The Favorite of Colicky, Gas-filled and Fussy Babies Everywhere – the Playtex Ventaire Bottles Reviews

playtex baby ventair

So you’re having a baby! Time for knitting, and lace work. Well, I guess you really don’t have time for knitting in today’s world, but it’s a nice thought! You are setting up a nursery, buying things for your new baby – happy times! You’re also making decisions about buying bottles, should you buy this one, should you not? You may need to buy a few just in case. Now it’s time for the big decisions, you ask around among friends and look online – glass or plastic? Should you buy silicone nipples or latex? What shape bottles should you have? So many types of bottles, so many decisions to make! Don’t worry; Here we are with the ultimate Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews and their pros and cons.

A General Overview of the Playtex Bottle:

The Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews we have made should guide you in the decision-making process. The key features are the shape of the bottle and the position of the vent. The unique shape of these bottles allows for a more upright feeding position for your baby. An ordinary nipple has vents at the top near the portion where the milk flows and sometimes your baby can swallow air along with the milk. This makes the baby bloated due to the gas build up and lead to colic (though no one knows for sure what actually causes colic.). In the Playtex Ventaire Bottles there are special vents which are actually made up of micro holes, at the bottom of the bottle which allows air to flow in without any chance of having your baby swallow it while feeding.

The Pros of this Revolutionary Bottle:

1. Babies using these bottles seem to have less gas resulting in less spit up and reduced fussiness.

2. Our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews also note that the unique angle of the bottle allows you to feed the baby in a more upright position, preventing potential ear infections from happening.

3. The nipples of the bottles are shaped more like your breast so baby can feed comfortably. There will be less confusion for the baby between breasts and the nipple of the bottle, as the flow of the milk also can be controlled by your baby just as they do with the breast. Babies also seem to latch well with this nipple.

4. The Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews show that the nipples are shaped to help baby switch easily between breast and bottle. The bottles have a revolutionary Playtex NaturaLatch patented nipple. They are wide and have a special raised, textured portion which will help your baby to latch. You can also use the bottles with a variety of other nipples from Playtex.

5. You would be surprised at how much easier it is to use the unique tilted bottle. We found that most mothers in our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews discovered a pleasing difference in the holding-comfort in the Playtex Ventaire Bottles. They didn’t realize there could be a difference in the first place until they tried the Playtex Ventaire Bottle. And then realized the ease with which you can hold the bottle for the baby.

Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews

6. Parents will also find the price of these bottles much lower than its closest competitor. Compared to other anti-colic bottles, you will be delighted with its value for money. As you can get them in sets, they are even less expensive than you imagined.

7. The mouth of the bottle is wide enough for you to make up a bottle for your baby, comfortably. You will be happy to know that our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews found there are no leaks in the bottle when you shake it to mix up the formula. You will find that the markings are clear so it’s easy to fix a bottle when the baby
is hungry. The wide mouth makes cleaning it easy too!

8. The unique shape of the bottle is not a problem when you put it into a regular bottle warmer. And it is BPA-free, so heat it knowing it’s safe for your baby.

9. All the parts of the baby bottle can fit into other Playtex bottles. So you can do mix up and mix and match parts, getting your baby exactly what he/she needs.

10. Our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews found the bottles are very good travelers. Just make sure to place the nipple inside the travel lid correctly, screw on the lid and you’re good to go! No leaks, no waste, and your baby’s food is ready at a moment’s notice.

There are always a few cons, so here we go:

Where there are pluses there are also a few minor cons too so after our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews, we have a small list for you to consider:

– The lid pops off when you drop it

– The bottom of the bottle can develop a leak if not closed properly or after some use

– Lots of parts that need careful cleaning.

– The curve of the bottle needs special care with a good bottle brush to scrub out.

– The nipple can stain if left with things like tomato sauce.

– A small portion of babies found it difficult to latch on to the NaturaLatch nipples. Each baby is different so do try another if yours has the same problem.

Other Details We Think You Should Know

The bottles come in both 6 oz and 9 oz. They come as a set of three in a pack. You can find a starter pack at a low price which has three bottles of 6oz and two bottles in the 9 oz size. It also comes with extra nipples, bottle caps, and the vent disk. There are numerous selections of nipples to choose from like the Petite nipple, the Full sized nipple, the angled nipple and the Breast-like nipple. Our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews also note since the back and the top is removable, the bottle is so easy to clean. You can also put the bottles in the dishwasher’s top rack as it is dishwasher safe. The three lovely colors are very pleasing to the eye.

Remember You Know What’s Best

Our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews are done with an eye on really helping you make the right decisions. It can get very confusing for new mother when you see the numerous choices out there. It’s not always possible to rely on word of mouth. We have analyzed the products as thoroughly as possible from all angles. Sometimes what works for one baby doesn’t work for another. In which case, it’s wise to give up and try another product to see if baby responds better. We know how precious your baby is to you and want you to make informed choices. Ultimately you know what’s best for your precious baby.

