The Baby Bottle That’s Imitating The Comfort of Breastfeeding

First Years breastflow bottle

Parents only want what’s best for their newborn. As their baby first experiences a life outside the womb, they are continuously adjusting and learning from their environment. And the right nurture and care make the biggest difference in a child’s life. If a baby is not comfortable with how they are consuming milk, then they will not effectively consume the right amount they need. As most parents know, it takes a lot of time for some newborns to get used to bottle-feeding. A mom cannot always be present to breastfeed their baby. And it’s important that they have a bottle that can provide to comfort and ease of feeding on a breast to guarantee that a baby is receiving the right amount of nutrition they need from milk. A comfortable baby will consume milk far better than a baby who doesn’t feel happy with a bottle.

Parents thrive to give the best for their young ones. And it’s exactly why the First Years breastflow bottle is becoming a favorite amongst parents. It’s the only bottle designed to mimic and work just like a breast. And the First Years breastflow bottle reviews and feedback from parents, are the perfect reflection of why it is the best bottle to use.

First Years breastflow bottle technology

The design that has gone into the making of this bottle is nothing like the standard bottle most people are used to. The First Years breastflow bottle works to maximize a baby’s ability to control the milk flow. A baby uses suction and compression to control how much milk they suction out of the nipple. And it’s a natural response they make when they are feeding on either a breast or a bottle. The design of the bottle gives babies the ideal comfort and functionality they need to consume as much milk as possible.

The absence of a breast to feed on, should not be a reason for babies to feel uncomfortable or unhappy with how they are fed. The technology used to build the First Years breastflow bottle is ideal to provide as much comfort as, possible when feeding. And it’s the distinct reason behind why this new nipple technology is quickly becoming a favorite in many households.

First Years breastflow bottle flexible use

This bottle is also flexible to use, as it can function effectively with both breast milk and formula milk. It’s not easy for parents to have to change between formula and breast milk. And the added cost of using two different bottles for both milk forms isn’t ideal. The First Years breastflow bottle nipple holds both milk forms well. It releases the milk at a soft and comfortable flow for the baby. And it is not limited to just one form of milk. This is perfect for parents who use either formula or breast milk, or who use both.

First Years breastflow bottle

First Years breastflow bottle prevents colic symptoms and waste The nipple of the First Years breastflow bottle is not just  designed to mimic the feel and function of a woman’s breast. It is also designed to eliminate spills and waste. The silicone, vented nipple is built to reduce colic symptoms in newborns. Colic symptoms are abdominal pain caused by gas built up in the intestines. This can be extremely painful and uncomfortable for newborns. Standard nipples cannot control the air that a baby may be consuming along with the milk. This often contributes to the gas build up and colic symptoms experienced by babies. The First Years breastflow bottle nipple is designed to eliminate the gas consumed by a baby. And with the same technology, it also reduces the spit-up often experienced when feeding with a bottle. This is accomplished by a two piece nipple and wide neck design.

Easy to clean

Sometimes, the most complicated and advanced technology that goes into equipment, may also mean a complicated process of cleaning. But of course, for the many busy mom and dads out there who need the most efficient and easy to clean bottle, the First Years breastflow bottle is designed just for that. The two piece nipple is easy to remove and disassemble to guarantee a thorough clean. It’s important that hygiene and cleanliness are prioritized when taking care of newborns. And the design of this bottle was specifically made to guarantee that it is both easy to use and clean.

Free from harmful chemicals used in plastic

First Years breastflow bottle design thrives to not only be the most comfortable, but the safest bottle for newborns. There’s a chemical used to line different plastics called BPA. This stands for Bisphenol A. It is usually found in different plastic products to help strengthen the material. But this is extremely dangerous for babies who are exposed to it at a constant rate. BPA mimics different hormones in the body. And if babies are exposed to this, it can cause Endocrine Disruptions in the body.

Any system in the body that functions with hormones, can be disrupted. This is extremely dangerous for newborn babies who are growing and developing their bodies at a fast rate during their first 3 months. Endocrine Disruptions can cause birth defects, developmental disorder and is known to be linked to the growth of cancer tumors. The First Years breastflow bottle is guaranteed to be BPA-free. This is another harmful situation parents can avoid when using the perfectly designed First Years breastflow bottle.

The comfort, health, safety and maximum growth of a newborn is the first priority parents and doctors focus on. And in the first months of a baby’s life, proper breastfeeding and bottle-feeding is the most important way to guarantee that a baby is as healthy and as strong as possible. Parents need bottles that are not just going to help feed their child. The First Years breastflow bottle is designed to make every aspect of bottle-feeding as easy and as safe for both a baby and the parents. The technology and design of the First Years breastflow bottle is changing how babies are bottle-fed. And it’s growing popularity amongst many households, is not just the only goal First Year is aiming for.

They are also eager and prioritizes the comfort, growth, health and safety of babies. That’s why they have made their First Years breastflow bottle surprisingly affordable. Despite its outstanding design and the technology that went into building this bottle, it is available at a good and fair price. On top of this, it is a simplistic design that’s flexible and easy to use and clean. It’s not just a bottle that’s best for the baby, it’s also extremely ideal for parents.

Minbie BPA-free Natural Glass Baby Bottle is The Best Choice For Your Little Bundle of Joy

minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottle

I was struggling as a first-time mom to get everything right for my baby. The way these bottles made feeding a great experience that I could not stop myself from writing the minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles review. When I introduced the bottle to my infant, he resisted them all until I gave him minbie glass bottle. It was pretty surprising for me to see him happy whenever I fed him with that bottle. There were so many issues that I faced with other brands. Some had hard nipple, some got him into colic problems and some were too wide for him to grab.

These are just few things that I noticed while trying to get him the right bottle. I went through a lot of online reviews and got hold of some pretty facts through minbie bpa-free natural glass bottles review. That is when I decided to try them. I was sceptical about making another bad investment but was glad to check the prices. Among all the variety of its kind, it was the cheapest and still had almost all positive feedbacks from parents all around the world. What else a mom would need? Hence, I paid for these bottles. I would like to talk about few features that make these bottles stand out.

