Top 10 Advantages of Yoomi Bottles – Based on Tens of Truthful Online Reviews


Your new-born baby is an exceedingly unmatched source of joy. Therefore, you truly have to ensure that your angelic bunch of happiness enjoys the best the world can offer. This is the reason why your infant’s feeding items ought to be carefully selected so as ensure maximum comfort and health. Yoomi bottles are one perfect example of such optimally helpful and safe apparatuses for feeding your cuddly young.

For those who aren’t familiar with this extraordinary baby bottle brand, below are some compelling features and advantages associated with it. Continue reading this Yoomi bottle reviews summary in order to discover some top 10 benefits of this amazingly awesome baby feeding gadget.

1. Self-Warming

To begin with, the amazing bottle contains a number of self-warming features. Consequently, users only need to fully understand the precise need of the young being fed and thus re-adjust the excellent gizmo according to the desired specs.

For example, if a kid should take milk that’s slightly warmed up to around 10 degrees. The handlers only need to accordingly preset the receptacle to the required warmth specifications. Throughout the time the milk is in the gadget. It will be kept within the intended levels of warmth, depending on a particular baby’s unique preferences.

2. Optimal Safety

Secondly, all Yoomi infant feeding kits are made with the baby’s whole welfare and overall safety considerations well taken care of. For instance, the feeding assemblage doesn’t have any small detachable parts that might pose risks to the clueless user.

Again, the outside temperatures are constantly regulated and thus stay at wholly harmless degrees. The portable design also comes with well-defined handles to help users bootle-feed their newborns in an absolutely convenient and hassle-free manner.

3. Unquestionable Hygiene

All Yoomi baby feeding bottles are specifically made with spotless clean interior that’s quite easy to wash. Once milk or other drinks are put into the container, it’s completely sealed off. Leaving the air vents as only gaping openings. On top of these hygiene a oriented safeguards, the said vents are actually very small holes that only help release any trapped air.

As you’ll practically observe, it’s totally impossible for even the littlest forms of dirt to enter the container through these ventilating openings. Therefore, the bottles are 100% hygienically secured and also incomparably easy to clean/sanitize before use.

4. Outstanding Durability

Furthermore, all Yoomi bottle reviews point out the truth that the feeding kit is extremely long-lasting. As such, one doesn’t have to buy a similar one multiple times as their toddlers grow. Due to the unmistakable durability of the unparalleled gizmo, you will only have to purchase one Yoomi feeding bottle as soon as your young ones are born and continue to use the same item until the kids stop bottle-feeding.

In fact, many parents confess to have used the gadget to feed up to two or three kids. With an estimated 3-year spacing between them. As a result, these godsend feeding innovations are the best way to spend money. Make your dear newborns an inimitably exciting meal-taking experience.

yoomi bottle reviews

5. Affordability

In a similar vein, the newfangled affair remains wholly affordable to even the most careful middle-class buyers. In fact, compared to several other traditional brands, the self-regulating acquisition sells at unimaginably affordable rates. To discover just how cheaply priced the paraphernalia actually is, you should simply compare its utility-related components and the end quotes. You’ll find out that the infant feeding innovation provides purchasers full value for each dollar they fork out paying for it.

However, this tip does not imply that people should look for exactly dirt-cheap deals for Yoomi bottles. It’s vital to first accept that these bottles are understandably costly. Although their unmatched quality will ultimately pay off in the end. Subsequently, you should treat every questionably low-price packages you might come across out there. You must always think twice whenever you find a deal that sounds too good to be true.

6. Ready Availability

In addition to the foregoing benefits, Yoomi baby bottles are sold all over the map. Both online sites and at various brick-and-mortar facilities. Given their mass/ready availability interested parents can take full advantage of discounts, warranties, and bonuses and thus enjoy the most exciting and reasonably priced deals in the industry. For instance, some online platforms offer discounted prices provided the buyers acquire other related items together with the feeding kit.

7. Great Choices

Similarly, parents can go for the most promising color and features. As seen on a couple of web-based stores, one may opt for any personally inspiring color or specific collection of utility features.

