Why Must You Always Choose An Evenflo Glass Feeding Bottle For Your Baby?

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No wonder, feeding your baby is probably one of the most enjoyable moment for any mother. And not having the right feeding bottle can be stressful for both child and the mother. Therefore, it is important to choose the right bottle for your baby and make the process easy. With so many types of bottles available nowadays, glass bottles still hold their own place for being BPA free and eco-friendly. Evenflo is one such name that tops the chart. Here are a comprehensive Evenflo glass bottles reviews to help you choose the best for your baby

Why choose an Evenflo glass bottle?

* Safe Material

Evenflo bottles are made from tempered glass which proves to be highly advantageous in many ways. Plastic bottles tend to pose a threat of leaching of chemicals in the formula milk, whereas glass bottles are extremely safe for babies and do not cause any harm. The durability of plastic bottles comes from polycarbonate. Evenflo uses a high-quality glass material for making feeding bottles which are safe yet sturdy. The only disadvantage of the glass bottle is the heavy weight and easy breakability but the benefits always overweigh the disadvantages and make Evenflo bottles one of the best glass bottles to invest in.

* Iconic Design

Evenflo glass bottles have a classic shape that makes it easy to hold and use. The twisted grooves provide additional grip and prevent the bottle from slipping from hands. The simple yet sturdy shape makes it durable and easy for your child to hold as she becomes independent at the age of 9 to 12 months.

* Easy Assembly

Evenflo glass bottles are designed by experts to provide maximum comfort. Unlike other glass bottles, bottles from Evenflo have an extremely easy assembly. With a simple bottle design and one piece nipple, it is extremely easy to use, clean and assemble.

* Great Capacity

If you read some Evenflo glass bottles reviews, you would find that all the Evenflo feeding bottles come in various capacities to suit your need. You may start with the lowest capacity bottle for a new born baby and gradually buy bottles with more capacities as your baby grows. It ensures convenience and comfort at every stage of your child’s growth and makes feeding enjoyable. Every Evenflo feeding bottle is made keeping in mind your baby’s need, and therefore, it comes in two sizes 4 oz. and 8 oz.

* Convenient

The best part of having an Evenflo glass bottle is convenience. The easy to clean bottle is dishwasher safe and can be sanitized for increased safety. Glass being transparent is easy to clean and does not get stained with fruit juices such as beetroot and carrot. Unlike plastic bottles that easily get stained these glass bottles are sure to last for years.

* Proflow™ Technology

Vented Evenflo glass bottles have a Proflow™ technology that is significantly useful for your baby. The Integrated venting nipple prevents air bubbles from getting into baby’s tummy and directs it back to the bottle. It reduces the chances of colic and gas and keeps your baby happy. The vents also prevent the nipple from collapsing and help your baby feed with ease every time.

Evenflo glass bottles reviews

Evenflo glass Bottle reviews:

#1 Evenflo Classic Glass Bottle

Evenflo Classic glass bottle is a great choice for new born babies. It comes in two sizes to choose from 4 oz. and 8 oz. If your baby is 0-3 months old, consider buying a pack of 4 oz. size. It will help in reducing the additional weight of the glass and make the feeding comfortable. The classic glass bottle comes with Classic Slow Flow Nipples which is great for small baby. You can gradually switch to other nipples as your baby grows. It is compatible with classic nipples, Proflow + Integrated Vented Nipples and all standard Neck bottles from Evenflo. It has a clear color that makes it useful to read the marking and also check if it is well sanitized and squeaky clean before every use. The bottle comes with a classic hood to protect the nipple when not in use.

#2 Evenflo Classic+ Vented Glass Bottle

The Vented glass bottle from Evenflo provides the benefits of vented bottles without making it hard to use or clean. The vents are integrated into the nipples that pass the air back into the bottle without any mess and significantly reduces the chances of gas and pain in your baby. Made with tempered glass, the bottle is sturdy enough to last long and provide superior sanitizing. Unlike plastic, glass can be recycled and this makes the bottle eco-friendly. The classic vented glass bottle from Evenflo is compatible with Classic Nipples and Proflow Nipples, so you can conveniently choose the best for your baby. The leak-proof design makes it suitable for feeding while traveling. It is available in two sizes 4 oz. and 8oz. and makes the best choice for glass feeding bottles.