Features of Minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles

As the name suggests, these bottles are made of natural glass that is environment friendly and are a great substitute for plastic bottle. Those who are not aware of the side effects of plastic bottles, must know that plastic is bad for your baby and become reason for lot of infections and weaker immune.

Hence, when I got these glass bottles, I made the first step towards my baby safety in terms of feeding. These glass bottles are BPA-free and made of natural material which makes it a healthy option for your kids.

The best part about these glass bottles that make them completely different from other brands is its heat and shock resistance feature. This is one unique feature that is not available with any other bottle brand in the market. You can take out the bottle from the fridge and put it directly into the boiling water. This won’t make any cracks to the bottle as other glasses are expected to behave. So, you do not have to wait after taking out the minbie bottle from the fridge to pour the hot milk inside.

The nipple of these bottles is designed to eliminate the nipple confusion among infants. Hence, you can keep your baby on breastfeed as well as bottle feed and your little one will have comfort in having milk in both ways. The nipple is soft and the milk flow is great. It’s not too fast and nether too slow which makes it easy for kids to accept.

minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottle

Good for your child digestion

The minbie bpa-free glass bottles comes with anti-reflux and anti-colic design for feeding which supports great digestion. This problem is very common among infants and starts as soon as a bottle is introduced. However, with minbie, this is never going to turn your night sleepless as your baby will have a sound sleep.

These are few of the features that these bottles unveil. You will find many moms talking about the benefits of these bottles in the minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles review. Everyone has their own story and almost everyone found them lucky to have these glass bottles.

The recognitions these minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles have gained

If you are not sure about trusting reviews, you can check the various awards that the design of these bottles has received. It has been categorized among the best brands and for some reasons even surpass them.

Primer’s design 2014 award, reddot award, good design award are few that it has gathered. There are many other awards that it has received for design as well as other reasons. Many reviews have included it among the top 10 bottles in the world.

It is not just the awards that speak about the awesomeness of these bottles, but the way it has made difficult for the other brands to survive. It is no far when most of the parents will get minbie bottles instead of any other brand.

Being economical and cheap, it is easily available for every house. Who can ignore the benefits it has over other brands?


Minbie has made a remarkable difference in the way this industry worked. Instead of designing a bottle with a nipple that only facilitate feeding, Minbie introduced a completely different latch design that is very close to the breast feeding. It took care of the environmental problems by replacing the plastic base with glass.

There are few customers who do not like the idea of buying a nipple and the bottle separately. But, this is also made for a reason. With this option, you can easily pick your bottle and nipple combination. Every Minbie nipple is adjustable with every bottle model. Some also have talked about the bottle being heavy. But, this is nothing if compared with all the benefits it provides.

In a nutshell, if you are a mom and this is especially your first experience as a parent, you must be wary about every little detail which concerns your child. This is not different and happens with almost every parent. But, getting a minbie glass bottle would never make you regret your decision.

These bottles are closely designed to meet the needs of infants who shift from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. So, that change would be smooth through these bottles. All in all, these minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles are true companions for moms who face trouble shifting their child to bottle feeding. You will love seeing your baby comfortable throughout that shift.

If you do not want to base your opinion on the minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles review, get ono for yourself. I am sure, you would not be able to resist yourself from writing one such review.

Feeding Can Be Made a Fun Experience for Your Baby with Playtex Nurser Bottles

playtex nurser bottles

It is annoying to see your baby irritated from a lot of trouble while shifting from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. Being mom is not an easy job. You need to stand on your heels for getting the best for your baby. In midst of all the pain you take, you come across many brands and their promises to make your baby happy. However, it becomes impossible to find the one that provides the best solution for your baby’s bottle feeding. Sometimes online reviews may assist you in making the right decision as it did for me. I saw playtex nurser bottles reviews on internet and the next thing I did, I made online order for these bottles.

It would be surprising to see how your baby latches to these bottles without asking for the breastfeed. My struggle was over after I got these miraculous bottles for my baby. I was going through a trying-time. Every product I used, was not up to the mark. There were problems with every brand. Either the bottle was too heavy for my little one to hold or it made him colic most of the time. These issues were getting me into depression. Mothers may be the strongest creature that god has created, but mothers also need break from all the responsibilities that they take up after child’s birth. Feeding bottles are a life saver for taking out some time to check the messages on the mobile.

When I got Playtex for my baby, she was already fighting colic symptoms. It had been few months that I shifted her to bottle feed and since the time, she stayed cranky most of the time and would cry the whole night without a break. I knew that the bottle feeding was making the condition worse and had to do something about it. Hence, I checked internet for some suggestions and found playtex nurser bottles reviews which had all the information that I needed.

Features that makes playtex nurser bottles vital for your baby’s feeding

While you go through the website of Playtex, you would be able to collect a lot of information. I did the same before making the order. I checked the options available with them and found the one that suited all my concerns.

They have got different variety of bottles, from your new ones to toddler, you can get range of nursing bottles. I love playtex nurser bottles because some of the great features it provides:

Customized Angled Design: I have never seen a design that playtex nurser bottles provide. Doctors suggest feeing babies in semi upright position which helps in preventing ear infection. However, with bottle feeding, this becomes close to impossible. But, playtex nurser bottles come with the optional angled design which makes it easier to tilt the head to an angle. After getting these bottle, I was never worried about the feeding position.

Adjustable nipple option: Playtex bottles come with nipple that are greatly designed and are made of natural latch silicon which feels close to the breastfeeding. This makes the transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding much convenient. However, the playtex nurser bottles are compatible with all different nipples that Playtex provides. Hence, you can choose one that suits you better.

playtex nurser bottles reviews

The bottles are free of BPA: Being a parent, we are highly concerned about using BPA-free nursing bottle. If you will check the Playtex nurser bottles reviews, you will find great buzz about the same. These bottles are BPA-free and will keep your babies away from infection or any health hazards. Above all, baby’s health comes first and there should be no compromise made to their growing body. For these reasons, Playtex provide safest and best bottles.