Depending the needed utilities and accessorial necessities, the average buyer will be able to pick not only the most physically endearing models but also ones that meet their functional specifications.

8. Well-Designed Air Vents

Young kids are highly susceptible to colic, which may sometimes result from poorly designed milk bottles. However, all these hurdles become a thing of the past once you invest in the newest Yoomi bottle. Since this extraordinarily helpful kit features meticulously appropriated air vents. Chances of exposing your baby colic are extremely low because all trapped air immediately exits the receptacle via these strategically made vents.

9. Awesome Feeding Experience

One of the most thrilling reasons on feeding acquisition looks irresistible to many punters is that it resembles a real mum’s tests. The real-life brand thus guarantees your little angel an awesome feeding experience. That’s almost similar to sipping their mother’s warm breast milk.

The entire feeding experience is also quite awesome on the part of the parents themselves since nothing beats seeing your newborns getting the very best care and comfort in the whole universe.

10. Unbeatable Portability

Finally, Yoomi bottles are also quite advantageous due to the fact they are remarkably easy to carry around. Unlike other bulky or cumbersome traditional feeding alliances or containers. That weren’t convenient to move around with, this innovative brand remain pretty simple and light enough to take with you whatever you go.

In short, the invention offers parents real value for their hard-earned cash is because they’re sold both convenience and utility carefully packaged into one amazing unit.

MAM Anti-Colic Bottles-What’s So Special About Them?


Choosing a bottle that works for your cute little baby can be a daunting task. Every baby is different, and may not like the bottle that your first baby used or your friend’s babies adore. We recently read many mam anti-colic bottle reviews and have found that no other baby bottle has as many interesting features this baby bottle has, and is also competitively priced. It’s easily available online. Let’s have a close look at this MAM anti-colic bottle reviews.

They Look Great!

All MAM anti-colic bottles look lovely! You can get them in four attractive colors (pink, green, blue and mauve) so there are colors to suit everyone, and the beautiful decoration on the measuring guide makes them look so darn pretty! We’re also pleased to say that this decoration does not affect the measure guide’s visibility in any way.

Great Features

Many mam anti-colic bottle reviews proudly discuss some of its features that make transitioning from beast to bottle super easy for you. The first feature you would live is its patented silky soft nipple that has a unique shape. It’s not completely circular and long like other nipples. Instead, MAM nipple is wide and short (yet flattened) and I feel it resembles a women’s breast more than other available bottle nipples. It has been designed so that it fails to collapse while drinking. Therefore, no need to “burp” the milk bottle because its nipple collapses in your baby’s mouth! Your baby will take its nipple immediately without any problem.

Leak Proof Cap

MAM anti-colic bottle’s cap is completely leak-proof. This function is helpful if accidentally the bottle gets tip over in your diaper bag. It’s also BPA free and comes in three sizes. The MAM nipple is available in four different flow rates for your growing baby.

Choice Of Three Sizes

You’ve a choice of three sizes with these baby bottles:130ml, 160ml, and 260ml.

Functional Design

You’ll definitely love the functional design of this bottle. Both bottom (the base) and the top of the bottle has wide openings that easily unscrew to make it an extremely easy bottle to clean. No need for any bottle brush! Plus its wide openings make filling effortless.

MAM anti-colic bottle reviews

Self Sterlizing function

The biggest attraction of these bottles is their ability to “self-sterlize”. This feature is best for on-the-go, busy parents, as it allows them to easily sterilize as many or as few as they want or need at any one time. All that is needed is a microwave. The entire bottle can disassemble into six different parts. The chamber seal, the base chamber, the teat, the bottle body, the bottle cap and the screw lid.

For sterilizing the bottel, you just have to place the seal right inside the base chamber and add only 20ml of cold water (you can measure it using the marks on the bottle cap). Place the screw lid and the assembled teat on the top seal and then sit the entire bottle body on the top of the base (without actually attaching it to the base) and then rest the bottle cap on the top of the bottle’s body.

The entire bottle then goes into the microwave (on full power). Keep it there for 4 minutes (with one extra minute for each additional bottle you want to sterilize). This system of sterilization is very helpful.

