Everything You Need To Know About Avent Baby Bottles

avent baby bottles

Babies are gifted blessings for their parents. In order to make sure that the parents cherish their offspring’s completely and thoroughly, they get the best of everything out to provide their babies’s comfort and safety. Philips Aventis is a company that has been working with profesionnal scientists and healthcare to help design perfect baby feeding bottles. Keep in your mind about the health and safety of your babies. Avent Baby Bottles are one of the most useful and convenient baby products. Philips Aventhas has introducing newer and improved versions of these baby feeders to ensure your babies get a proper care. One of the reasons that make Avent Baby Bottles awarded as the best baby feeding bottle is the way they make the feeding bottle with natural and user friendly material.

Types of Bottles

Avent Baby Bottles is a very convenient product, especially for busy parents. The bottles come in different designs.

Natural baby bottles, which consist of breast-shaped nipples that are wide in size. This feature helps in making the baby feel comfortable in using the bottle and thinking of it as breastfeeding. These bottles come in different sizes and have different types of nipples as well.

The anti-colic baby feeding bottles. Colic is a reason why your baby often cry, they become inconsolable and comfortless. And the most obvious reason why your baby have colic is because they have weak digestive system. The excess air sucked in your baby bottle also can cause discomfort to the stomach of your baby. Keeping this in mind, Philips Avent designed anti-colic bottles, this design allows the nipple of the bottle to avoid excess air from the baby bottle to ensure this air does not get sucked by the baby.

Types of Nipples

These baby feeding bottles come with different types of nipples.

– The first type is flow nipple. It has one small hole and it is suitable for newborns which will have their first bottle fed.

– The slow flow type is another type that is suitable for infants that are slowly become used to drink using a bottle and for babies that are slow drinkers. This type of nipple has two holes.

– The medium flow nipple with 3 holes, is more suitable for babies that have been bottle feeding for at least 3 months.

– The last type of nipple available is the fast flowing type, for a baby that older than 6 months. This nipple type allows the baby to suck easily and get more in one gulp.

When your baby is ready to drink other liquids besides milk, there also a bottle that available with 2 other types of nipple. First is a bottle that has a medium flow that is suitable for 3 months babies and above. The other one is the bottle with a nipple design for variable flow. This type is suitable for any kind of flow for the babies.

avent baby bottles

Nipple Description

These bottles have nipples that are anti-colic and also have unique petals inside the nipple that allows more stability and flexibility, without that, the the nipple will collapse. The nipples shaped are wide, soft and resemble an actual breast, make it easier for the babies to become accustomed to bottle feeding. Avents baby bottles have nipples that made of silicone, which is why they may look different compared to other bottle nipples. These nipples do not collapse, crack or crumble when sucked or chewed by the baby, which ensure the safety of the baby. They do not trap in odor or have any discoloration happen to them either. And this bottle also dishwasher friendly. Though it is advised to wash the bottle and nipples according to the instructions given with the feeding bottles. We recommend you to change the nipples of the bottles, at least every 3 months.

Bottle Description

The bottles are made of glass and 100% BPA free. The natural glass bottle introduced by Avent is heat and shock resistant, which means it can be sterilised, filled up with warm liquids and can also be stored in refrigerators. The glass is high quality.

Cleaning and maintenance

The bottles have wide necks that makes it easy to clean and fill without spilling anything out, whether it’s breast milk or the powdered formula. The bottles also dishwasher safe to make the bottle cleaning is convenient for parents. Avent baby bottles can hold up through continuous washing, without becoming weak, discolored, cracked or even slightly scratched. There are no grooves or scratches inside the bottle that would end up trapping germs in them. The shape of the bottle also helps in letting the baby hold and latch on to the bottle without support.

Size and Capacity

Avent baby bottles also come in different sizes and capacities for different stages of the babies’ bottle feeding life. For newborns, the feeding bottle has a capacity of 2oz/60ml and also comes with the capacity of 4oz/125ml. For 1 months and above, there is a bottle with 9oz/260ml capacity. And the bottle of 3 months and above has a 11oz/330ml capacity. One thing that should be kept in mind is that the over tightening of the lid is what causes the bottle to leak. Make sure to tighten it firmly but not overly.

Philips Avent wants the parents to feel convenience and comfortable while using their products and so they made the products with interchangeable bottle systems. The handles from sippy cups can also be attached to this feeding bottles. The bottles can also be used for breast pumps.


· A very durable product.

· The design is very convenient for the baby to hold.

· Different sizes for different baby age and stage.

· Easy to clean and assemble.

· Heat and shock resistant.

· The nipple design is very natural and easy to become used to.


· Over tightening the bottle causes the liquid to leak.

· Need to be maintained and cleaned properly.

Philips Avent has become the number one choice for parents due to its consistent and stable reviews. This baby bottle feeding is very convenient and made with high quality.