Feeding Can Be Made a Fun Experience for Your Baby with Playtex Nurser Bottles

playtex nurser bottles

It is annoying to see your baby irritated from a lot of trouble while shifting from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. Being mom is not an easy job. You need to stand on your heels for getting the best for your baby. In midst of all the pain you take, you come across many brands and their promises to make your baby happy. However, it becomes impossible to find the one that provides the best solution for your baby’s bottle feeding. Sometimes online reviews may assist you in making the right decision as it did for me. I saw playtex nurser bottles reviews on internet and the next thing I did, I made online order for these bottles.

It would be surprising to see how your baby latches to these bottles without asking for the breastfeed. My struggle was over after I got these miraculous bottles for my baby. I was going through a trying-time. Every product I used, was not up to the mark. There were problems with every brand. Either the bottle was too heavy for my little one to hold or it made him colic most of the time. These issues were getting me into depression. Mothers may be the strongest creature that god has created, but mothers also need break from all the responsibilities that they take up after child’s birth. Feeding bottles are a life saver for taking out some time to check the messages on the mobile.

When I got Playtex for my baby, she was already fighting colic symptoms. It had been few months that I shifted her to bottle feed and since the time, she stayed cranky most of the time and would cry the whole night without a break. I knew that the bottle feeding was making the condition worse and had to do something about it. Hence, I checked internet for some suggestions and found playtex nurser bottles reviews which had all the information that I needed.

Features that makes playtex nurser bottles vital for your baby’s feeding

While you go through the website of Playtex, you would be able to collect a lot of information. I did the same before making the order. I checked the options available with them and found the one that suited all my concerns.

They have got different variety of bottles, from your new ones to toddler, you can get range of nursing bottles. I love playtex nurser bottles because some of the great features it provides:

Customized Angled Design: I have never seen a design that playtex nurser bottles provide. Doctors suggest feeing babies in semi upright position which helps in preventing ear infection. However, with bottle feeding, this becomes close to impossible. But, playtex nurser bottles come with the optional angled design which makes it easier to tilt the head to an angle. After getting these bottle, I was never worried about the feeding position.

Adjustable nipple option: Playtex bottles come with nipple that are greatly designed and are made of natural latch silicon which feels close to the breastfeeding. This makes the transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding much convenient. However, the playtex nurser bottles are compatible with all different nipples that Playtex provides. Hence, you can choose one that suits you better.

playtex nurser bottles reviews

The bottles are free of BPA: Being a parent, we are highly concerned about using BPA-free nursing bottle. If you will check the Playtex nurser bottles reviews, you will find great buzz about the same. These bottles are BPA-free and will keep your babies away from infection or any health hazards. Above all, baby’s health comes first and there should be no compromise made to their growing body. For these reasons, Playtex provide safest and best bottles.

Comes in different sizes: Platex bottles come in different sizes to make sure the infants as well as growing babies are fed with right amount. The smaller size is of 4oz and the bigger one is of 8oz. The smaller size bottles are also great for carrying milk while traveling.

Great Locking feature: It becomes great problem when your baby’s feeding bottle leaks and spoils everything in your diaper bag. These bottles solve this issue efficiently by providing twist and click seal. It is safe to carry while traveling.

Compact: These bottles come with liners. So, if you are on the go, you can pack just one bottle and bring extra liners and nipples to keep your travel bag light weight.

Today’s Parent Approved winner of 2016

What made me believe about all the fuss on playtex nurser bottles reviews, is the recognition it has gained. The design is astonishing and Playtex bottles get you everything that you need for keeping your little one out of colic problems as well as other infection. These bottles are a great help for those moms who are always in rush. It has pre-sterilized liners that avoids mess and lots of cleaning later on. You can put the liners in the bottle and turn on the nipple. It becomes ready to feed your baby.

If you think that convenience is the only thing that counts here, then you have got me wrong. The liners are designed to collapse as baby feeds. This is similar to the breastfeeding pattern. This helps in avoiding colic problems.


Babies are different and their needs as well. We, as a parent, try to find the right mate for our baby. Either it’s the first game that we introduce them to or their first bottle. Everything should make them feel comfortable. Playtex nurser bottles reviews will make you understand about the ways these bottles will make your baby happy irrespective of the different needs.

Playtex bottles have served a lot of parents around the globe and it is the benefits that it provides which makes it the most trusted brands among nursing bottles. If you wish to have a great time watching your baby playing with her toys instead of crying out of gas, Playtex bottle is the perfect purchase you can make.

Playtex VentAire Bottles Are The Best Baby Bottles For Your Little Ones


Every mother (or father) knows that bottle-feeding is one of the most difficult and strenuous tasks. One of the most common problems that make it so difficult is the spit-ups caused by accumulated gas ingested from an unsuitable baby bottle. Fortunately, Playtex VentAire Bottles are specially made to prevent air ingestion and spit-ups. Giving you a much easier feeding time and making it more comfortable for your little ones.

