Mimijumi Bottle : Most Natural Baby Breastfeeding Bottles

mimijumi baby bottles

Ever since their introduction into the market, the mimijumi bottle has been causing a buzz among nursing mothers and the babies. Perhaps the most outstanding achievement about these breastfeeding bottles is how they were able to come up with a design that mimics the actual breast and natural flow of milk. The baby has total control of the milk coming from the bottle’s nipple just like it happens with natural breastfeeding. Other aspects of texture, color and design are also perfected to provide an efficient breast-to-bottle transition. Mimijumi bottle is simply the ideal breastfeeding product in the market as it delivers everything a parent looks for in such products. It also factors other issues including safety and convenience as well as versatility. Here is a descriptive review of the product including the features, pros, cons and top examples in the market:

What is it?

Mimijumi bottles are simply small bottles offered for breastfeeding mothers and they kids. The bottles can be used for milk as well as water and other fluids are given to the baby. It features bold colors and natural texture to trick the baby into thinking it is the actual breast and comes with a unique nipple design with a resemblance to the natural one.

What are the features?

There has been much hype about Mimijumi bottle and their innovative nipple design, but this is not the only feature you will get from the breastfeeding bottle. Some of the other attributes include the following;

• Non-free flow mechanism

If you overturn Mimijumi bottle with milk inside, it won’t leak as it is designed to allow flow only when suckled. This means the baby has to suckle the nipple to draw milk or any liquid filled into the bottle. A non-free flow mechanism gives your baby more control over suckling and prevents the popular choking and accidents that occur when free-flow bottles are used without precaution. This also provides a natural experience that allows the baby to stop suckling when full and fall to slumber.

• Innovative nipple design

This has been the talk of most reviews and indeed deserves the attention it gets. Mimijumi bottle features a one-of-a-kind nipple design that will certainly be the one to replicate for companies that offer baby bottles. It simply looks like the natural breast nipple and is made using a semi-soft material with a natural texture and bold color. The design also offers natural latching and feeding experience. A lot of detail was given to the nipple including pores on the skin and soft surface.

Mimijumi bottles

• Crisp colors

The bold colors used make Mimijumi bottles quite appealing for kids. The eye-catchy nature and natural feeding experience are said to make it easy for kids to prefer the bottle over other contemporary modern designs.

• Venting

An integrated venting system is used to ensure there is no Colic or gas. The 1.9-ounce bottle measures 3.2x3x7 inches and features no BPA or Latex material making it one of the safest bottles on the market.

• Ergonomics

The bottle is designed to support seamless breast-to-bottle transition and has various ergonomics built into its frame. A skid-free base ensures the bottle remains steady on the surface it is placed. This is quite convenient especially when you have to refill it using one hand. The length surface is given a natural tilt to allow easy handling during feeding and changing the latch-nipple is quite simple.

There are several other minor features, but most of them will revolve around these key attributes. Mimijumi bottle was designed and mad in Australia and exceeds all Australian quality standards.

The benefits of Mimijumi bottle

The advantages of Mimijumi baby feeding bottles are quite obvious and straightforward. Most reviews given for this product are positive although some kids will not get impressed. Nonetheless, this does not mask the benefits which range from convenience to effectiveness, natural experience, and safety. When looking for baby feeding bottles, these four should be your top priorities. The bottle must be safe (BPA free, Latex free, EA-free) containing no toxins. It must also be easy to use and handle. Mimijumi used a semi-soft natural compound that offers the natural texture of real breasts making the transition easier. They are simply the next trend in baby bottles, and other manufacturers are already following suite.

Cons of the product

Mimijumi bottles may resemble the natural breast and nipples, but not all babies will be pleased. In fact, some mothers were very eager to purchase the design only to find out that their babies prefer other models. This is quite subjective, but still, a concern as it does not suite all babies. You can try different colors and models to see if that makes a difference. Another concern has to do with the price. Mimijumi bottle outperforms other competitors and therefore comes at around $65 for the 8 oz. bottle. This is significantly expensive as you can get other top models at a fraction of the price. Nonetheless, the money is simply worth the value you get.

Available offers and where to find them

You can find Mimijumi bottles online and buy from the actual manufacturer or any other online store that offers delivery services. There are two main offers that Mimijumi currently has. The 4 oz (not very hungry), and 8 oz (very hungry) baby bottles. Both have the save features and design with the only difference being how much content they can hold. Buying both comes with an attractive bonus and also gives you the option to choose.


Baby bottles are used to transition babied from relying on breast milk to drinking from bottles at a tender age. They can help nursing mothers quickly recover and get back to work and other errands. However, this is only helpful if you find ideal bottles that do not put your baby’s life or health at risk. If this is guaranteed, other features and conveniences are bonuses that can be used to land the perfect bottle that your kid loves. It is advisable to shop from highly reputed credible licensed stores that can guarantee original genuine quality bottles. If your baby is not drawn to the bottle, keep on the watch for the new models within the range.