Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle Review: Baby Bottle For Countless Families

Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle-Nipples

As a parent, you always want the best and safest products for your child, ones you can trust without risk and worry. Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle is a popular choice of baby bottle for countless families out there that want their infant to feel secure holding the bottle themselves. There is a varying range of Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle review and it would take a while sifting through all of them to figure out whether to purchase Munchkin’s infamous product.

What Comes With the Product

The Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle comes with 8 oz size, although 4 oz. As well as a combination of one 4 oz and another 8 oz bottle, all depending on where you buy them. Other items in the package include sealing discs, nipples, and caps.The numbers of each depend on a number of bottles in the box.

The Nipple

Features of the nipples are that they are made to move and let out milk only. The baby ultimately decides the amount of milk that flows out since it depends on the amount of pressure applied to the latch. The nipple is available in different forms for catering to different flows based on the baby’s transition through stages 1 (0 months+), 2 (3 months+), and 3 (6 months+). Furthermore, the advantage is that the nipple does not leak unless the baby is actually sucking and drinking, when the material stretches to allow the milk out and this allows for babies to use their energy to suck and not rely on the bottle to automatically drip into their mouths.

Many mothers prefer a baby bottle that will feed the infant frequently in the day but it should not spoil the child into being unused to the way a nipple a moves during breastfeeding. Munchkin tries to replicate the way that a baby latches on during breastfeeding and uses that to create their nipples so that the infant will be accustomed to both feeding methods. Some women even say that their child is more comfortable and practiced with sucking during breastfeeding after using these latch bottles.

However, there have been complaints of the nipple collapsing inward which may serve as a source of frustration for both you and your baby. On the contrary, Munchkin says that nipple collapsing can be a sign that your baby is ready to move to the next stage of nipple flow. Whether the nipple gets crushed due to its design or as a signal that your baby can move on to the next stage, you will be prepared with the nipples that come in the box with the bottle.

Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle-Nipples

Bottle Features

When it comes to the actual bottle, it is lightweight and designed to be easy for the baby to grasp and practice holding objects. There is no problem in assembling the bottles due to their simple nature. Being BPA-free, your baby will be protected from plastic dangers that could danger it in the long term. As for warming or cooling breast milk, the processes are not so easy due to the resistance brought by the bottle. Generally, this is a good feature because the milk will maintain a more constant temperature, but it might be a challenge to warm it up; heat the milk before pouring into the bottle.

The bottle features an anti-colic valve to prevent your baby from ingesting excesses of air that could cause gassiness throughout the day. This is a major advantage because a lot of babies suffer from colic and their fussiness can cause their sleep patterns to change and being tired a lot more than usual. The problem is that due to the presence of the anti-colic valve, warming the bottle is difficult, as the heat and water enter the bottle.

There are reports that the valve also makes thoroughly cleaning the bottle more difficult which may be a minus for those wanting to avoid the hassle. The double vent does a lot of good but when cleaning, a significant amount of particles still remain as a residue at the bottom of the bottle which may force you to purchase a bottle sterilizer or take the bottle apart and keep it in boiling water for a few minutes, particularly before initial use. The bottle is also dishwasher safe which will make general washing easier.


Most parents know the difficulty of enduring the costs of parenthood in the early years of an infant. When it comes to Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottles, there are several plus points but the price is higher than a basic bottle which may lead you to consider preferences and what you are really expecting from your bottle. Although the bottle costs more than the normal bottle, it might be worth the investment if your child has colic and cannot sleep at night after feeling gassy. Maybe buying the bottle could help you get a few more hours of shut-eye as well. Test out a couple of bottles from different brands and see which one your baby can use with the most ease and feel comfortable drinking from.


As durable as the product is, make sure that when the something needs to be replaced, you do so since a tear or crack in the nipple is a larger issue. Don’t forget to generally transition with your child’s growth, as their teeth grow in and the bottle nipple becomes more undesirable.

