Nuk 14074: Taking Advantage of The Best Baby Bottle Feeding

nuk 14074 elephants baby bottle review

One of the items that you need at the start of your journey to parenthood is a reliable baby feeding bottle. This is because your baby can’t rely on breast milk forever. Besides this, there are instances when you may need to step out and leave the baby behind with a nanny, a family friend or your neighbor. Some children accept the feeding bottle with a smile. And others reject them for various reasons, a matter that may put you in a tight position. Avoid this by going for a feeding bottle with the right set of design features. It’s significant to read through an elaborate nuk 14074 elephants baby bottle review before setting out to obtain one.

The nipple factor

One of the things that make obtaining the perfect feeding bottle for your baby a challenge is the nipple factor. Studies show that nine out ten kids reject feeding bottles with nipples that don’t mimic the natural mother’s nipples. It follows that the bottle’s nipple’s design should naturally change shape as the baby suckles on it. It difficult for the child to tell the difference between the artificial and the natural nipple. Nuk 14074 elephants baby bottle attains this feat with the help of exceptionally elastic materials from which its nipples are made. The design features behind the feeding bottles were arrived at after extensive research that involved over 200 mothers and their children in figuring out their efficacy once rolled out into the market

The feeding bottle’s anti-colic air system is another nipple related factor that gives nuk 14074 outstanding design features. Colic prevention in newborns is important though it’s not an infant ailment or diagnosis of any kind. In essence, colic refers to a series of baffling behaviors which may leave you worried and restless. Colicky babies are difficult to calm down. They wail at the top of their lungs, bringing on a mix of irritation and frustrations . It’s often culminate into exhaustion on your part as a parent. Many parents wish for super nannies in these instances not knowing that all they need to do is buying a nuk 14074 elephants baby feeding bottle with a 3-flow rate design.

Healthy gums and infant dental hygiene

Most nuk baby feeding bottles’ nipple design come with orthodontic design features that gear towards improving your child’s dental health. For this reason, they are among the few feeding bottle brands that are approved by Oral Health Foundation or OHF. When you take a closer look at the nuk 14074 nipples, you will note that they contain contours made of silicone baglet for additional strength. Your baby can consequently suckle on the on the bottles’ nipple with a biting effect. This makes their gums stronger. Greatly, it is also lowering its chances of developing gum complications as a toddler and later on in life.

Whenever you read nuk 14074 elephants baby bottle review, you will also note that the nipples contain soft internal channels. The channels made by design and not by default as they are intended to reduce any strain on the baby’s jaw as it suckles. It’s significant to note that some babies suckle vigorously. And this could lead to soft tissue damage around the jaw or temple areas. Leading to discomfort issues which can result in costly medical complications. More nipple room means that your baby can comfortably from the bottle irrespective of whether irrespective his or her sitting position.

nuk 14074 elephants baby bottle review

Suitable for all babies

This one of few bottles that you can give to your baby while they are lying on their bed. Most pediatricians will recommend that you get a feeding bottle with features that match those of nuk 14074 whenever your child displays any of the following symptoms:

• He or she experiences jaw pains that you can’t explain.

• Experiences muscles spasms when opening or closing its mouth, making it difficult for the baby to eat, yawn, laugh or cry.

• Shows difficulty in chewing or swallowing food.

• Can’t communicate or express him or herself properly especially if the baby reached a stage where he or she is learning how to speak.

• If the baby appears to have constant dental related complications which may include gum swells and bacteria related wounds in the mouth.

Other features

It’s significant to look at the ease of cleaning a baby’s feeding bottle before making the purchase. Checking out the design around the neck and at the base bottom. The threads around the neck should be smooth and well-rounded in shape. This enables you to avoid any injuries whenever you choose to clean the bottle using your bare hands.

Smooth threads also discourage angular ridges which can harbor bacteria and bring on food-related health problems. Nuk 14074’s round base is also designed to prevent accumulation of any pathogenic substances which may infect you your child. Other than these, the design factors are slotted in to make the feeding bottle easy to clean. As a matter of fact, this in one of the feeding bottle brands that you can wash using a dishwasher instead of using the tedious bottle washing brush.

Made by the best material and technology

We live in an industrial age. Consequently, thousands of synthetic materials are churned out every day in the bid to come up with cost-effective manufacturing processes. Any correctly outlined nuk 14074 elephants baby bottle review will inform you that nuk baby feeding bottles aren’t made using the cheapest technologies. They are made in line with the best manufacturer practices.

Therefore, nuk feeding bottles are free of Bisphenol A, or BPA, for short. BPA is a synthetic chemical that’s associated with many health complications in children and adults alike. Studies show that it suppresses cognitive development in infants by lowering their IQ and increase their chances of developing cancerous ailments later on in life.

The net of maladies brought about by BPA can widen to include diabetes and cardiovascular problems. It’s significant to remember that nearly all leading products stand a chance of having a string of counterfeits out there. It’s subsequently necessary to buy your nuk 14074 baby feeding bottles from a reputable online or brick and mortar store. Note that though faked materials are always cheap. They can often prove expensive in the long run since they may have life-long. Adverse effects on your child, a matter that you strive to avoid at all cost.