Comes in different sizes: Platex bottles come in different sizes to make sure the infants as well as growing babies are fed with right amount. The smaller size is of 4oz and the bigger one is of 8oz. The smaller size bottles are also great for carrying milk while traveling.

Great Locking feature: It becomes great problem when your baby’s feeding bottle leaks and spoils everything in your diaper bag. These bottles solve this issue efficiently by providing twist and click seal. It is safe to carry while traveling.

Compact: These bottles come with liners. So, if you are on the go, you can pack just one bottle and bring extra liners and nipples to keep your travel bag light weight.

Today’s Parent Approved winner of 2016

What made me believe about all the fuss on playtex nurser bottles reviews, is the recognition it has gained. The design is astonishing and Playtex bottles get you everything that you need for keeping your little one out of colic problems as well as other infection. These bottles are a great help for those moms who are always in rush. It has pre-sterilized liners that avoids mess and lots of cleaning later on. You can put the liners in the bottle and turn on the nipple. It becomes ready to feed your baby.

If you think that convenience is the only thing that counts here, then you have got me wrong. The liners are designed to collapse as baby feeds. This is similar to the breastfeeding pattern. This helps in avoiding colic problems.


Babies are different and their needs as well. We, as a parent, try to find the right mate for our baby. Either it’s the first game that we introduce them to or their first bottle. Everything should make them feel comfortable. Playtex nurser bottles reviews will make you understand about the ways these bottles will make your baby happy irrespective of the different needs.

Playtex bottles have served a lot of parents around the globe and it is the benefits that it provides which makes it the most trusted brands among nursing bottles. If you wish to have a great time watching your baby playing with her toys instead of crying out of gas, Playtex bottle is the perfect purchase you can make.

Glass or Plastic – Reasons Why You Should Move to Glass Bottles for Your Baby

bor free glass bottle 1

With a new baby on the way, you must be preparing for his/her arrival. You are setting up a nursery, buying supplies, deciding which the best items are for your new baby. These are things you enjoy doing while waiting for the big day. Nothing but the best will do, of course. Then the dilemma comes, do you need to buy bottles? If so, what type of bottles – glass or plastic? Glass was a popular option thirty years ago, but then came plastic bottles. Soon enough we realized that plastic may not be so good for your baby, so now it’s back to glass bottles again. This Born Free Glass Bottle review attempts to shows you that it is the perfect option out of all the items available to you in the market.

Read our Born Free Glass Bottle review further to know why glass gives you an advantage over plastic:

Advantages of using Born Free Glass Bottles:

Inert Glass – your Born Free Glass Bottles are inert, that is, they don’t give off or absorb any nutrients, chemicals or other things from the milk. It’s so much safer for your baby.

Stronger bottle – In our Born Free Glass Bottle review, we found that the latest technology has been used to toughen the glass, and if it does break it shatters into smooth pieces, unlike the old bottles which shattered into sharp bits. So it’s easie

Better for your baby – We found in the Born Free Glass Bottle review that the shape and structure of the bottle helps keep your baby colic free. So less trouble with gas.

Heating – they don’t break on heating. The Born Free Glass Bottle review also found that on heating, the bottles are safer than heating plastic bottles, which may leach harmful chemicals; after all, plastics
are a petroleum bi-product.

Environmentally Friendly – your glass bottles are recyclable, so when you are done with them, if you dispose of them properly they are not going to end up in a landfill.

To be fair we reviewed some plastic bottles too, so here are the disadvantages of using glass bottles:

 – Despite being reinforced, glass bottles do break. They need to be handled with care but can last for years.

– The glass bottle is a bit heavier than plastic. You will adjust to them soon enough.

– Due to the high quality of the glass, they are more expensive than plastic bottles. But glass will not show wear and tear.

– It’s best not to use these bottles for freezing as they can break during the defrost process.

 born free glass bottle review

Here are some more reasons why Born Free Glass Bottles are best for Baby:

Chemical Free

We found during our Born Free Glass Bottle review that the bottles are BPA free and PVC-free, so your baby isn’t taking in any toxins while on the bottle. You’re feeding your baby pure milk and nothing else when you use Born Free glass bottles.

Convenient Sizes

If you find the usual 4oz and 8 oz bottles inadequate for your baby, your best bet is to get Born Free Glass Bottles which come as 5 oz and 9 oz bottles. They are just right for the active and demanding baby.

No Nipple-Confusion

In our Born Free Glass Bottle review we see that these glass bottles are designed so they imitate how your breast milk flows. It is similar to breastfeeding for your baby. Your baby can control the flow as required. The nipples in the bottles are designed to resemble your breast as closely as possible, so there is less likely to be nipple-confusion. You can use the Born Free Glass Bottles along with breast feeding whenever necessary without your baby feeling the difference.

The Latest Technology

These glass bottles are well-designed to reduce colic and uncomfortable bloating from gas swallowed during feeding. They have a leak free, Active-Flow vent system. So it’s the preferred choice for your colicky baby. Our Born Free Bottle review noticed that the Active-Flow vent technology doesn’t allow a vacuum to build up and reduces air pressure, so your baby won’t take in as much air as in other bottles. The upshot is there is less discomfort due to gas resulting in less fuss.

The nipples come in different flow rates – there are five types of flow. You can get:

· Slow Flow for 0 to 3 months babies

· Medium Flow for the 3 to 6 months babies

· Fast Flow for you 6 months plus baby

· The Y Cut Fast Flow for the six months and older baby

· The Variable Flow Slow, Medium and Fast Flow for all age babies.

Easy to Carry Around

We also noted in the Born Free Glass Bottle review that the bottles don’t cause leakages when you carry them around in a diaper bag. They have a special sealing system in the cap and sealing ring that keep the milk from messing up your diaper bag or another carry bag when you are on the move.

Ready for Baby Fast

This range of glass bottles can be heated very quickly, so a crying baby won’t have to wait long for his/her food. Use the silicone sleeve to protect the bottle from breakage if you accidentally drop it. The Born Free Bottle review shows an added advantage in the silicone sleeve which gives you a firm grip on the bottle.

