideal to provide as much comfort as, possible when feeding. And it’s the distinct reason behind why this new nipple technology is quickly becoming a favorite in many households.

First Years breastflow bottle flexible use

This bottle is also flexible to use, as it can function effectively with both breast milk and formula milk. It’s not easy for parents to have to change between formula and breast milk. And the added cost of using two different bottles for both milk forms isn’t ideal. The First Years breastflow bottle nipple holds both milk forms well. It releases the milk at a soft and comfortable flow for the baby. And it is not limited to just one form of milk. This is perfect for parents who use either formula or breast milk, or who use both.

First Years breastflow bottle

First Years breastflow bottle prevents colic symptoms and waste The nipple of the First Years breastflow bottle is not just  designed to mimic the feel and function of a woman’s breast. It is also designed to eliminate spills and waste. The silicone, vented nipple is built to reduce colic symptoms in newborns. Colic symptoms are abdominal pain caused by gas built up in the intestines. This can be extremely painful and uncomfortable for newborns. Standard nipples cannot control the air that a baby may be consuming along with the milk. This often contributes to the gas build up and colic symptoms experienced by babies. The First Years breastflow bottle nipple is designed to eliminate the gas consumed by a baby. And with the same technology, it also reduces the spit-up often experienced when feeding with a bottle. This is accomplished by a two piece nipple and wide neck design.

Easy to clean

Sometimes, the most complicated and advanced technology that goes into equipment, may also mean a complicated process of cleaning. But of course, for the many busy mom and dads out there who need the most efficient and easy to clean bottle, the First Years breastflow bottle is designed just for that. The two piece nipple is easy to remove and disassemble to guarantee a thorough clean. It’s important that hygiene and cleanliness are prioritized when taking care of newborns. And the design of this bottle was specifically made to guarantee that it is both easy to use and clean.

Free from harmful chemicals used in plastic

First Years breastflow bottle design thrives to not only be the most comfortable, but the safest bottle for newborns. There’s a chemical used to line different plastics called BPA. This stands for Bisphenol A. It is usually found in different plastic products to help strengthen the material. But this is extremely dangerous for babies who are exposed to it at a constant rate. BPA mimics different hormones in the body. And if babies are exposed to this, it can cause Endocrine Disruptions in the body.

Any system in the body that functions with hormones, can be disrupted. This is extremely dangerous for newborn babies who are growing and developing their bodies at a fast rate during their first 3 months. Endocrine Disruptions can cause birth defects, developmental disorder and is known to be linked to the growth of cancer tumors. The First Years breastflow bottle is guaranteed to be BPA-free. This is another harmful situation parents can avoid when using the perfectly designed First Years breastflow bottle.

The comfort, health, safety and maximum growth of a newborn is the first priority parents and doctors focus on. And in the first months of a baby’s life, proper breastfeeding and bottle-feeding is the most important way to guarantee that a baby is as healthy and as strong as possible. Parents need bottles that are not just going to help feed their child. The First Years breastflow bottle is designed to make every aspect of bottle-feeding as easy and as safe for both a baby and the parents. The technology and design of the First Years breastflow bottle is changing how babies are bottle-fed. And it’s growing popularity amongst many households, is not just the only goal First Year is aiming for.

They are also eager and prioritizes the comfort, growth, health and safety of babies. That’s why they have made their First Years breastflow bottle surprisingly affordable. Despite its outstanding design and the technology that went into building this bottle, it is available at a good and fair price. On top of this, it is a simplistic design that’s flexible and easy to use and clean. It’s not just a bottle that’s best for the baby, it’s also extremely ideal for parents.