Medela Calma Bottle Review – Best Breastfeeding Bottle For Young Infants

Medela Calma Bottle

Medela deserves a lot of credit for the great innovation of breastfeeding bottles. There are a lot of companies that have tried to copy the breastfeeding technology used by Medela, but none of them have come close. One great thing about this Medela Calma bottle review is that it describes all the facts and tips of the Medela Calma Bottle. Medela has designed the Calma bottle more of breastfeeding than bottle-feeding. A lot of nursing mothers have reviewed this product, and most of them have left positive remarks on its effectiveness to breastfeed a child.

Nowadays most working moms are finding it hard to breastfeed their kids and still follow a strict work schedule. Medela has made breastfeeding easier and convenient for nursing mothers. With the medela Calma bottle, a mother can breast her child using breast milk. The bottle comes with a sucking nipple that resembles the traditional natural nipple. With the medela calma bottle, milk doesn’t just flow to the baby’s mouth, it must be sucked, and this makes the baby feel like he or she is sucking a natural nipple.

Medela calma bottle features

There are so many amazing features that one can have with the medela Calma bottle. It’s a premium breastfeeding bottle for infants, and it is designed to make breastfeeding easy and stress-free. If you are looking for a premium breastfeeding bottle, consider having Calma bottle that comes in different sizes of 5 and 8 ounces.

Besides that, Medela also gives you replacement nipples that can be used in case the original nipple is damaged. If you baby is on formula, you can choose the 8 ounces bottle size, since the child needs to breastfeed more milk and grow faster. Over six months babies can use the 5 ounces bottle since they don’t need to breastfeed too much.

Most mothers are unable to breastfeed their babies according to the pediatric recommendation. This is due to busy work schedule and poor nursing. If you are a single mom and have a full time job, you can buy the medela calma bottle and use it to breastfeed your child breast milk, during your free time. Mothers who take their infants to daycare can buy this bottle and have them given breast milk by nannies.Medela Calma Bottle

Why moms need medela calma bottle?

When your baby starts eating, don’t do anything to damage the breastfeeding relationship, buy medela calma bottle and have your child suckle on it until she or he is beyond the breastfeeding period. Stopping your child from breastfeeding at an early stage can cause his or her not to grow strong. Breast milk is very important to a child, and it’s a mother’s duty to ensure that the child is properly breastfed.

There is a lot of research that has been put behind the nipple style of the medela Calma bottle. The nipple was developed by Hartmann research group at a university in Western Australia. A lot of developments and improvements have been made on the medela Calma bottle to make it easier and comfortable for a child to suck.

If your baby has not yet learned how to breastfeed properly, the bottle can be used to teach her on how to suck and swallow breast milk. However, if your child is one of those fast learners, she might get confused about the skill set, since it’s a little bit different from what he/she is used. The outer nipple of the medela Calma bottle is designed in a unique shape that is quite familiar to that’s of the traditional natural nipple. When it is in the baby’s mouth, it requires the baby or the mother to hold the bottle just as the same way as breastfeeding.

Designed not to choke

Unlike traditional breastfeeding bottles, the medela Calma bottle is designed to feed the child on suction means, and this greatly reduces the chances of choking. The child determines the amount of milk to suck, and milk can’t spill to the mouth while the child is not sucking. Traditional breastfeeding bottles have chocked a lot of infants, and this is why the medela Calma bottle was designed. With this bottle, you can leave your child to breastfeed on her own while you carry out your job or daily activities at a watch.

Compatible with Medela Breast Pumps

One of the greatest advantages of buying medela Calma bottle is that it is compatible with all Medela breast pumps. If you already have a Medela pump, you don’t have to buy another one after purchasing medela calma bottle. The bottle can be easily attached to a breast pump and removed after pumping milk. You will alove this feature once you buy the bottle.

While there are a lot of parts to be assembled for the bottle to work. The Medela Calma bottle comes with an instruction guide on how to use the bottle actually and how to assemble all parts together. Once you do it for the first time, you will find it easy to use the medela calma bottle. The base cap is used to assemble the whole bottle after cleaning, and it protects the bottom from grime or dust until the next feeding.

If you have a newborn infant who is struggling to feed, this bottle can be of great help as it will encourage the child to learn how to breastfeed normally. There might be other options besides this, but cup feeding, finger feeding, and supplement nursing require professional help and guidance from a lactation consultant, before being put into use. The medela calma bottle doesn’t require a mother to learn a lot, after buying the bottle is easy to figure out how to use it without anybody else help.

Bottom Line

I hope you have learned a lot from our medela Calma bottle review, If you are pregnant or about to deliver, this bottle can be of great help to you. A lot of moms have used it, and the results are so amazing. Medela has put a lot of work and research to make this bottle very special. The best part of it is that it enables moms to have the freedom to switch to bottle milk without jeopardizing the normal breastfeeding routine.