Easy Clean Up

The Born Free Glass Bottle review also shows that the bottles are easy to clean. No mild odor, no staining or scratching of the surface of the bottle during washing. The bottles can also be washed on the top rack of your dish washer, an added blessing for a busy mom. Sterilizing the bottles is easy as they can tolerate high temperatures well so boiling them in a sterilizer will not damage them.

Interchangeable Parts

The Born Free Glass Bottle review also distinguished that the collars, valves, and nipples, are easily interchangeable. When your baby is ready to transition away from the bottle, they also have interchangeable Sippy cup spouts and handles. If you want to use glass instead of plastic for your Sippy cup, just transition using the bottle. You can also buy 7 oz and 9 oz training cups which use the same spouts and handles.

Finally, you know it’s definitely a personal choice whether to use glass or plastic. There are many options out there and many pros and cons in the decision. The Born Free Glass Bottle review was done with honesty and care so that you can make the right choice. We hope our review helps you in your decision to make the best selection for your little prince or princess.

Why Must You Always Choose An Evenflo Glass Feeding Bottle For Your Baby?

evenflo glass bottles2

No wonder, feeding your baby is probably one of the most enjoyable moment for any mother. And not having the right feeding bottle can be stressful for both child and the mother. Therefore, it is important to choose the right bottle for your baby and make the process easy. With so many types of bottles available nowadays, glass bottles still hold their own place for being BPA free and eco-friendly. Evenflo is one such name that tops the chart. Here are a comprehensive Evenflo glass bottles reviews to help you choose the best for your baby

Why choose an Evenflo glass bottle?

* Safe Material

Evenflo bottles are made from tempered glass which proves to be highly advantageous in many ways. Plastic bottles tend to pose a threat of leaching of chemicals in the formula milk, whereas glass bottles are extremely safe for babies and do not cause any harm. The durability of plastic bottles comes from polycarbonate. Evenflo uses a high-quality glass material for making feeding bottles which are safe yet sturdy. The only disadvantage of the glass bottle is the heavy weight and easy breakability but the benefits always overweigh the disadvantages and make Evenflo bottles one of the best glass bottles to invest in.

* Iconic Design

Evenflo glass bottles have a classic shape that makes it easy to hold and use. The twisted grooves provide additional grip and prevent the bottle from slipping from hands. The simple yet sturdy shape makes it durable and easy for your child to hold as she becomes independent at the age of 9 to 12 months.

* Easy Assembly

Evenflo glass bottles are designed by experts to provide maximum comfort. Unlike other glass bottles, bottles from Evenflo have an extremely easy assembly. With a simple bottle design and one piece nipple, it is extremely easy to use, clean and assemble.

* Great Capacity

If you read some Evenflo glass bottles reviews, you would find that all the Evenflo feeding bottles come in various capacities to suit your need. You may start with the lowest capacity bottle for a new born baby and gradually buy bottles with more capacities as your baby grows. It ensures convenience and comfort at every stage of your child’s growth and makes feeding enjoyable. Every Evenflo feeding bottle is made keeping in mind your baby’s need, and therefore, it comes in two sizes 4 oz. and 8 oz.

* Convenient

The best part of having an Evenflo glass bottle is convenience. The easy to clean bottle is dishwasher safe and can be sanitized for increased safety. Glass being transparent is easy to clean and does not get stained with fruit juices such as beetroot and carrot. Unlike plastic bottles that easily get stained these glass bottles are sure to last for years.

* Proflow™ Technology

Vented Evenflo glass bottles have a Proflow™ technology that is significantly useful for your baby. The Integrated venting nipple prevents air bubbles from getting into baby’s tummy and directs it back to the bottle. It reduces the chances of colic and gas and keeps your baby happy. The vents also prevent the nipple from collapsing and help your baby feed with ease every time.

Evenflo glass bottles reviews

Evenflo glass Bottle reviews:

#1 Evenflo Classic Glass Bottle

Evenflo Classic glass bottle is a great choice for new born babies. It comes in two sizes to choose from 4 oz. and 8 oz. If your baby is 0-3 months old, consider buying a pack of 4 oz. size. It will help in reducing the additional weight of the glass and make the feeding comfortable. The classic glass bottle comes with Classic Slow Flow Nipples which is great for small baby. You can gradually switch to other nipples as your baby grows. It is compatible with classic nipples, Proflow + Integrated Vented Nipples and all standard Neck bottles from Evenflo. It has a clear color that makes it useful to read the marking and also check if it is well sanitized and squeaky clean before every use. The bottle comes with a classic hood to protect the nipple when not in use.

#2 Evenflo Classic+ Vented Glass Bottle

The Vented glass bottle from Evenflo provides the benefits of vented bottles without making it hard to use or clean. The vents are integrated into the nipples that pass the air back into the bottle without any mess and significantly reduces the chances of gas and pain in your baby. Made with tempered glass, the bottle is sturdy enough to last long and provide superior sanitizing. Unlike plastic, glass can be recycled and this makes the bottle eco-friendly. The classic vented glass bottle from Evenflo is compatible with Classic Nipples and Proflow Nipples, so you can conveniently choose the best for your baby. The leak-proof design makes it suitable for feeding while traveling. It is available in two sizes 4 oz. and 8oz. and makes the best choice for glass feeding bottles.

#3 Evenflo Classic+ Vented Tinted Glass Bottle

If you are bored of using clear glass bottles, this one is for you. Evenflo presents the new Classic+ Vented Tinted bottles that are not only safe but are trendy too. Unlike plastic bottles that come in different colors and prints, glass bottles are always clear and transparent. The tinted variant provides a unique twist to the plain ones and is often loved by kids. The tinting is very little so as to keep it clear enough to see through it. The design and capacity are same as of other Evenflo glass feeding bottles except for the color. It is BPA free and is safe for use. It can be cleaned without any mess which makes it convenient. The bottles come with Slow Flow Proflow+ Vented Nipple, colored cap ring and a tinted hood.