Many of the reasons that mothers trust Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottles are found after assessing the bottle from top to bottom. They make up the factors that led the bottle to win the 2015 American Baby’s Best Award for Best Bottle Chosen by Moms. This honor does not just go to any bottle out there. It needs to prove itself each time because babies and mothers are the most difficult judges out there to win over.

You can find these Munchkin bottles at most famous retailers and even online. Overall, the BPA-free bottle is one of the key points of importance in buying a bottle, but Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottles offer more than enough other advantages that have little flaws which may lead you to second-guess your choice. Looking at the big picture is essential, as well as deciding how your baby will feel because the child is the real consumer here. Choose Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottles for everything it offers and hopefully, your baby will agree with the positive features and recommend the bottle later on.

What We Have To Know About The Anti Colic Bottles


A crying baby can be one of the most stressful things that mothers deal with. Extended crying for no particular reason can significantly multiply that stress. That is one of the most common symptoms of colic in babies. Colic is a generalized term for abnormally extended periods of crying in otherwise healthy babies. It can occur in one out of every five infants, and it can last for hours at time. Although, there is no cure for colic other than waiting for it to go away, there are solutions that can keep it under control. One of these solutions is feeding your baby with anti colic bottles.

These bottles have a special anti-colic valve that reduces the amount of air your baby consumes while feeding. They have been clinically proven to reduce colic and its accompanying symptoms, since consuming excess air can be a cause of colic. Swallowing too much air can cause uncomfortable pressure and gas in your baby’s stomach. This gas can be upsetting for them.

Many of these bottles have a built-in vent system that forces excess air out of the bottle before it can enter your baby’s mouth. These vent systems can come in many forms. Some come in the form of long straws extending to the bottom of the bottle, which is the opposite side of where your baby will be drinking. Others involve vents built into the nipple, allowing air to escape out, so it doesn’t get mixed in with the milk or formula. Another type of anti-colic bottle uses disposable bags to store liquid product. These collapse as your baby drinks, therefore allowing no additional air into their bottle.

There are a lot of factors involved when choosing which bottle to buy. Investing in the right anti colic bottles can help your baby when they are suffering. Any bottle that is specifically designed with a special vent system that separates the milk or formula from the water and air should suffice. When those things get combined, that is when gas forms. While separating those is the most important factor, there may be other factors you would like to consider when going bottle shopping.

Types Of Venting

Anti colic bottles can come with many types of venting. Each has its pros and cons. There are top-vented bottles, straw-vented bottles, and bottom-vented bottles.

·Top-vented bottles feature small holes in the nipple. These allow the air to pass through to get inside the bottle. This type of bottle decreases the air intake, but it does not eliminate it completely.

·Straw-vented bottles have a built-in straw, which allows air to shoot down directly to the bottom. This keeps the air separate from the milk or formula that is inside.

·Bottom-vented bottles have a valve at the bottom that draws air out, preventing it from mixing with the product inside. This type is the best choice for babies suffering from serious colic.



Anti colic bottles can be manufactured using a wide variety of materials. These can include plastic, glass and stainless steel and it is important to make sure that whatever one you choose is BPA-free since BPA can be harmful to your baby’s health. The material you choose can make a big difference. Choosing the right one can help prevent or control colic.

·Glass bottles work best for hot liquids because of their sturdiness, but they can be expensive. As long as your baby does not drop and break it though, they can last for a long time.

·Plastic bottles are the easiest to clean because they absorb odors most effectively. They can be replaced more easily if they go bad since they are made out of the cheapest materials.


Consuming too much or too little milk or formula is another thing that can have a negative effect on your baby’s health. Make sure your baby is consuming just the right amount. This depends on your baby’s age. Newborn babies should be given the smallest bottles because they need the smallest diets. As your baby grows older, you can start feeding them larger and larger portions and upgrade to larger bottles. Most baby bottles come in either 4-5 ounces or 9-10 ounces.


Anti colic bottles cost more than regular baby bottles, but it can be worth the investment if your baby is suffering from gas issues that might cause colic. Many cheap baby bottles are also made of low-quality plastic with BPA, which the US Federal Government advises can cause long-term health issues for your baby.