#3 Evenflo Classic+ Vented Tinted Glass Bottle

If you are bored of using clear glass bottles, this one is for you. Evenflo presents the new Classic+ Vented Tinted bottles that are not only safe but are trendy too. Unlike plastic bottles that come in different colors and prints, glass bottles are always clear and transparent. The tinted variant provides a unique twist to the plain ones and is often loved by kids. The tinting is very little so as to keep it clear enough to see through it. The design and capacity are same as of other Evenflo glass feeding bottles except for the color. It is BPA free and is safe for use. It can be cleaned without any mess which makes it convenient. The bottles come with Slow Flow Proflow+ Vented Nipple, colored cap ring and a tinted hood.

Read Evenflo glass bottles reviews to know that they are affordable, durable and provide optimal safety. All products are tested for functionality which ensures no leakages during usage. Having a cozy sleeve will prevent the bottle from damage due to slips and falls while making it more attractive. These bottles are great for feeding your child with breast milk and gets clean effortlessly. Of course, glass has some disadvantages, but the benefits are unmatchable. With an affordable price, Evenflo brings the best glass bottles to invest in for a happy feeding time for both mommy and baby.

Philips Avent Natural Glass Bottle Review: Key Features, Pros, and Cons

philips avent natural glass bottle review

The initial development milestones of a baby are very crucial. A baby requires to be breastfed right for proper growth. Apart from breastfeeding, bottle feeding is necessary to supplement a baby’s healthy development. Bottle feeding requires investing in a bottle that can make the baby feeding process fulfilling. So which bottle is suitable for feeding a baby? Philips avent natural glass bottle is an excellent choice. As the name suggests, the bottle’s key aim is to ensure bottle feeding occurs in a manner that is as natural as possible. One of the attributes that make the bottle stand out is its capacity to comfortably facilitate blending bottle feeding and breastfeeding. This article thus focuses on philips avent natural glass bottle review with key attention to its features, pros, and cons if any.

Key features

A great nipple design

The nipple design assumes a comfort petal design that enhances natural latch on and prevents nipple collapse. The baby can comfortably partake of bottle feeding as well as breastfeeding.

A sophisticated anti-colic system

A conspicuous and advanced feature of the bottle is the anti-colic system. The presence of a twin valve also accentuates the efficiency of this natural glass bottle as a baby feeding equipment. The twin valve vents in the air into the bottle. This minimizes the occurrence of colic since the air does not find its way to the baby’s stomach.

Quality glass material

The superiority of the glass material used by the manufacturers of this bottle is very notable because of its tough nature. The bottle is made of glass (borosilicate) that is BPA free. This type of glass is neither affected by heat nor thermal shock.

An ergonomic design

The bottle has an ergonomic shape that provides convenient gripping regardless of the direction it is oriented towards.

Compatibility power

This natural glass bottle is compatible with other Philips avent’s products such as bottle warmers and cups.

Compact size

The bottle is of standard size which ensures it easily fits into a small bag or a sterilizer.

philips avent natural glass bottle review


The features of the philips avent natural glass bottle give rise to its many pros as discussed below.

It is long lasting

The bottle is made of borosilicate glass that is extremely durable and heavy. The bottle is thus able to cater to the feeding needs of a baby for a long period with minimal chances of breakage.

Offers a firm grip

Any baby bottle ought to be designed in a simple way for a baby to handle. The curved shape of the bottle enables a baby to achieve a firm grip as much as the hands are small.

Satisfactory feeding

A baby can reap nutritional gains from milk while bottle feeding using the glass bottle. This is due to nipple flexibility since the nipple is endowed with petals on its interior part. Nipple flexibility also heightens the comfort a baby derives while bottle feeding.

