Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Baby Bottle Review

dr. brown natural flow bottle

When it comes to feeding the baby, parents want the best baby bottle. The problem is that there are so many baby bottles out there. So, that choosing the right one is a big challenge. Luckily, Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottle is designed to make feeding your baby easier. The bottle is designed in such a way that it mimics natural breastfeeding. But what is it? Is it worth it? What are its pros and cons? To learn more about this bottle and if it’s worth your money, continue reading our in-depth Dr. brown’s natural flow baby bottle review.

What is Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Baby Bottle?

Designed in 1996, Dr. Brown’s baby bottles were the first of its kind to feature internal vent system which eliminates the vacuum, negative pressure and air bubbles. All these are problems that are usually associated with traditional breastfeeding. The unique design of these bottles is meant to mimic breastfeeding. Unlike other wind venting or anti-colic systems, the air in these bottles never combines with formula or breast milk. This is important in minimizing oxidation and at the same time helps in maintaining essential nutrients such as vitamins C, E, and A.

Key features Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles


The bottle features a classic and simple shape. It also doesn’t have any dents. The bottle is practical and also easy to clean thanks to its regular shape. The bottle also feature mold measurement which allows you to the exact amount of liquid that’s in the bottle. The mold engravings are great since they won’t discolor easily when the bottle is put in the dishwasher.

Advanced air vent feature

This stops negative pressure from building up inside the bottle when the milk is being sucked out of it by the baby. In other regular bottles, the negative pressure that forms inside the baby bottle may not only cause nipple collapsing but at the same time affect the baby negatively. There is also the possibility of air winding its way back into the bottle via the nipple whole and go to the milk. This air causes air bubbles to form inside the milk. When the baby swallows this milk, it may lead to reflux, spit-up, colic and excessive burping.

To prevent that from happening, the unique venting system of Dr. Brown Natural Flow make the air to travel from the side of the bottle ring and into the bottom side of the bottle inside a special tube. This prevents the negative pressure from being created, and air bubbles are not formed as a result.

The air vent system is made up of two elements which essentially mean you have a little bit of cleaning to do but certainly not a lot. An included brush greatly helps with cleaning it.

Wide neck

The bottles are comparatively wider and also feature a nipple that is significantly wider. They were designed specifically to breastfeed babies as the nipple’s shape replicates breasts. This prevents nipple confusion and also eliminates the chances of your baby developing bottle preference because of the slow flow of milk.

Smooth Surface that makes the bottle less prone to scratching

The bottles feature a smooth surface that makes them quite easy to clean and sterile. This means that you can even scrub the bottle and it will not scratch. The fact that there are no micro-scratches means that there is no staining or smell retention, something that is common in most plastic bottles. These bottles also don’t change their color to brownish after being repeatedly exposed to high sterilization.

dr. brown’s natural flow baby bottle review

Not prone to breaking

These bottles are not easily breakable as they have high impact resistance. But to be 100% sure, it’s advisable to use the bottles with a protective silicone sleeve to cushion the bottle. This means if the bottle breaks (very unlikely), it will keep the glass inside. The silicone sleeve is sold separately.

Another advantage of the silicon sleeve is that it provides a perfect non-slip grip not only for you but also for the baby. It also helps to keep the baby milk warm for longer. You can wash the bottle and even sterilize it with the silicon sleeves on.

Available in a Variety of Sizes and Colors

Standard shape baby bottles are available in 4 and 8-ounce versions. As far as colors go, you can opt for classic blue and a pink one. You can buy the bottles separately one by one or at all.

Nipple Options

Dr. Browns Natural Flow baby bottles feature 2 sets of nipples: stage 1 and stage 2. The stage one nipple forces the fluid or milk inside the baby bottle to flow slowly. The stage 2 nipple, on the other hand, allows for a slightly faster fluid flow. As a parent, this gives you the option to choose from. You can comfortably adjust it based on the feeding pattern of your baby. If your baby is the type that gags, sputters or leaks milk while they feed, you will want to use stage 1 nipple as it gives you a slower flow. The slower flow also regulates the fluid intake of your baby which makes feeding an easier experience.

What is included?

Each bottle package includes:

• Stage one nipple• Venting mechanism• Hygienic cap• Bottle ring• Assembly, cleaning and storing instructions• Cleaning brush (one per pack)


• Patented vent system helps reduce spit-up and gas• All parts of the bottles are dishwasher friendly• It prevents oxidation and at the same time preserves vitamins C, E, and A.• BPA-free• Comes in various shapes and colors• Excellent air venting system


• Nipple is a little long• Measurements contained on this bottle are small and may not be easily readable for some people

Bottom Line

If you are a first time mom and are looking for bottles to feed your baby, Dr. Brown’s natural flow is the ideal option for you. These bottles reduce gas, ear infection and colic and at the same time maintain nutrients. The bottles aren’t difficult to use. In fact, they make your life and that of the baby a lot better. Washing can be somewhat a pain to you. But this is nothing compared to the quality of the bottle that you will get. We hope the above Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Baby Bottle review was helpful to you.