Read Evenflo glass bottles reviews to know that they are affordable, durable and provide optimal safety. All products are tested for functionality which ensures no leakages during usage. Having a cozy sleeve will prevent the bottle from damage due to slips and falls while making it more attractive. These bottles are great for feeding your child with breast milk and gets clean effortlessly. Of course, glass has some disadvantages, but the benefits are unmatchable. With an affordable price, Evenflo brings the best glass bottles to invest in for a happy feeding time for both mommy and baby.

Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle Review: Baby Bottle For Countless Families

Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle-Nipples

As a parent, you always want the best and safest products for your child, ones you can trust without risk and worry. Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle is a popular choice of baby bottle for countless families out there that want their infant to feel secure holding the bottle themselves. There is a varying range of Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle review and it would take a while sifting through all of them to figure out whether to purchase Munchkin’s infamous product.

What Comes With the Product

The Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle comes with 8 oz size, although 4 oz. As well as a combination of one 4 oz and another 8 oz bottle, all depending on where you buy them. Other items in the package include sealing discs, nipples, and caps.The numbers of each depend on a number of bottles in the box.

The Nipple

Features of the nipples are that they are made to move and let out milk only. The baby ultimately decides the amount of milk that flows out since it depends on the amount of pressure applied to the latch. The nipple is available in different forms for catering to different flows based on the baby’s transition through stages 1 (0 months+), 2 (3 months+), and 3 (6 months+). Furthermore, the advantage is that the nipple does not leak unless the baby is actually sucking and drinking, when the material stretches to allow the milk out and this allows for babies to use their energy to suck and not rely on the bottle to automatically drip into their mouths.

Many mothers prefer a baby bottle that will feed the infant frequently in the day but it should not spoil the child into being unused to the way a nipple a moves during breastfeeding. Munchkin tries to replicate the way that a baby latches on during breastfeeding and uses that to create their nipples so that the infant will be accustomed to both feeding methods. Some women even say that their child is more comfortable and practiced with sucking during breastfeeding after using these latch bottles.

However, there have been complaints of the nipple collapsing inward which may serve as a source of frustration for both you and your baby. On the contrary, Munchkin says that nipple collapsing can be a sign that your baby is ready to move to the next stage of nipple flow. Whether the nipple gets crushed due to its design or as a signal that your baby can move on to the next stage, you will be prepared with the nipples that come in the box with the bottle.

Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle-Nipples

Bottle Features

When it comes to the actual bottle, it is lightweight and designed to be easy for the baby to grasp and practice holding objects. There is no problem in assembling the bottles due to their simple nature. Being BPA-free, your baby will be protected from plastic dangers that could danger it in the long term. As for warming or cooling breast milk, the processes are not so easy due to the resistance brought by the bottle. Generally, this is a good feature because the milk will maintain a more constant temperature, but it might be a challenge to warm it up; heat the milk before pouring into the bottle.

The bottle features an anti-colic valve to prevent your baby from ingesting excesses of air that could cause gassiness throughout the day. This is a major advantage because a lot of babies suffer from colic and their fussiness can cause their sleep patterns to change and being tired a lot more than usual. The problem is that due to the presence of the anti-colic valve, warming the bottle is difficult, as the heat and water enter the bottle.

There are reports that the valve also makes thoroughly cleaning the bottle more difficult which may be a minus for those wanting to avoid the hassle. The double vent does a lot of good but when cleaning, a significant amount of particles still remain as a residue at the bottom of the bottle which may force you to purchase a bottle sterilizer or take the bottle apart and keep it in boiling water for a few minutes, particularly before initial use. The bottle is also dishwasher safe which will make general washing easier.


Most parents know the difficulty of enduring the costs of parenthood in the early years of an infant. When it comes to Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottles, there are several plus points but the price is higher than a basic bottle which may lead you to consider preferences and what you are really expecting from your bottle. Although the bottle costs more than the normal bottle, it might be worth the investment if your child has colic and cannot sleep at night after feeling gassy. Maybe buying the bottle could help you get a few more hours of shut-eye as well. Test out a couple of bottles from different brands and see which one your baby can use with the most ease and feel comfortable drinking from.


As durable as the product is, make sure that when the something needs to be replaced, you do so since a tear or crack in the nipple is a larger issue. Don’t forget to generally transition with your child’s growth, as their teeth grow in and the bottle nipple becomes more undesirable.

Many of the reasons that mothers trust Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottles are found after assessing the bottle from top to bottom. They make up the factors that led the bottle to win the 2015 American Baby’s Best Award for Best Bottle Chosen by Moms. This honor does not just go to any bottle out there. It needs to prove itself each time because babies and mothers are the most difficult judges out there to win over.

You can find these Munchkin bottles at most famous retailers and even online. Overall, the BPA-free bottle is one of the key points of importance in buying a bottle, but Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottles offer more than enough other advantages that have little flaws which may lead you to second-guess your choice. Looking at the big picture is essential, as well as deciding how your baby will feel because the child is the real consumer here. Choose Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottles for everything it offers and hopefully, your baby will agree with the positive features and recommend the bottle later on.

All About Lansinoh Momma Bottle

lansinoh momma bottles

The best bottle for infants. It has been clinically proven that the lansinoh momma bottle Nipple reduces nipple problems. Based on more than 50 years of research, the lansinoh momma bottle allows the child to participate in the same natural sucking activities as the chest, which provides a smooth transition from the chest to the bottle and back.

If you are a parent, you probably know about the scrupulousness of kids when it comes to the preferences of their feeding from a bottle. They will obviously be uncomfortable to feed bottles that have nipples are too large for their tiny mouths. You should also try to avoid dripping milk from the side of your child’s mouth when you are using a bottle for feeding. For a very long time, parents have used glass feeding bottles, which have since fallen from the market due to the appearance of more comfortable plastic bottles.

As competition in the market increases, there is an improvement in the manufacture of these bottles for feeding, and several manufacturers are constantly improving their brands. But not as much as Lansinoh mOmma, who has the advantage when it comes to eating habits of your child. With many brands that compete there, the Lansinoh mOmma bottle has managed to keep its head high and become small, as well as the favorites of mothers.

