Why is Philips Avent Natural Bottle the Best Feeding Bottle in the Market?

philips avent natural bottle

Philips avent natural bottle review seeks to explore the unique benefits that this feeding product offers as well as any shortcomings arising from its characteristics. The bottle is designed in a manner that seeks to make the feeding process easy and natural. The makers have adopted a shape that’s well suited for ease of holding. The teat allows the baby to make easy movements like turning around comfortably while feeding. They take the shape of a natural breast which helps the baby to adapt and get used easily and effortlessly quickly.

An improved version of the product is particularly convenient for working mothers who may require expressing milk for later consumption by the baby as it combines an efficient storage and feeding facility as well as a manual breast pump that’s used to extract it from the breasts for storage. The bottles also assume the shape of a breast with a rounded natural design. The teat has a natural latch that borrows from a mother’s breast. It’s also made from a strong, durable material that ensures it is soft but thick and flexible enough to facilitate ease of suckling.

Description of Philips Avent Natural Bottle

The bottles are well labeled on both sides with lines depicting quantities it holds at different levels and the respective units in millimeters while lines on the other side give their quantities in ounces. This allows the mother or nanny responsible for maintaining required feeding quantities and program.

The symmetrical bottle shape is also a plus in easing handling by the baby as well as the feeding individual. The bottle consists of three components and dismantling it for cleaning is easy and fast. These consist of the teat, bottle, and the teat ring. It has a wide mouth that eases cleaning. There are three main sizes available. They are 125ml, 260ml, and 330ml. The unique but uniform bottle design promotes familiarity by children such that introduction of larger versions becomes easy. The superior quality is an advantage as well since these bottles can be handed down to new babies and cut down on costs of acquiring younger ones.

How to clean the Philips Avent Natural Bottle

An important point to remember when handling philips avent natural bottles is that while cleaning them manually, warm soapy water is all is needed. The cleaner should use their fingers to remove dirt. The material used in making the teat is silicone, and any scrubbing material can scratch it hence shortening its lifespan. The Philips Company has designed a bottle sterilizing equipment. One may use it or boil the bottle for 10 minutes. Boiling bottles are not very common these days due to the plastic nature of most bottles. It’s mostly recommended for glass bottles.

Steaming using a microwave or electric sterilizer takes around five minutes, and it’s mainly preferred as its fast and convenient and also its ability to avoid annoying smell or chemical aftertaste. This ensures its free from bacteria or germs that may infect the baby with some disease. Cold water sterilizing is also common, especially where a mother could be traveling and power not available to boil the bottle.

philips avent natural bottle review

This involves soaking the bottle in sterilizing solution contained in a bucket or any large container. They should last in the solution for a minimum of thirty minutes while the solution needs to be changed every twenty-four hours. Philips avent natural bottles contain no BPA which is an organic synthetic plastic material that has raised health concerns among health practitioners due to its suspected effects on brains, prostate gland of fetuses as well as behavioral effects on humans.

Therefore, it is highly discouraged as a component in food container making the material. Philips avent natural bottles are made of sturdy polypropylene which can easily withstand any form of cleaning such as steam sterilization, boiling in water, hand cleaning as well as solution soak sterilization.

A bottle could be leaking

In order to avoid this, always make sure that the nipple or teat ring is fastened just right. Over-tightening could be problematic as it spoils the effectiveness of the seal. Ensuring the right tightness will eliminate cases of leakage. This is done using the bottle cap. There is an assembly procedure that should be followed to minimize cases of leakage. This includes ensuring the teat and teat/nipple ring is wet when being fastened together. Doing this immediately after cleaning the bottle brings out the best results. This is because they tend to stick together creating an airtight seal and stay set for the next time. The next step is to place the adapter ring at the bottle’s neck. This should be well in position and at the same level with the top of the philip avent natural bottle.

Inserting the adapter ring in position before putting baby formula ensures nothing comes between the bottle and seal that could bring leakage while feeding the baby. Next is to place the fastened nipple and nipple ring in position. Finally, place the clear bottle cap on the bottle and turn it round till it moves independently of the ring. The bottle is now tight enough. Avoiding mixing the formula in the bottle certainly, helps to reduce cases of leakage. Testing for leakage involves just holding the bottle upside down for some seconds. Any leakage will show through formula seeping through the seal.

Advantages of buying Philips Avent Natural Bottle

Some versions come with an advanced anti-colic system. This consists of an innovative twin valve that prevents colic by redirecting air into the bottle and not into the baby’s stomach. This is a major advantage to mothers who don’t have to cope with the stressful complications associated with colic.

The philip avent natural bottle has fairly unclear side marks that help in taking measurements. One might over feed or under feed the baby depending on what they understood as the quantities they intended. One may also observe that the bottle is slightly more expensive than other equivalents in the market though its superior quality may justify the additional few coins more spent.