Devoid of chemicals

Bottle feeding should ensure the health and safety of the baby are guaranteed continuously. Hence the more reason to use philips avent natural glass bottle. The fact that the bottle is glass material makes it’s safe to use. It is also easier to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned, unlike plastic bottles. The bottle is therefore not susceptible to chemicals which can seep into the milk and become detrimental to a baby’s health.

Easy to warm milk

The glass bottle offers a faster method of warming breast milk hence ensuring the baby is feed on time. This is in sharp contrast to plastic bottles which is somehow unreliable. Besides, milk can be warmed in a microwave with exposing the baby to any health hazards linked to plastic bottles.

Offers convenient storage

Since this natural glass bottle is unaffected by thermal shock and heat, storing it becomes manageable. There is a guarantee of safety even when it is stored in a refrigerator.

Offered at a competitive price

The common assumption is that glass bottles are very expensive, but the philis avent natural glass bottle is an exception. The bottle is reasonably affordable in comparison to other brands of glass bottles.

Readily available

The bottle is readily available in local baby stores which reduce the cost incurred when purchasing it. Mothers do not need to make online orders and incur shipping expenses as they can access the bottle at their nearest baby store.

Simple to assemble hence use

The bottle does not pose any major hurdles to mothers. It has very few accessories. As such, the assembling process hardly consumes time when a mother is preparing to bottle feed a baby.

Multiple alternatives

The feeding bottle comes in different sizes giving mothers the freedom to choose their most preferred size. Mothers also have the option of buying the bottle either as a single pack or in multi packs depending on what suits them more.

Clear measurement marks

The bottle has measurement marks that are accurately written and do not fade off. They aid mothers in giving a baby the right amount of milk.


The Philips avent natural glass bottle is mostly regarded in a positive light. There are very few cons that are associated with it. Leaking is the only shortcoming that is attributed to the bottle. The issue of leaking arises when the bottle is overly tightened or under- tightened. The bottle should be tightened in a way that minimizes the possibilities of milk leakage.

In summary, this natural glass bottle is great for enabling a baby to feed the leakage issue. There are so many amazing benefits of using the bottle as evidence by its extraordinary features and pros. As explained in this article, the bottle is very user-friendly and has all it takes to actualize the feeding needs of a baby. Further, it eliminates cleaning hassles because of its mouth shape design. The mouth shape which is wide in nature assures simplified cleaning. Sterilisation is also possible which further enhances safety when bottle feeding a baby. When shopping for a baby bottle, the best choice is the Philis avent natural glass bottle if superiority is anything to go by.

A Detailed Lifefactory BPA-free Glass Baby Bottle Review

Lifefactory BPA-free Glass Baby Bottle

Glass baby bottles is a classic choice because it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. It’s considered to be the natural choice for breastfeeding because plastic baby bottles are notorious for containing chemicals. Therefore, glass baby bottles are more ideal. They are heavier compared to their plastic counterparts which make them more sturdy. Although glass is more breakable, they come with silicone sleeves which prevent them from shattering. One of the top brands when it comes to glass baby bottles is Lifefactory. This Lifefactory BPA-free Glass Baby Bottle Review will provide a detailed overview of the product to help you identify key factors which make it a top choice.

Their baby bottles are phthalates, latex, polycarbonates, plastic, polyvinyl chloride and BPA free. Lifefactory baby bottles can be purchased individually or in packs of two. Since all of them have a protective silicone sleeve, they are very durable. There are plenty of sleeve colors to choose from so you’ll surely be able to find the best one for your baby. These bottles are also composed of borosilicate glass which is thermal shock resistant. This means that the bottles can be either frozen or boiled and it wouldn’t be damaged. The protective sleeve and the bottle itself are also dishwasher safe. This makes it very convenient for the user because you wouldn’t have to take them apart before washing. They can also be boiled while being attached to each other.


One of the main advantages of the Lifefactory baby bottle is that it was specifically designed to grow with your child. The makers of this product have carefully crafted each part of the bottle to ensure the best results. They wanted to create a product which will be able to serve multiple purposes. The clear cap that it comes with can be used as your baby’s first cup. As your baby grows older, you’ll can purchase a solid cap which will be able to store drinks or snacks. The baby bottles also come in two sizes which are 4 oz and 9 oz. You’ll be able to purchase the smaller bottle first when your child is just a few months old and then transition into the bigger bottle.