Other Factors

Besides what has mentioned above, there are a few other factors in your bottle choice that can make or break your baby’s health.

·If you plan to feed your baby breast milk, make sure the pump fits securely inside the bottle.

·Investing in a bottle with an orthodontic nipple can improve your baby’s long-term oral health. The nipple shape a baby typically sucks on can determine how their gums and palate develop.

Other Ways to Control Colic

Besides picking the right bottle, there are some other things parents can do to keep colic under control.

·Get your baby tested for food allergies. Babies who are lactose-intolerant and unable to digest dairy milk are more likely to suffer from colic. Switch to a non-dairy formula if that is the case.

·Use formula designed for sensitive stomachs instead of traditional formula.

·Do not smoke tobacco while pregnant and always keep your baby away from secondhand smoke. This should seem obvious, but plenty of people still do it.

·Apply pressure to your baby’s stomach to ease discomfort.

·Create a calming environment for your baby to help them relax. Play soothing music and do not have too many loud guests hanging out at your house.

·Give your baby some fresh air. Put them in the stroller and take them for a walk in the park.

·Give your baby a pacifier to suck on. Many babies think they’re hungry when really, they just want to suck on something.

·Give your baby anti-gas drops or probiotic drops to ease their stomach pain. Make sure to discuss this decision with your pediatrician first though. Never give your baby medication without getting their permission.

Paying attention to all of these factors can help a baby who is suffering from colic, or helps prevent colic from happening in the first place. Although, there is no cure for colic other than just waiting for it to go away, using the right type of anti colic bottle can help keep it under control. Your baby’s bottle is one of the most important investments you can make in their health, but every baby is different so make sure to choose wisely.

Playtex VentAire Bottles Are The Best Baby Bottles For Your Little Ones


Every mother (or father) knows that bottle-feeding is one of the most difficult and strenuous tasks. One of the most common problems that make it so difficult is the spit-ups caused by accumulated gas ingested from an unsuitable baby bottle. Fortunately, Playtex VentAire Bottles are specially made to prevent air ingestion and spit-ups. Giving you a much easier feeding time and making it more comfortable for your little ones.

Choosing the right baby bottle for your child

All parents want the best for their kids, and it starts with making an informed choice on baby products. A baby bottle is one of the most important products as it is a tool that delivers nutrition and sustenance to your baby multiple times a day. Since it is used so often in direct contact, the baby bottle must be designed with careful attention to details and promotes health benefits.

You may have tried many different baby bottles, and while some of them might even have lessened the spit-ups. None of them completely solves the problem. Doctors may even regard the problem as normal for some babies, and calling them the “happy spitters”. However, if your baby regularly bursts out in fits of crying or show signs of distress while using the bottle such as, being fussy, fidgeting, keeps trying to sit up or push the bottle away, it is highly likely that the baby bottle is causing discomfort and unsuitable for the child.

What makes Playtex VentAire bottles special

Playtex VentAire bottles eliminate the problem of the tummy ache and spit-ups due to air ingested from baby bottles. It is achieved by using a micro-channel vent technology to prevent the milk from mixing with the air inside the bottle. The angled design of the bottles makes it easier for your baby to reach the milk in the semi-upright feeding position.

Moreover, the bottles come with naturally shaped wide nipples with a textured area that feel just like real nipples. It helps the baby latch on easier, as well as provide a smoother transition from breast to bottle.

A clinical study conducted has proven that babies that used Playtex VentAire bottles had fewer incidents of spit-ups, colic, stomach gas and other discomforts, as compared to babies that used other leading brands of baby bottles.

Features and benefits

Playtex VentAirebottles’s unique combination of features is a first of its kind in the market. Each feature compliments one another to provide benefits for both the baby and the parents. Feeding does not have to be a long, weary chore anymore. Both you and your baby can happily enjoy this bonding time!