In this review of Lansinoh mOmma, dedicated to bottles, we’ll look at some functions that make it stay ahead of the competition.

Great concept

The Lansinoh mOmma feeding bottle has only perfect nipples, which are just the right size for your beam of joy. Why else do you think that children adapt so quickly to them? The nipples are made soft, that they are no different from the natural nipples of the mother. This allows you to have a smooth and comfortable child care.

Nipples can be configured to use any milk that your child prefers. It varies from slow to medium and fast flow. Your child will never notice the difference between your natural nipples and the NaturalWave teats of the Lansinoh bottle. You can also easily swap the NaturalWave teats for a bottle of mama Lansinoh, and the result will always be perfect.

You are probably familiar with the experience that you had with other feeding bottles that gave your child a hard time due to poor AVS. Baby bottles Lansinoh are manufactured to minimize cases of intestinal colic, as well as occasional bursts. This ensures that you will never have to worry about your child experiencing discomfort immediately after breastfeeding. AVS is very important to ensure that your child does not refuse to use these bottles because of the discomfort he causes.

Most mothers are well aware of how difficult the feeding period is. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do not spend a drop of your breast milk because of leaks. Lansinoh mOmma bottle has a protective cover that ensures you will not lose a drop of your child’s favorite diet. This cover is also crucial to maintaining the hygiene of the bottle and preserving the health of the child, and you, as a mother, are always happy. However, common sense is always to keep the bottle as clean as possible. You do not want the baby to feed on harmful microbes.

lansinoh momma bottle

The Lansinoh mOmma bottle has very few parts, which makes installation and cleaning very slow. Breast milk is dainty, and preservation is very important. A child should consume it while it is still very fresh to avoid complications. In this way, makes this feeding bottle the best for you. There is no technical need for its assembly due to a few simple details. Cleaning should be a walk in the place for you.

Probably, every parent should know this. With plastic feeding bottles that are known to contain harmful bisphenol A or known as BPA, mothers can never be too cautious. Lansinoh mOmma bottle with scientifically proven that it does not contain BPA. Nipples are made from 100% silicone, and so you can less worry about the harm done to your baby.


• BPA and BPS are free of charge

Clinically tested to reduce nipple preference in infants fed breastfeeding

• Stimulates the wavy movement of the child’s tongue, contributing to the natural development of the oral cavity

• Nipple Tip – The baby controls the flow of milk

• Soft 100% silicone nipple – stretched and bent for optimal compression

Internal vertical protrusions, which strengthen the structure of the nipples, making them resistant to collapse

• A unique design with gradual slope ensures a smooth movement of the peristaltic tongue

• Wide textured nipple for easy snapping and effective suction

• Air ventilation system (AVS ™) reduces air consumption, which is a potential cause of colic

• Fewer parts – easy to assemble and clean

• Compatibility across the entire line of Lansinoh


The older versions of Lansinoh mOmma bottle presented some complexity regarding how the child tries to catch on to them. Many mothers expressed their disappointment with this, and, fortunately, the manufacturers of this great product responded with a magnificent and timely solution. The current problem that can be isolated is that older children (11 months and older) are derelict of pushing the nipple, thereby causing massive leaks.


When it comes to choosing which bottle to feed, the baby should be used, think about the fact that the baby himself will warm. Babies will only warm up to feeding bottles that make them feel that they are well taken care of. Many manufacturers of feeding bottles have always striven for simplicity and always forget to keep the child’s head. Lansinoh mOmma bottle for feeding looks stylish and has everything a child needs to achieve maximum health.

Use of this commodity will not affect the care of your child. It smoothly promotes the natural development of the oral cavity of your child. If you decide to go for this product, then caring for a baby for your child will never be easier. It has been clinically proven that feeding Lansinoh mOmma, in addition to being loved by every child, reduces the propensity for nipples in much older children.

The Benefits And How To Use MAM Baby Bottles

MAM Baby Bottle

Having newborn baby is one of the most amazing joyful moments in this world. This, however, comes with several responsibilities the main ones being ensuring that the baby grows healthy. Cleanliness is one if the ways of ensuring that the baby remains healthy. Different products from baby nappies have been developed to ensure that the baby does not get infections. One of the best products to ensure that the baby stays healthy is the MAM baby bottles. The main reason as to why this product should not lack in the baby shopping list is the fact that it is a self-sterilizing baby bottle.

Why choose MAM baby bottles

There are several reasons as to why these baby bottles have been a buzz in the past years. Most of these advantages or reasons are however health associated. The main advantages of the MAM baby bottles include the following:

Self-sterilizing – As mentioned above the unique feature of these types of bottles is the fact that they self-sterilize. This means that the mother will have one less thing to worry about when feeding the baby.

Time-saving – With the older baby bottles it was quite a chore when it came to clean them. One had to buy several cleaning equipment as well as ensure that it was stored properly. This ends up to be time consuming and tiresome. MAM baby bottles just require the mother to add some little water at the bottom of the bottle and place it in the microwave for just 3 minutes, and everything is done. This bottle turns out to be highly beneficial for busy mothers.

Prevention and treatment of colic – one of the hectic parts of being a mother, is worrying about colic. This is why whether the infant has colic or not all mother are always cautious. With the bottles, the parents will not have to worry about colic any longer due to the bottle’s ability to prevent and treat colic.

Silky teat – the bottle has a silky teat that makes it extremely easy for the baby to feed on. Apart from that they have a protective cover that makes the bottles easier to transport as well as makes it less messy.

Easy transition – The softness and feel of the teat makes it easier for the infant to change from breastfeeding to the MAM bottle. The teat mimics the mother’s nipple.

Ease of use – with the sterilizing feature the bottle is always ready for use in a couple of minutes.

Readily available and affordable – the MAM baby bottles are readily available at online stores as well as baby shops. Apart from that, they are highly affordable since the difference between the mam bottles and older bottles is not that much. This is why new mothers are mainly advised to opt for the MAM bottled compared to the older types.