Anti-colic feature

These MAM bottles also have an Anti-Colic feature. Its innovative base is properly vented to control milk flow. It also balances air pressure for reducing colic there by preventing baby from swallowing any air during their feed. However, it is important for you to screw the base of the bottle in a correct way every time or it may start to leak.

MAM’s fantastic Silk Teats

These cute little bottles come with MAM’s fantastic Silk Teats. The MAM Silk Teats boats of all advantages of standard silicone and are also extra sot. So you have safe silicone with that extra edge! It ensures your baby can enjoy all available benefits to the full.

This is definitely one of the most important deciding factor for most parents. In fact, MAM boasts that their smart Silk Teats are loved by babies because they feel soft and familiar-exactly like mummy’s skin. This kind of feeling makes the switch between breastfeeding and bottle extremely easy. As your child starts her life breastfeeding, its important that the transition to bottle is smooth and stress free. This is definitely possible with MAM anti-colic bottles.

While reading many mam anti-colic bottle reviews, we’ve encountered just one negative concern among users. Some users find that their bottles leaked. Once they remove the sterilized bottles from the microwave and pour the left over water from the bottle base, they would assemble the bottle as per manufacturer’s instructions. However, they found that the water would subsequently leak right from the bottle of the baby bottle, ad they would have lost 8-10ml of water before they could even add the formula.

We further researched into this and found that it was mainly due to seal loosening itself. Within the base between sterilization and assembling. There is any easy way to reduce this problem. You can pour all excess water from the base, and use the screw cap and teat part to securely and gently press down on the seal to ensure it is right in place. Now you won’t find so many leakages!


According to thousands of mam anti-colic bottle reviews, in spite of occasional leakage, these are fantastic feeding bottles that most babies live. Most parents are now using Man anti-colic bottles full time, and purchase many sets for personal use and also recommend them to relatives and friends.

Give your baby a comfortable feeding experience with these cute little and completely safe infant bottles that have been designed to prevent any kind of sudden air intake during feeding. In addition, the bottle’s unique flat-shaped nipple perfectly fits in baby’s mouth, resulting in a natural and smooth breastfeeding-like experience for your baby. MAM Anti-Colic bottles are ergonomically shaped, making it super easy for both babies and parents to hold.

More information about the MAM Anti-Colic Bottles including ordering information and prices can be found online on company’s website. Advice and support can also be found through their Twitter and Facebook Page. You can connect via Twitter by following MAM.

Philips Avent Natural Glass Bottle Review: Key Features, Pros, and Cons

philips avent natural glass bottle review

The initial development milestones of a baby are very crucial. A baby requires to be breastfed right for proper growth. Apart from breastfeeding, bottle feeding is necessary to supplement a baby’s healthy development. Bottle feeding requires investing in a bottle that can make the baby feeding process fulfilling. So which bottle is suitable for feeding a baby? Philips avent natural glass bottle is an excellent choice. As the name suggests, the bottle’s key aim is to ensure bottle feeding occurs in a manner that is as natural as possible. One of the attributes that make the bottle stand out is its capacity to comfortably facilitate blending bottle feeding and breastfeeding. This article thus focuses on philips avent natural glass bottle review with key attention to its features, pros, and cons if any.

Key features

A great nipple design

The nipple design assumes a comfort petal design that enhances natural latch on and prevents nipple collapse. The baby can comfortably partake of bottle feeding as well as breastfeeding.

A sophisticated anti-colic system

A conspicuous and advanced feature of the bottle is the anti-colic system. The presence of a twin valve also accentuates the efficiency of this natural glass bottle as a baby feeding equipment. The twin valve vents in the air into the bottle. This minimizes the occurrence of colic since the air does not find its way to the baby’s stomach.

Quality glass material

The superiority of the glass material used by the manufacturers of this bottle is very notable because of its tough nature. The bottle is made of glass (borosilicate) that is BPA free. This type of glass is neither affected by heat nor thermal shock.

An ergonomic design

The bottle has an ergonomic shape that provides convenient gripping regardless of the direction it is oriented towards.

