Minbie BPA-free Natural Glass Baby Bottle is The Best Choice For Your Little Bundle of Joy

minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottle

I was struggling as a first-time mom to get everything right for my baby. The way these bottles made feeding a great experience that I could not stop myself from writing the minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles review. When I introduced the bottle to my infant, he resisted them all until I gave him minbie glass bottle. It was pretty surprising for me to see him happy whenever I fed him with that bottle. There were so many issues that I faced with other brands. Some had hard nipple, some got him into colic problems and some were too wide for him to grab.

These are just few things that I noticed while trying to get him the right bottle. I went through a lot of online reviews and got hold of some pretty facts through minbie bpa-free natural glass bottles review. That is when I decided to try them. I was sceptical about making another bad investment but was glad to check the prices. Among all the variety of its kind, it was the cheapest and still had almost all positive feedbacks from parents all around the world. What else a mom would need? Hence, I paid for these bottles. I would like to talk about few features that make these bottles stand out.

Features of Minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles

As the name suggests, these bottles are made of natural glass that is environment friendly and are a great substitute for plastic bottle. Those who are not aware of the side effects of plastic bottles, must know that plastic is bad for your baby and become reason for lot of infections and weaker immune.

Hence, when I got these glass bottles, I made the first step towards my baby safety in terms of feeding. These glass bottles are BPA-free and made of natural material which makes it a healthy option for your kids.

The best part about these glass bottles that make them completely different from other brands is its heat and shock resistance feature. This is one unique feature that is not available with any other bottle brand in the market. You can take out the bottle from the fridge and put it directly into the boiling water. This won’t make any cracks to the bottle as other glasses are expected to behave. So, you do not have to wait after taking out the minbie bottle from the fridge to pour the hot milk inside.

The nipple of these bottles is designed to eliminate the nipple confusion among infants. Hence, you can keep your baby on breastfeed as well as bottle feed and your little one will have comfort in having milk in both ways. The nipple is soft and the milk flow is great. It’s not too fast and nether too slow which makes it easy for kids to accept.

minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottle

Good for your child digestion

The minbie bpa-free glass bottles comes with anti-reflux and anti-colic design for feeding which supports great digestion. This problem is very common among infants and starts as soon as a bottle is introduced. However, with minbie, this is never going to turn your night sleepless as your baby will have a sound sleep.

These are few of the features that these bottles unveil. You will find many moms talking about the benefits of these bottles in the minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles review. Everyone has their own story and almost everyone found them lucky to have these glass bottles.

The recognitions these minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles have gained

If you are not sure about trusting reviews, you can check the various awards that the design of these bottles has received. It has been categorized among the best brands and for some reasons even surpass them.

Primer’s design 2014 award, reddot award, good design award are few that it has gathered. There are many other awards that it has received for design as well as other reasons. Many reviews have included it among the top 10 bottles in the world.

It is not just the awards that speak about the awesomeness of these bottles, but the way it has made difficult for the other brands to survive. It is no far when most of the parents will get minbie bottles instead of any other brand.

Being economical and cheap, it is easily available for every house. Who can ignore the benefits it has over other brands?


Minbie has made a remarkable difference in the way this industry worked. Instead of designing a bottle with a nipple that only facilitate feeding, Minbie introduced a completely different latch design that is very close to the breast feeding. It took care of the environmental problems by replacing the plastic base with glass.

There are few customers who do not like the idea of buying a nipple and the bottle separately. But, this is also made for a reason. With this option, you can easily pick your bottle and nipple combination. Every Minbie nipple is adjustable with every bottle model. Some also have talked about the bottle being heavy. But, this is nothing if compared with all the benefits it provides.

In a nutshell, if you are a mom and this is especially your first experience as a parent, you must be wary about every little detail which concerns your child. This is not different and happens with almost every parent. But, getting a minbie glass bottle would never make you regret your decision.

These bottles are closely designed to meet the needs of infants who shift from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. So, that change would be smooth through these bottles. All in all, these minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles are true companions for moms who face trouble shifting their child to bottle feeding. You will love seeing your baby comfortable throughout that shift.

If you do not want to base your opinion on the minbie bpa-free natural glass baby bottles review, get ono for yourself. I am sure, you would not be able to resist yourself from writing one such review.