Choosing the right baby bottle for your child

All parents want the best for their kids, and it starts with making an informed choice on baby products. A baby bottle is one of the most important products as it is a tool that delivers nutrition and sustenance to your baby multiple times a day. Since it is used so often in direct contact, the baby bottle must be designed with careful attention to details and promotes health benefits.

You may have tried many different baby bottles, and while some of them might even have lessened the spit-ups. None of them completely solves the problem. Doctors may even regard the problem as normal for some babies, and calling them the “happy spitters”. However, if your baby regularly bursts out in fits of crying or show signs of distress while using the bottle such as, being fussy, fidgeting, keeps trying to sit up or push the bottle away, it is highly likely that the baby bottle is causing discomfort and unsuitable for the child.

What makes Playtex VentAire bottles special

Playtex VentAire bottles eliminate the problem of the tummy ache and spit-ups due to air ingested from baby bottles. It is achieved by using a micro-channel vent technology to prevent the milk from mixing with the air inside the bottle. The angled design of the bottles makes it easier for your baby to reach the milk in the semi-upright feeding position.

Moreover, the bottles come with naturally shaped wide nipples with a textured area that feel just like real nipples. It helps the baby latch on easier, as well as provide a smoother transition from breast to bottle.

A clinical study conducted has proven that babies that used Playtex VentAire bottles had fewer incidents of spit-ups, colic, stomach gas and other discomforts, as compared to babies that used other leading brands of baby bottles.

Features and benefits

Playtex VentAirebottles’s unique combination of features is a first of its kind in the market. Each feature compliments one another to provide benefits for both the baby and the parents. Feeding does not have to be a long, weary chore anymore. Both you and your baby can happily enjoy this bonding time!

Playtex VentAire Bottles

Anti-colic bottom vent

Colic is a severe abdominal pain commonly experienced by babies, especially in the first few months of infancy. It is caused by gas that seeps into the stomach and usually lead to incessant crying and spit-up of the milk.

To prevent that, Playtex VentAire bottles are made with a micro-channel bottom anti-colic vent that keeps air pushed to the back of the bottle as your baby drinks. The air in the bottle does not mix with the milk and thus, does not get ingested into the stomach. Air bubbles are the main cause of babies getting gassy and fussy. They may even spit up the milk, making a huge mess and frustration around the house. To solve this long-time feeding issue, the anti-colic vent is a huge relief to parents and babies alike.

Angled design

Playtex VentAire bottles have an angled design to promote a healthy semi-upright feeding position. This position is recommended by pediatricians to help prevent ear infection.

When babies feed while lying in a horizontal position, the sucking and swallowing action opens up the tubes in the ears. This allows germs and fluids to backflow from the throat to the ears and increases the risk of ear infection. That is why it is important to keep your baby in a semi-upright in your arms at all times throughout the feeding session.

Playtex VentAire bottles angled design is for this very purpose. Not only can make the baby live in a comfortable and healthy position, but less tilting action also means a more relaxing experience for the parent feeding the baby. Feeding sessions can now be quicker, with lesser fuss and mess.

Most Like Mom NaturaLatch nipples

Babies may not be able to understand the transition from breast to bottle. But they can tell the difference from the way the baby bottle nipples feel. This may be a difficult period for everyone as the baby might kick up a fuss and refuse to drink from the bottle. But whether you are switching to bottle-feeding due to many reasons, this time of transition with Playtex VentAire bottles.

The natural wide shape of the baby bottle nipples mimics the feel of breast nipples. Making it easier for your baby to accept. It also has a raised textured area that helps your baby latch on easily and naturally and has been clinically proven to work effectively.

The Most Like Mom NaturaLatch nipples keep your baby feeling secure and soothed. Those that come with the bottle are slow flow, but there are also different sizes of nipples available in slow, medium and fast flow options.

Buying the product

Playtex VentAire’s anti-colic bottles are BPA-free and come with a removable top and bottoms caps for easy cleaning and assembly. They have also recently changed to a new and improved silicone vent that allows a better flow rate.

The bottles come in sizes of 6oz, 8oz, and 9oz to contain different portions of milk. There are three colors to choose from blue, pink and clear. They are available in packs of 1, 3 and 5 bottles each. You can also get the gift set that is perfect for baby showers. The set contains 3 6oz bottles, 2 9oz bottles, 1 extra NaturaLatch slow nipple, 1 extra NaturaLatch medium nipple, and extra vent disks.

A better bottle for your baby

A happy baby makes for an even happier mommy (and daddy). Feeding time should be a joyous, intimate session for both baby and parent. Playtex VentAire bottles can make that happen. The bottles keep your little ones healthy, comfortable, happy and help them drift into a good, sound sleep. Like a mommy assistant, it multitasks and makes your job much easier!