Every parent knows that accidentally dropping a glass baby bottle is not a pleasant experience. It will leave small traces of glass everywhere which can even hurt you if you step on it. The biggest benefit you can receive from the Lifefactory baby bottle is that it comes with the exclusive protective sleeve. This means that if you or your baby accidentally drops the bottle, it will be able to withstand the impact.

Lifefactory BPA-free Glass Baby Bottle Review


The silicone stage 1 nipple that this product comes with is latex-free and non-toxic. It’s a great choice especially for newborn infants who are highly susceptible to catching bacteria and viruses from their surroundings. It also comes with a ring, cap, and stopper. Since the Lifefactory BPA-free glass baby bottle is phthalate free, you can be assured that your baby’s health will not be compromised. Additionally, since the bottle makes use of tempered glass you will be able to conveniently wash, sanitize and boil it without any problems. You may also freeze or microwave this product with ease. The best thing about purchasing this baby bottle is that it’s compatible with all the rest of Lifefactory’s caps and nipples.

As a result, you will be able to adjust the bottle according to your baby’s growth without any hassle. You’ll be able to keep using the same bottle as your baby gets older. These are some of the top reasons why the Lifefactory BPA-free glass baby bottle is an excellent choice. It’s made out of the highest quality materials to ensure that your baby will be happy and satisfied.


It’s important not to compromise your baby’s health by using plastic bottles. Although plastic doesn’t break easily, glass bottles are still the most ideal choice when it comes to health. The silicone protection sleeve is one of the key factors why this product stands out from the rest of the bottles sold on the market. If you want to make sure that you wouldn’t be repurchasing baby bottles over and over again during the lactation period, it’s best to invest in high-quality bottles. What most people love about this product is its simplistic yet beautiful design. Overall, the bottle works very well in terms of dispensing just the right amount of breast milk with every sucking motion of the baby. Since it only has a few parts, it’s extremely easy to assemble. Cleaning wouldn’t be a problem as well since it’s very small.

The nipple is one of the most important parts of baby bottles. It has to be the perfect size and density to be able to achieve the best results. The great thing about the Lifefactory BPA-free baby glass bottle is that you can change the nipple tops and use sippy options instead.


This product is made out of the highest quality materials because it has undergone a rigorous process of manufacturing. If you take care of this product properly, you will be able to use it for a very long time. Always keep in mind that baby bottles aren’t created equal. Some will perform better than others and this product is definitely one of the best available on the market. Unlike other glass baby bottles, this product doesn’t make use of a complicated venting system. This means that it’s extremely easy and convenient to clean and assemble. In conclusion, this product has an amazing simplistic design which is ideal especially for newborn children. It also has a comfortable silicone grip sleeve which ensures that it wouldn’t break easily when dropped accidentally.

None of the few plastic parts it has come in direct content with any of the other parts. As a result, you will be receiving the highest quality and safest glass baby bottle possible. Overall, this is an amazing choice if you want to ensure the health and safety of your baby. You will be able to get your money’s worth since you’ll be experiencing the finest glass baby bottle available.

All About Lansinoh Momma Bottle

lansinoh momma bottles

The best bottle for infants. It has been clinically proven that the lansinoh momma bottle Nipple reduces nipple problems. Based on more than 50 years of research, the lansinoh momma bottle allows the child to participate in the same natural sucking activities as the chest, which provides a smooth transition from the chest to the bottle and back.

If you are a parent, you probably know about the scrupulousness of kids when it comes to the preferences of their feeding from a bottle. They will obviously be uncomfortable to feed bottles that have nipples are too large for their tiny mouths. You should also try to avoid dripping milk from the side of your child’s mouth when you are using a bottle for feeding. For a very long time, parents have used glass feeding bottles, which have since fallen from the market due to the appearance of more comfortable plastic bottles.