Playtex VentAire Bottles

Anti-colic bottom vent

Colic is a severe abdominal pain commonly experienced by babies, especially in the first few months of infancy. It is caused by gas that seeps into the stomach and usually lead to incessant crying and spit-up of the milk.

To prevent that, Playtex VentAire bottles are made with a micro-channel bottom anti-colic vent that keeps air pushed to the back of the bottle as your baby drinks. The air in the bottle does not mix with the milk and thus, does not get ingested into the stomach. Air bubbles are the main cause of babies getting gassy and fussy. They may even spit up the milk, making a huge mess and frustration around the house. To solve this long-time feeding issue, the anti-colic vent is a huge relief to parents and babies alike.

Angled design

Playtex VentAire bottles have an angled design to promote a healthy semi-upright feeding position. This position is recommended by pediatricians to help prevent ear infection.

When babies feed while lying in a horizontal position, the sucking and swallowing action opens up the tubes in the ears. This allows germs and fluids to backflow from the throat to the ears and increases the risk of ear infection. That is why it is important to keep your baby in a semi-upright in your arms at all times throughout the feeding session.

Playtex VentAire bottles angled design is for this very purpose. Not only can make the baby live in a comfortable and healthy position, but less tilting action also means a more relaxing experience for the parent feeding the baby. Feeding sessions can now be quicker, with lesser fuss and mess.

Most Like Mom NaturaLatch nipples

Babies may not be able to understand the transition from breast to bottle. But they can tell the difference from the way the baby bottle nipples feel. This may be a difficult period for everyone as the baby might kick up a fuss and refuse to drink from the bottle. But whether you are switching to bottle-feeding due to many reasons, this time of transition with Playtex VentAire bottles.

The natural wide shape of the baby bottle nipples mimics the feel of breast nipples. Making it easier for your baby to accept. It also has a raised textured area that helps your baby latch on easily and naturally and has been clinically proven to work effectively.

The Most Like Mom NaturaLatch nipples keep your baby feeling secure and soothed. Those that come with the bottle are slow flow, but there are also different sizes of nipples available in slow, medium and fast flow options.

Buying the product

Playtex VentAire’s anti-colic bottles are BPA-free and come with a removable top and bottoms caps for easy cleaning and assembly. They have also recently changed to a new and improved silicone vent that allows a better flow rate.

The bottles come in sizes of 6oz, 8oz, and 9oz to contain different portions of milk. There are three colors to choose from blue, pink and clear. They are available in packs of 1, 3 and 5 bottles each. You can also get the gift set that is perfect for baby showers. The set contains 3 6oz bottles, 2 9oz bottles, 1 extra NaturaLatch slow nipple, 1 extra NaturaLatch medium nipple, and extra vent disks.

A better bottle for your baby

A happy baby makes for an even happier mommy (and daddy). Feeding time should be a joyous, intimate session for both baby and parent. Playtex VentAire bottles can make that happen. The bottles keep your little ones healthy, comfortable, happy and help them drift into a good, sound sleep. Like a mommy assistant, it multitasks and makes your job much easier!

How To Choose The Perfect Baby Bottle Nipples?

baby bottle nipples

One of the major decisions that you have to take after being parents is to choose the right baby bottle nipples. Babies must drink sufficient milk or water in order to grow or develop fast and completely. But there is no formula to successfully find the ideal bottle or nipples for your baby. Some babies accept any bottle with a smile and some refuse to accept a different one rather than the particular type they are used to. You should choose a bottle nipple very carefully in order to make sure if that is comfortable to your baby .

There are many important factors that you need to consider while you buy a baby bottle nipple. It needs to make sure that the nipple you choose is not only the best but also safe for the baby.

Here are some of the vital factors to look for:

Material of the Nipple: Generally these nipples are made up of either silicone or latex. The latex ones are more flexible and also softer than that of the silicone ones. But latex nipples do not last for a long time and also some babies are allergic to them. On the other hand, the silicone nipples are quite firm and also hold their shape for a long time.

