Why Must You Always Choose An Evenflo Glass Feeding Bottle For Your Baby?

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No wonder, feeding your baby is probably one of the most enjoyable moment for any mother. And not having the right feeding bottle can be stressful for both child and the mother. Therefore, it is important to choose the right bottle for your baby and make the process easy. With so many types of bottles available nowadays, glass bottles still hold their own place for being BPA free and eco-friendly. Evenflo is one such name that tops the chart. Here are a comprehensive Evenflo glass bottles reviews to help you choose the best for your baby

Why choose an Evenflo glass bottle?

* Safe Material

Evenflo bottles are made from tempered glass which proves to be highly advantageous in many ways. Plastic bottles tend to pose a threat of leaching of chemicals in the formula milk, whereas glass bottles are extremely safe for babies and do not cause any harm. The durability of plastic bottles comes from polycarbonate. Evenflo uses a high-quality glass material for making feeding bottles which are safe yet sturdy. The only disadvantage of the glass bottle is the heavy weight and easy breakability but the benefits always overweigh the disadvantages and make Evenflo bottles one of the best glass bottles to invest in.

* Iconic Design

Evenflo glass bottles have a classic shape that makes it easy to hold and use. The twisted grooves provide additional grip and prevent the bottle from slipping from hands. The simple yet sturdy shape makes it durable and easy for your child to hold as she becomes independent at the age of 9 to 12 months.

* Easy Assembly

Evenflo glass bottles are designed by experts to provide maximum comfort. Unlike other glass bottles, bottles from Evenflo have an extremely easy assembly. With a simple bottle design and one piece nipple, it is extremely easy to use, clean and assemble.

* Great Capacity

If you read some Evenflo glass bottles reviews, you would find that all the Evenflo feeding bottles come in various capacities to suit your need. You may start with the lowest capacity bottle for a new born baby and gradually buy bottles with more capacities as your baby grows. It ensures convenience and comfort at every stage of your child’s growth and makes feeding enjoyable. Every Evenflo feeding bottle is made keeping in mind your baby’s need, and therefore, it comes in two sizes 4 oz. and 8 oz.

* Convenient

The best part of having an Evenflo glass bottle is convenience. The easy to clean bottle is dishwasher safe and can be sanitized for increased safety. Glass being transparent is easy to clean and does not get stained with fruit juices such as beetroot and carrot. Unlike plastic bottles that easily get stained these glass bottles are sure to last for years.

* Proflow™ Technology

Vented Evenflo glass bottles have a Proflow™ technology that is significantly useful for your baby. The Integrated venting nipple prevents air bubbles from getting into baby’s tummy and directs it back to the bottle. It reduces the chances of colic and gas and keeps your baby happy. The vents also prevent the nipple from collapsing and help your baby feed with ease every time.

Evenflo glass bottles reviews

Evenflo glass Bottle reviews:

#1 Evenflo Classic Glass Bottle

Evenflo Classic glass bottle is a great choice for new born babies. It comes in two sizes to choose from 4 oz. and 8 oz. If your baby is 0-3 months old, consider buying a pack of 4 oz. size. It will help in reducing the additional weight of the glass and make the feeding comfortable. The classic glass bottle comes with Classic Slow Flow Nipples which is great for small baby. You can gradually switch to other nipples as your baby grows. It is compatible with classic nipples, Proflow + Integrated Vented Nipples and all standard Neck bottles from Evenflo. It has a clear color that makes it useful to read the marking and also check if it is well sanitized and squeaky clean before every use. The bottle comes with a classic hood to protect the nipple when not in use.

#2 Evenflo Classic+ Vented Glass Bottle

The Vented glass bottle from Evenflo provides the benefits of vented bottles without making it hard to use or clean. The vents are integrated into the nipples that pass the air back into the bottle without any mess and significantly reduces the chances of gas and pain in your baby. Made with tempered glass, the bottle is sturdy enough to last long and provide superior sanitizing. Unlike plastic, glass can be recycled and this makes the bottle eco-friendly. The classic vented glass bottle from Evenflo is compatible with Classic Nipples and Proflow Nipples, so you can conveniently choose the best for your baby. The leak-proof design makes it suitable for feeding while traveling. It is available in two sizes 4 oz. and 8oz. and makes the best choice for glass feeding bottles.

#3 Evenflo Classic+ Vented Tinted Glass Bottle

If you are bored of using clear glass bottles, this one is for you. Evenflo presents the new Classic+ Vented Tinted bottles that are not only safe but are trendy too. Unlike plastic bottles that come in different colors and prints, glass bottles are always clear and transparent. The tinted variant provides a unique twist to the plain ones and is often loved by kids. The tinting is very little so as to keep it clear enough to see through it. The design and capacity are same as of other Evenflo glass feeding bottles except for the color. It is BPA free and is safe for use. It can be cleaned without any mess which makes it convenient. The bottles come with Slow Flow Proflow+ Vented Nipple, colored cap ring and a tinted hood.

Read Evenflo glass bottles reviews to know that they are affordable, durable and provide optimal safety. All products are tested for functionality which ensures no leakages during usage. Having a cozy sleeve will prevent the bottle from damage due to slips and falls while making it more attractive. These bottles are great for feeding your child with breast milk and gets clean effortlessly. Of course, glass has some disadvantages, but the benefits are unmatchable. With an affordable price, Evenflo brings the best glass bottles to invest in for a happy feeding time for both mommy and baby.