As competition in the market increases, there is an improvement in the manufacture of these bottles for feeding, and several manufacturers are constantly improving their brands. But not as much as Lansinoh mOmma, who has the advantage when it comes to eating habits of your child. With many brands that compete there, the Lansinoh mOmma bottle has managed to keep its head high and become small, as well as the favorites of mothers.

In this review of Lansinoh mOmma, dedicated to bottles, we’ll look at some functions that make it stay ahead of the competition.

Great concept

The Lansinoh mOmma feeding bottle has only perfect nipples, which are just the right size for your beam of joy. Why else do you think that children adapt so quickly to them? The nipples are made soft, that they are no different from the natural nipples of the mother. This allows you to have a smooth and comfortable child care.

Nipples can be configured to use any milk that your child prefers. It varies from slow to medium and fast flow. Your child will never notice the difference between your natural nipples and the NaturalWave teats of the Lansinoh bottle. You can also easily swap the NaturalWave teats for a bottle of mama Lansinoh, and the result will always be perfect.

You are probably familiar with the experience that you had with other feeding bottles that gave your child a hard time due to poor AVS. Baby bottles Lansinoh are manufactured to minimize cases of intestinal colic, as well as occasional bursts. This ensures that you will never have to worry about your child experiencing discomfort immediately after breastfeeding. AVS is very important to ensure that your child does not refuse to use these bottles because of the discomfort he causes.

Most mothers are well aware of how difficult the feeding period is. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do not spend a drop of your breast milk because of leaks. Lansinoh mOmma bottle has a protective cover that ensures you will not lose a drop of your child’s favorite diet. This cover is also crucial to maintaining the hygiene of the bottle and preserving the health of the child, and you, as a mother, are always happy. However, common sense is always to keep the bottle as clean as possible. You do not want the baby to feed on harmful microbes.

lansinoh momma bottle

The Lansinoh mOmma bottle has very few parts, which makes installation and cleaning very slow. Breast milk is dainty, and preservation is very important. A child should consume it while it is still very fresh to avoid complications. In this way, makes this feeding bottle the best for you. There is no technical need for its assembly due to a few simple details. Cleaning should be a walk in the place for you.

Probably, every parent should know this. With plastic feeding bottles that are known to contain harmful bisphenol A or known as BPA, mothers can never be too cautious. Lansinoh mOmma bottle with scientifically proven that it does not contain BPA. Nipples are made from 100% silicone, and so you can less worry about the harm done to your baby.


• BPA and BPS are free of charge

Clinically tested to reduce nipple preference in infants fed breastfeeding

• Stimulates the wavy movement of the child’s tongue, contributing to the natural development of the oral cavity

• Nipple Tip – The baby controls the flow of milk

• Soft 100% silicone nipple – stretched and bent for optimal compression

Internal vertical protrusions, which strengthen the structure of the nipples, making them resistant to collapse

• A unique design with gradual slope ensures a smooth movement of the peristaltic tongue

• Wide textured nipple for easy snapping and effective suction

• Air ventilation system (AVS ™) reduces air consumption, which is a potential cause of colic

• Fewer parts – easy to assemble and clean

• Compatibility across the entire line of Lansinoh


The older versions of Lansinoh mOmma bottle presented some complexity regarding how the child tries to catch on to them. Many mothers expressed their disappointment with this, and, fortunately, the manufacturers of this great product responded with a magnificent and timely solution. The current problem that can be isolated is that older children (11 months and older) are derelict of pushing the nipple, thereby causing massive leaks.


When it comes to choosing which bottle to feed, the baby should be used, think about the fact that the baby himself will warm. Babies will only warm up to feeding bottles that make them feel that they are well taken care of. Many manufacturers of feeding bottles have always striven for simplicity and always forget to keep the child’s head. Lansinoh mOmma bottle for feeding looks stylish and has everything a child needs to achieve maximum health.

Use of this commodity will not affect the care of your child. It smoothly promotes the natural development of the oral cavity of your child. If you decide to go for this product, then caring for a baby for your child will never be easier. It has been clinically proven that feeding Lansinoh mOmma, in addition to being loved by every child, reduces the propensity for nipples in much older children.