Shape of the Nipple: Mainly, you will find two types of shapes for the baby bottle nipples and these are either dome or bell. There are also orthodontic nipples that are specially designed to accommodate the palate and gums of your child. There is also a flat-topped nipple for baby bottles that is usually wider. This is said to be more like that of the mom’s breast. So, it is quite good if you have a plan to switch between bottle-feeding and breastfeeding.

Size & Flow: The bottle nipples for baby come in different sizes and flow speeds. It can be slow in flow speed as well as fast. The newborns usually need the smallest size with the slowest flow. Babies will need the larger size with the faster flow as they start growing older. This is because as get older they will be able to suck more effectively.

Disposables: The safest and the most convenient nipple type that can be quite handy for you is disposable ones. This type is great, especially if you are traveling somewhere or on the go with your baby. You will not be able to sterilize it while traveling so these disposable nipples are already sterilized before selling. So, you have to use it once and then toss it after the use.

baby bottle nipples

Different Sizes of Baby’s Bottle Nipple

There are different sizes too for the nipples of the baby’s bottle. They come in different sizes of holes ideal for different needs of the babies. Size one is the smallest hole which provides the slowest speed of flow ideal for the newborns. Then there are size two for slow flow but faster than that of the newborns. Then there are size three and size four for the medium and fast flow.

Each of the nipple size allows different types of speeds. You need to choose the size of the nipple based on the flow you want. The flow has to be ideal for the age of your baby. If it is too slow for your baby then he/she will not get adequate amount of milk needed. On the other hand, if the hole is too big for your baby then the flow will be faster than your baby’s efficiency. In this case also, he/she will have problem in sucking the milk from the nipple.

How To Choose The Right Flow Speed & Size?

As mentioned above, flow speed and size is one of the most important things that you need to consider while buying a baby bottle nipple. But the confusion is mainly on which is the perfect flow speed or size for the babies. So, generally there are 4 types of flow speeds that are commonly found in the nipples for baby’s bottles. These are – Newborn flow, Slow flow, Medium flow and Fast flow.

Newborn flow (Size one) is for the newborn babies. It is especially used from birth to 4 weeks after the birth. The flow is very slow in this which is perfect for the newborns.

Slow flow (Size two) is ideal for the babies from 1 month to 3 months old. They are perfect for the newborns and the breastfed babies.

Medium flow (Size three) is perfect for the babies 3 or 4 months to 6 months old. They have a medium speed flow ideal for them to suck.

Fast flow (Size four) is the speed that offers the fastest flowing of all the 4 speeds. It is ideal for the older babies who are mostly above 6 months.

These are the ideal size and flowing speed of the nipples for baby bottles. So, you have to be very careful about the size and speed that goes hand in hand while buying the baby bottle nipples.

Some Important Tips

Here are some important tips that you have to remember while buying a baby bottle nipple:

Always sterilize before every use as it will kill all the germs and bacteria which can possibly cause harm to your precious little one.

While on go or travelling, use the disposable nipples and throw them after every use. Do not use these twice ever.

Be very particular about the quality, size and flow speed while you buy these bottle nipples for a perfect tension-free feeding

Choosing the shape is completely based on your personal choice or the comfort of the baby.

So, these are some of the important things you need to remember while buying baby bottle nipples. Always buy from a reliable online store which will provide you with the best quality material as it is for your precious little one. You should not take any risk about the material and type it provides. It has to be the best one. After all, the health of your baby should be given utmost priority.

Comotomo Baby Bottle Review

comotomo baby bottles

Every parent has a story to tell about bottle feeding their baby. In some cases, parents fear that their kids will reject the bottle or love the bottle so much and they reject the breast. It is with this and some other considerations in mind that the makers of Comotomo baby bottle decided to come up with a new and unique design. There is no denying that in comparison, the make of this baby bottle is distinctive.

The aim of making such a design, according to the manufacturer, was to overcome most of the currently existing feeding bottle issues. The bottle’s design and feel are intended to mimic a mother’s breast as closely as possible. It means that a baby can easily transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding without noticing much difference.


