How to Prepare a Baby Bottle In 4 Steps

look at the bottles for breastfed babies

Your baby’s bottle cannot just be filled with milk or formula. You must clean off the plastic or glass bottle and prepare it right. This is to keep your baby’s bottle from being dirty or otherwise too hard to handle. There are several steps that should be used when preparing your baby’s bottle so it will be easy for your baby to consume milk or formula out of it without any harm.

Sterilize Everything

To start, you should sterilize everything that you’re going to use. Get all the bottles, nipples and other parts of your bottle sterilized properly so the bacteria on it will be killed off.

You can always submerge your bottle into a boiling pot of water if it can handle this. You can also use a steamer device that you can find on the market. Either way, the steam that comes from water that is properly heated will kill off the bacteria in your bottle when used right.

Wash with Soap and Water

You must also wash off the baby bottle with soap and water. This is to clear out various items that might be tough to handle. You might need to use a brush to help with clearing out soap materials so it will not be too hard to keep the bottle safe to use.

Either way, you should watch carefully to see how well the bottle is being treated. The bottle should be prepared carefully and well enough to see that nothing wrong will come out of it and that outside particles will not be a threat to it.

Store It Safely

After you have prepared your baby bottle, you must store it in a safe spot. This is important for cases where you need to let the bottle cool off after it is properly treated. You must store the bottle in a spot like a sealed container in a climate controlled spot. Any place that keeps the bottle from being in contact with outside bacteria is always welcome.

Check the Nipple

The last step is to look at how the nipple works. The nipple should be cleaned and managed properly to ensure that the bottle will not be too hard to handle. Look carefully to see that the nipple is also clear and that milk or formula can flow out of it carefully but only when enough pressure is applied onto it as well. This is to see that the nipple will not be too hard to use in any manner.

These steps for preparing a baby bottle will help you to clear out all sorts of things from inside such a bottle. These steps are important for when you’re looking to make it easier for your baby to consume formula or milk in a safe and sensible manner.