These are just a few of the several advantages associated with the use of MAM bottles. Once the mother opts for the MAM baby bottle, it is important to learn how to use and take care of the bottles.

MAM Baby Bottles

How to use MAM baby bottles

When using the MAM baby bottles, it is important to learn about the proper methods of sterilization. In some cases, some mothers prefer to both self-sterilization and handy washing. The most important point to remember when using the self-sterilizing feature, the components should be placed one over the other. In most cases, people tend to forget and sterilize when the components are still screwed together. This does not sterilize the bottle thoroughly.

In the case that you want to hand wash the bottle, ensure that you wash each component separately. Ensure that hot water is never poured into the MAM bottle. Kettle water should at least cool for around thirty minutes before introduction to the bottle. Apart from the self-sterilizing feature, mothers are advised to wash the bottles manually with warm water after constant use. This is just a precaution to ensure that the bottle is always clean. Proper storage is highly advised. Ensure that the bottle is placed at a high place where children will not be able to access.

How to choose the best MAM baby bottle

Choosing the right baby bottle is at times a hectic task. There are some steps that one can follow in order to know which baby bottle will be best for the child. The age of the child is the main factor that should be considered. It is important to take note that the bottle comes in 4 main sizes. It is from slow to fast flowing. This is because the bottle teats come in different sizes to fit babies from various ages. However, all the bottle nipples have the following standard features:

Conventional designs – All the MAM nipples should fit all mam bottles and also sippy cups. It allows the mother to change the bottle but maintain the nipple.

Collapse proof – the nipples are designed in a way that they do not collapse during feeding. This is one of the ways that the mother can test whether the bottle is of standard quality. This can be done by lightly pressing and releasing the top of the nipple and check whether it will collapse.

Soft – The nipples are designed in a way that it feels like the mother’s nipple using soft silicone. The main reason behind this is to allow the smooth transition from the mother’s milk to the MAM bottle. It makes it easier for the mother and the child during feeding as well.

Compliance – All mam baby products are baby safe and are compliant with the CPSIA rules. This is one of the reasons as to why the product has been in demand in the last couple of years.
The mother can use these features as tests in order to determine the quality of the product. However, It is advisable for the mother research and understands all the instructions on how to use the bottle. The instructions are easily available online as well as in most bottle packages.

Mimijumi Bottle : Most Natural Baby Breastfeeding Bottles

mimijumi baby bottles

Ever since their introduction into the market, the mimijumi bottle has been causing a buzz among nursing mothers and the babies. Perhaps the most outstanding achievement about these breastfeeding bottles is how they were able to come up with a design that mimics the actual breast and natural flow of milk. The baby has total control of the milk coming from the bottle’s nipple just like it happens with natural breastfeeding. Other aspects of texture, color and design are also perfected to provide an efficient breast-to-bottle transition. Mimijumi bottle is simply the ideal breastfeeding product in the market as it delivers everything a parent looks for in such products. It also factors other issues including safety and convenience as well as versatility. Here is a descriptive review of the product including the features, pros, cons and top examples in the market:

What is it?

Mimijumi bottles are simply small bottles offered for breastfeeding mothers and they kids. The bottles can be used for milk as well as water and other fluids are given to the baby. It features bold colors and natural texture to trick the baby into thinking it is the actual breast and comes with a unique nipple design with a resemblance to the natural one.

What are the features?

There has been much hype about Mimijumi bottle and their innovative nipple design, but this is not the only feature you will get from the breastfeeding bottle. Some of the other attributes include the following;

• Non-free flow mechanism

If you overturn Mimijumi bottle with milk inside, it won’t leak as it is designed to allow flow only when suckled. This means the baby has to suckle the nipple to draw milk or any liquid filled into the bottle. A non-free flow mechanism gives your baby more control over suckling and prevents the popular choking and accidents that occur when free-flow bottles are used without precaution. This also provides a natural experience that allows the baby to stop suckling when full and fall to slumber.

• Innovative nipple design

This has been the talk of most reviews and indeed deserves the attention it gets. Mimijumi bottle features a one-of-a-kind nipple design that will certainly be the one to replicate for companies that offer baby bottles. It simply looks like the natural breast nipple and is made using a semi-soft material with a natural texture and bold color. The design also offers natural latching and feeding experience. A lot of detail was given to the nipple including pores on the skin and soft surface.

Mimijumi bottles

• Crisp colors

The bold colors used make Mimijumi bottles quite appealing for kids. The eye-catchy nature and natural feeding experience are said to make it easy for kids to prefer the bottle over other contemporary modern designs.

• Venting

An integrated venting system is used to ensure there is no Colic or gas. The 1.9-ounce bottle measures 3.2x3x7 inches and features no BPA or Latex material making it one of the safest bottles on the market.

• Ergonomics

The bottle is designed to support seamless breast-to-bottle transition and has various ergonomics built into its frame. A skid-free base ensures the bottle remains steady on the surface it is placed. This is quite convenient especially when you have to refill it using one hand. The length surface is given a natural tilt to allow easy handling during feeding and changing the latch-nipple is quite simple.

There are several other minor features, but most of them will revolve around these key attributes. Mimijumi bottle was designed and mad in Australia and exceeds all Australian quality standards.

The benefits of Mimijumi bottle

The advantages of Mimijumi baby feeding bottles are quite obvious and straightforward. Most reviews given for this product are positive although some kids will not get impressed. Nonetheless, this does not mask the benefits which range from convenience to effectiveness, natural experience, and safety. When looking for baby feeding bottles, these four should be your top priorities. The bottle must be safe (BPA free, Latex free, EA-free) containing no toxins. It must also be easy to use and handle. Mimijumi used a semi-soft natural compound that offers the natural texture of real breasts making the transition easier. They are simply the next trend in baby bottles, and other manufacturers are already following suite.