Compatibility power

This natural glass bottle is compatible with other Philips avent’s products such as bottle warmers and cups.

Compact size

The bottle is of standard size which ensures it easily fits into a small bag or a sterilizer.

philips avent natural glass bottle review


The features of the philips avent natural glass bottle give rise to its many pros as discussed below.

It is long lasting

The bottle is made of borosilicate glass that is extremely durable and heavy. The bottle is thus able to cater to the feeding needs of a baby for a long period with minimal chances of breakage.

Offers a firm grip

Any baby bottle ought to be designed in a simple way for a baby to handle. The curved shape of the bottle enables a baby to achieve a firm grip as much as the hands are small.

Satisfactory feeding

A baby can reap nutritional gains from milk while bottle feeding using the glass bottle. This is due to nipple flexibility since the nipple is endowed with petals on its interior part. Nipple flexibility also heightens the comfort a baby derives while bottle feeding.

Devoid of chemicals

Bottle feeding should ensure the health and safety of the baby are guaranteed continuously. Hence the more reason to use philips avent natural glass bottle. The fact that the bottle is glass material makes it’s safe to use. It is also easier to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned, unlike plastic bottles. The bottle is therefore not susceptible to chemicals which can seep into the milk and become detrimental to a baby’s health.

Easy to warm milk

The glass bottle offers a faster method of warming breast milk hence ensuring the baby is feed on time. This is in sharp contrast to plastic bottles which is somehow unreliable. Besides, milk can be warmed in a microwave with exposing the baby to any health hazards linked to plastic bottles.

Offers convenient storage

Since this natural glass bottle is unaffected by thermal shock and heat, storing it becomes manageable. There is a guarantee of safety even when it is stored in a refrigerator.

Offered at a competitive price

The common assumption is that glass bottles are very expensive, but the philis avent natural glass bottle is an exception. The bottle is reasonably affordable in comparison to other brands of glass bottles.

Readily available

The bottle is readily available in local baby stores which reduce the cost incurred when purchasing it. Mothers do not need to make online orders and incur shipping expenses as they can access the bottle at their nearest baby store.

Simple to assemble hence use

The bottle does not pose any major hurdles to mothers. It has very few accessories. As such, the assembling process hardly consumes time when a mother is preparing to bottle feed a baby.

Multiple alternatives

The feeding bottle comes in different sizes giving mothers the freedom to choose their most preferred size. Mothers also have the option of buying the bottle either as a single pack or in multi packs depending on what suits them more.

Clear measurement marks

The bottle has measurement marks that are accurately written and do not fade off. They aid mothers in giving a baby the right amount of milk.


The Philips avent natural glass bottle is mostly regarded in a positive light. There are very few cons that are associated with it. Leaking is the only shortcoming that is attributed to the bottle. The issue of leaking arises when the bottle is overly tightened or under- tightened. The bottle should be tightened in a way that minimizes the possibilities of milk leakage.

In summary, this natural glass bottle is great for enabling a baby to feed the leakage issue. There are so many amazing benefits of using the bottle as evidence by its extraordinary features and pros. As explained in this article, the bottle is very user-friendly and has all it takes to actualize the feeding needs of a baby. Further, it eliminates cleaning hassles because of its mouth shape design. The mouth shape which is wide in nature assures simplified cleaning. Sterilisation is also possible which further enhances safety when bottle feeding a baby. When shopping for a baby bottle, the best choice is the Philis avent natural glass bottle if superiority is anything to go by.

Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle Review: Baby Bottle For Countless Families

Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle-Nipples

As a parent, you always want the best and safest products for your child, ones you can trust without risk and worry. Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle is a popular choice of baby bottle for countless families out there that want their infant to feel secure holding the bottle themselves. There is a varying range of Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle review and it would take a while sifting through all of them to figure out whether to purchase Munchkin’s infamous product.

What Comes With the Product

The Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle comes with 8 oz size, although 4 oz. As well as a combination of one 4 oz and another 8 oz bottle, all depending on where you buy them. Other items in the package include sealing discs, nipples, and caps.The numbers of each depend on a number of bottles in the box.