Material – the bottle is made of skin-like silicone material to make the nipples and the mold parts. The silicon has a soft feel aimed at making the baby feel as though it’s still feeding on the breast. The thinking behind this was based on the understanding that babies, even the small ones, love touching and feeling a mother’s breast even at a very young age. Therefore, when they touch this material, it gives them a calming feeling. Since it is squishy, they can also have a better grip on the bottle.

Design – The Comotomo baby bottle has a wide mold and rounded edges. The top opening is quite wide in comparison to other bottles in the market. This design further helps to mimic a mother’s breast. The bottle has four distinctive parts. These are the bottle, the nipples, the cap, and the outer ring. The material used is strong enough to withstand heat in microwaves, boiling water, steam sterilizers, and dishwaters.

The bottle also has two anti-colic vents at the top of the nipple meant to ventilate the bottle as the baby sips in the drink. This ensures that as the child drinks the milk, there is no chance of sucking in the air leading to colic, burping, gas, and spit-ups.

Specifications – The Comotomo baby bottle comes in two sizes. The 5oz and the 8oz. They also have two color variations; green and pink. The two sizes vary in that the 5oz has a slow flow nipple and it is suitable for newborns of between 0-3 months. The 8oz bottle is suitable for babies between 3-6 months, and it has a medium flow nipple. Faster flow nipples are also available for parents with older children.

comotomo baby bottles

The Pros

There is no doubt that many aspects of this bottle are interesting to any mother mainly due to the design. Here are the main positive factors about the bottle.

· The bottle does not leak during transport. This is the most annoying part of a baby’s milk bottle. When this happens, it can mess up things and waste a baby’s milk.

· The nipple and the mold of the bottle closely mimic a mother’s breast. The softness of the silicon gives it a very natural feel, making it one of the best makes in the market. It also helps prevent cases where babies reject the bottle because of the stark difference from a mom’s breast.

· The Comotomo baby bottle is also very easy to clean since it has a wide mouth that allows hand washing of the bottle. This means that it helps improves the general hygiene by not relying on bottle brushes to clean it.

· The materials used offers a further advantage because they will not spoil when dipped in boiling water, put in a microwave, or in the top rack of a dishwasher. This is very beneficial when sterilizing the bottle or warming a baby’s milk.

· The bottle is easy to use due to its ergonomic shape. The silicon is squishy, meaning that even if the baby wanted to clasp, massage, or squeeze, it can.

· The fact, it is not made of glass or plastic ensures that it cannot easily break even when it is dropped accidentally.

· The ventilating system of the bottle is a great addition in that it reduces the chances of sucking in air instead of milk. The system is also simple, making it easy to clean and assemble.

· The silicon material used also poses no health hazard to the baby compared to other materials that are commonly used to make milk bottles.

The Cons

While the Comotomo baby bottle is of superior quality, it still has some negative facts about it.

· The rounded design of the bottle’s mold makes it unstable, and it can easily fall and spill milk.

· There nipple is also not fully spill-proof. It does spill some milk when the baby is sipping on the milk.

· Due to the soft nature of the silicon used to make the bottle, it is hard to tighten the collar over the nipple. This further creates chances of spillage.

· The measure marks on the frosted silicone are hard to read, which can be frustrating when trying to pour in the right amount of feed, especially at night. One way to deal with this can be pre-measuring baby milk before pouring it into the bottle.

· While the material used to make the bottle is heat resistant, it also has a negative side in that heating milk in it takes longer. This may force a mother to pre-heat the milk or formula before pouring it in the bottle.

· When the bottle is used over a long period, the nipple turns color from its normal clear look to a cloudy one. While this has no effect on the performance, it may not look presentable.


In comparison to other baby feeding bottles in the market, the Comotomo baby bottle scores highly. However, all these additions and the unique design come at a price. Still, with all the consideration made in the manufacture of this bottle, one can agree that it is one of the best in the market. For mothers who are looking for some break from breastfeeding, the Comotomo baby bottle is a good alternative that the baby will most likely love.