Cons of the product

Mimijumi bottles may resemble the natural breast and nipples, but not all babies will be pleased. In fact, some mothers were very eager to purchase the design only to find out that their babies prefer other models. This is quite subjective, but still, a concern as it does not suite all babies. You can try different colors and models to see if that makes a difference. Another concern has to do with the price. Mimijumi bottle outperforms other competitors and therefore comes at around $65 for the 8 oz. bottle. This is significantly expensive as you can get other top models at a fraction of the price. Nonetheless, the money is simply worth the value you get.

Available offers and where to find them

You can find Mimijumi bottles online and buy from the actual manufacturer or any other online store that offers delivery services. There are two main offers that Mimijumi currently has. The 4 oz (not very hungry), and 8 oz (very hungry) baby bottles. Both have the save features and design with the only difference being how much content they can hold. Buying both comes with an attractive bonus and also gives you the option to choose.


Baby bottles are used to transition babied from relying on breast milk to drinking from bottles at a tender age. They can help nursing mothers quickly recover and get back to work and other errands. However, this is only helpful if you find ideal bottles that do not put your baby’s life or health at risk. If this is guaranteed, other features and conveniences are bonuses that can be used to land the perfect bottle that your kid loves. It is advisable to shop from highly reputed credible licensed stores that can guarantee original genuine quality bottles. If your baby is not drawn to the bottle, keep on the watch for the new models within the range.

Everything You Need To Know About Avent Baby Bottles

avent baby bottles

Babies are gifted blessings for their parents. In order to make sure that the parents cherish their offspring’s completely and thoroughly, they get the best of everything out to provide their babies’s comfort and safety. Philips Aventis is a company that has been working with profesionnal scientists and healthcare to help design perfect baby feeding bottles. Keep in your mind about the health and safety of your babies. Avent Baby Bottles are one of the most useful and convenient baby products. Philips Aventhas has introducing newer and improved versions of these baby feeders to ensure your babies get a proper care. One of the reasons that make Avent Baby Bottles awarded as the best baby feeding bottle is the way they make the feeding bottle with natural and user friendly material.

Types of Bottles

Avent Baby Bottles is a very convenient product, especially for busy parents. The bottles come in different designs.

Natural baby bottles, which consist of breast-shaped nipples that are wide in size. This feature helps in making the baby feel comfortable in using the bottle and thinking of it as breastfeeding. These bottles come in different sizes and have different types of nipples as well.

The anti-colic baby feeding bottles. Colic is a reason why your baby often cry, they become inconsolable and comfortless. And the most obvious reason why your baby have colic is because they have weak digestive system. The excess air sucked in your baby bottle also can cause discomfort to the stomach of your baby. Keeping this in mind, Philips Avent designed anti-colic bottles, this design allows the nipple of the bottle to avoid excess air from the baby bottle to ensure this air does not get sucked by the baby.

Types of Nipples

These baby feeding bottles come with different types of nipples.

– The first type is flow nipple. It has one small hole and it is suitable for newborns which will have their first bottle fed.

– The slow flow type is another type that is suitable for infants that are slowly become used to drink using a bottle and for babies that are slow drinkers. This type of nipple has two holes.

– The medium flow nipple with 3 holes, is more suitable for babies that have been bottle feeding for at least 3 months.

– The last type of nipple available is the fast flowing type, for a baby that older than 6 months. This nipple type allows the baby to suck easily and get more in one gulp.

When your baby is ready to drink other liquids besides milk, there also a bottle that available with 2 other types of nipple. First is a bottle that has a medium flow that is suitable for 3 months babies and above. The other one is the bottle with a nipple design for variable flow. This type is suitable for any kind of flow for the babies.

avent baby bottles

Nipple Description

These bottles have nipples that are anti-colic and also have unique petals inside the nipple that allows more stability and flexibility, without that, the the nipple will collapse. The nipples shaped are wide, soft and resemble an actual breast, make it easier for the babies to become accustomed to bottle feeding. Avents baby bottles have nipples that made of silicone, which is why they may look different compared to other bottle nipples. These nipples do not collapse, crack or crumble when sucked or chewed by the baby, which ensure the safety of the baby. They do not trap in odor or have any discoloration happen to them either. And this bottle also dishwasher friendly. Though it is advised to wash the bottle and nipples according to the instructions given with the feeding bottles. We recommend you to change the nipples of the bottles, at least every 3 months.

Bottle Description

The bottles are made of glass and 100% BPA free. The natural glass bottle introduced by Avent is heat and shock resistant, which means it can be sterilised, filled up with warm liquids and can also be stored in refrigerators. The glass is high quality.

Cleaning and maintenance

The bottles have wide necks that makes it easy to clean and fill without spilling anything out, whether it’s breast milk or the powdered formula. The bottles also dishwasher safe to make the bottle cleaning is convenient for parents. Avent baby bottles can hold up through continuous washing, without becoming weak, discolored, cracked or even slightly scratched. There are no grooves or scratches inside the bottle that would end up trapping germs in them. The shape of the bottle also helps in letting the baby hold and latch on to the bottle without support.

Size and Capacity

Avent baby bottles also come in different sizes and capacities for different stages of the babies’ bottle feeding life. For newborns, the feeding bottle has a capacity of 2oz/60ml and also comes with the capacity of 4oz/125ml. For 1 months and above, there is a bottle with 9oz/260ml capacity. And the bottle of 3 months and above has a 11oz/330ml capacity. One thing that should be kept in mind is that the over tightening of the lid is what causes the bottle to leak. Make sure to tighten it firmly but not overly.

Philips Avent wants the parents to feel convenience and comfortable while using their products and so they made the products with interchangeable bottle systems. The handles from sippy cups can also be attached to this feeding bottles. The bottles can also be used for breast pumps.


· A very durable product.

· The design is very convenient for the baby to hold.

· Different sizes for different baby age and stage.

· Easy to clean and assemble.

· Heat and shock resistant.

· The nipple design is very natural and easy to become used to.


· Over tightening the bottle causes the liquid to leak.

· Need to be maintained and cleaned properly.

Philips Avent has become the number one choice for parents due to its consistent and stable reviews. This baby bottle feeding is very convenient and made with high quality.