Cheap Baby Bottles for Baby Shower Gifts

Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Polypropylene Bottle

There are all sorts of cheap baby bottles that you can get a new mother for her baby shower. However, you have to be careful when thinking about how you’re going to get one. As essential as a baby bottle can be, there is much more to such an item than what you might think.

Baby Bottles – Affordable Baby Shower Registry Gifts

While there are plenty of cheap choices to consider, no two baby bottles are ever truly alike. You have to watch for what you are ordering based on a number of key considerations in mind. These include points like the following:

  • The material used to make a bottle can make a difference. Glass is sturdy while stainless steel is lighter in weight. Plastic is also popular although it is critical to find a model that doesn’t contain BPAs.
  • The size of the bottle is important as it needs to contain enough of something for your baby to consume. This is especially as the baby’s feeding needs will change with age. A baby will need about six to eight ounces of formula with every meal at six months of age, for instance.
  • The ability of the baby to handle the bottle is important as it should be easy to grip onto. A bottle that isn’t too hard to the touch and has a nipple that is carefully made and easy to access will certainly make a difference.
  • The ability of the bottle to support the natural feeding process is also important. A bottle must be supported with a design where the baby can handle the nipple in a manner similar to what the child can handle during the breastfeeding process. This is a necessity when moving from the breast to the bottle.

You can find many cheap baby bottles for baby shower gifts these days. These options are available with some strong values in that you can find options that are available for around $20 in many cases.

Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Infant Starter Gift Set

When finding something for a new mother, it helps to look at the Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Infant Starter Gift Set. This is a model designed with a series of anti-colic valves.

Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Polypropylene BottleThese are added into the bottle to move air into the bottle. That is, the baby will not be at risk of taking in more air than necessary, thus keeping discomfort from being a huge problem.

This is useful for the baby’s consumption but it is also a model that is easier for the baby to grip onto. It is flexible with the nipple having a molded petal shape. This makes the bottle softer and flexible to support the baby’s consumption motions.

This is available in a polypropylene or glass model. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about BPAs as Philips ensures that its bottles are never made with these dangerous compounds.

A brush is included in this set too. This helps you to clean out the bottles and nipples as necessary.

This set is available for $50. You can always get additional Avent bottles from Philips if desired. A set of four 4-ounce bottles is available for about $20 or less through many retailers.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle

The third choice to find is a set of three nine-ounce bottles from Tommee Tippee. The Closer to Nature bottle is instantly recognizable with its clear curved design. This is especially designed with the baby’s comfort in mind so it should be very easy to make this work.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature BottleThe curved design of each body is made to help you carefully and comfortably use this for feeding. This is also designed so the baby can easily handle this.

There are three different nipple options that may be used on this bottle. These are flexible models that use an extra-wide base. This creates a breast-like shape that is easy to handle. This is a perfect bottle for breastfeeding babies.

The nipples are also designed in different forms to offer various flows. There is a slow flow option for infants to use as well as a fast flow option for older babies to have. The Variflow option is also easy to adjust and is best for when you’ve got a thicker liquid to use in a bottle.

This set can be found for about $20 in most places. This is a good deal that offers a strong value for you to take a look forward to.

All three of these choices are certainly great to have when you’re looking for a baby bottle set for a new mother. These will make for perfect baby shower gifts without breaking your budget.

Playtex Baby Drop-Ins Premium Nurser Bottle Feeding Set

Playtex Baby made the Nurser set as a solution that keeps you from having to wash lots of bottles in a typical day. This comes with a BPA-free body and uses a shape that mimics the natural breastfeeding process. This uses an air-free feeding setup to help keep colic from being an issue.

Playtex Baby Drop-Ins Premium Nurser Bottle Feeding SetThe physical design makes the switch from the breast to the bottle very easy to handle. This supports the natural feeding pattern that a baby uses.

The Naturalatch Nipple is a big part of what makes this bottle simple for a baby to use. It has a raised texture that allows the baby to naturally latch onto it. This also has a wide shape that offers enough of a grip for the baby to handle.

Pre-sterilized liners are also included with these bottles. These are fully disposable and will make it easier or the feeding process to work without causing any spills or leaks. This gives you a better setup while spending less time washing the bottle. It provides you with a fresh and clean bottle for use every time. The one-handed assembly also works quite well.

Many nipple tips can be used on this model. These include a full-sized option for a wider mouth, a petite model for smaller mouths and an angled model that is made with upright feeding in mind.

This can be found for about $20 in most spots. It is an appealing value that is especially impressive for a model that is flexible and easy to adjust in many ways.