The Nipple

Features of the nipples are that they are made to move and let out milk only. The baby ultimately decides the amount of milk that flows out since it depends on the amount of pressure applied to the latch. The nipple is available in different forms for catering to different flows based on the baby’s transition through stages 1 (0 months+), 2 (3 months+), and 3 (6 months+). Furthermore, the advantage is that the nipple does not leak unless the baby is actually sucking and drinking, when the material stretches to allow the milk out and this allows for babies to use their energy to suck and not rely on the bottle to automatically drip into their mouths.

Many mothers prefer a baby bottle that will feed the infant frequently in the day but it should not spoil the child into being unused to the way a nipple a moves during breastfeeding. Munchkin tries to replicate the way that a baby latches on during breastfeeding and uses that to create their nipples so that the infant will be accustomed to both feeding methods. Some women even say that their child is more comfortable and practiced with sucking during breastfeeding after using these latch bottles.

However, there have been complaints of the nipple collapsing inward which may serve as a source of frustration for both you and your baby. On the contrary, Munchkin says that nipple collapsing can be a sign that your baby is ready to move to the next stage of nipple flow. Whether the nipple gets crushed due to its design or as a signal that your baby can move on to the next stage, you will be prepared with the nipples that come in the box with the bottle.

Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle-Nipples

Bottle Features

When it comes to the actual bottle, it is lightweight and designed to be easy for the baby to grasp and practice holding objects. There is no problem in assembling the bottles due to their simple nature. Being BPA-free, your baby will be protected from plastic dangers that could danger it in the long term. As for warming or cooling breast milk, the processes are not so easy due to the resistance brought by the bottle. Generally, this is a good feature because the milk will maintain a more constant temperature, but it might be a challenge to warm it up; heat the milk before pouring into the bottle.

The bottle features an anti-colic valve to prevent your baby from ingesting excesses of air that could cause gassiness throughout the day. This is a major advantage because a lot of babies suffer from colic and their fussiness can cause their sleep patterns to change and being tired a lot more than usual. The problem is that due to the presence of the anti-colic valve, warming the bottle is difficult, as the heat and water enter the bottle.

There are reports that the valve also makes thoroughly cleaning the bottle more difficult which may be a minus for those wanting to avoid the hassle. The double vent does a lot of good but when cleaning, a significant amount of particles still remain as a residue at the bottom of the bottle which may force you to purchase a bottle sterilizer or take the bottle apart and keep it in boiling water for a few minutes, particularly before initial use. The bottle is also dishwasher safe which will make general washing easier.


Most parents know the difficulty of enduring the costs of parenthood in the early years of an infant. When it comes to Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottles, there are several plus points but the price is higher than a basic bottle which may lead you to consider preferences and what you are really expecting from your bottle. Although the bottle costs more than the normal bottle, it might be worth the investment if your child has colic and cannot sleep at night after feeling gassy. Maybe buying the bottle could help you get a few more hours of shut-eye as well. Test out a couple of bottles from different brands and see which one your baby can use with the most ease and feel comfortable drinking from.


As durable as the product is, make sure that when the something needs to be replaced, you do so since a tear or crack in the nipple is a larger issue. Don’t forget to generally transition with your child’s growth, as their teeth grow in and the bottle nipple becomes more undesirable.

Many of the reasons that mothers trust Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottles are found after assessing the bottle from top to bottom. They make up the factors that led the bottle to win the 2015 American Baby’s Best Award for Best Bottle Chosen by Moms. This honor does not just go to any bottle out there. It needs to prove itself each time because babies and mothers are the most difficult judges out there to win over.

You can find these Munchkin bottles at most famous retailers and even online. Overall, the BPA-free bottle is one of the key points of importance in buying a bottle, but Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottles offer more than enough other advantages that have little flaws which may lead you to second-guess your choice. Looking at the big picture is essential, as well as deciding how your baby will feel because the child is the real consumer here. Choose Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottles for everything it offers and hopefully, your baby will agree with the positive features and recommend the bottle later on.