The Favorite of Colicky, Gas-filled and Fussy Babies Everywhere – the Playtex Ventaire Bottles Reviews

playtex baby ventair

So you’re having a baby! Time for knitting, and lace work. Well, I guess you really don’t have time for knitting in today’s world, but it’s a nice thought! You are setting up a nursery, buying things for your new baby – happy times! You’re also making decisions about buying bottles, should you buy this one, should you not? You may need to buy a few just in case. Now it’s time for the big decisions, you ask around among friends and look online – glass or plastic? Should you buy silicone nipples or latex? What shape bottles should you have? So many types of bottles, so many decisions to make! Don’t worry; Here we are with the ultimate Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews and their pros and cons.

A General Overview of the Playtex Bottle:

The Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews we have made should guide you in the decision-making process. The key features are the shape of the bottle and the position of the vent. The unique shape of these bottles allows for a more upright feeding position for your baby. An ordinary nipple has vents at the top near the portion where the milk flows and sometimes your baby can swallow air along with the milk. This makes the baby bloated due to the gas build up and lead to colic (though no one knows for sure what actually causes colic.). In the Playtex Ventaire Bottles there are special vents which are actually made up of micro holes, at the bottom of the bottle which allows air to flow in without any chance of having your baby swallow it while feeding.

The Pros of this Revolutionary Bottle:

1. Babies using these bottles seem to have less gas resulting in less spit up and reduced fussiness.

2. Our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews also note that the unique angle of the bottle allows you to feed the baby in a more upright position, preventing potential ear infections from happening.

3. The nipples of the bottles are shaped more like your breast so baby can feed comfortably. There will be less confusion for the baby between breasts and the nipple of the bottle, as the flow of the milk also can be controlled by your baby just as they do with the breast. Babies also seem to latch well with this nipple.

4. The Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews show that the nipples are shaped to help baby switch easily between breast and bottle. The bottles have a revolutionary Playtex NaturaLatch patented nipple. They are wide and have a special raised, textured portion which will help your baby to latch. You can also use the bottles with a variety of other nipples from Playtex.

5. You would be surprised at how much easier it is to use the unique tilted bottle. We found that most mothers in our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews discovered a pleasing difference in the holding-comfort in the Playtex Ventaire Bottles. They didn’t realize there could be a difference in the first place until they tried the Playtex Ventaire Bottle. And then realized the ease with which you can hold the bottle for the baby.

Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews

6. Parents will also find the price of these bottles much lower than its closest competitor. Compared to other anti-colic bottles, you will be delighted with its value for money. As you can get them in sets, they are even less expensive than you imagined.

7. The mouth of the bottle is wide enough for you to make up a bottle for your baby, comfortably. You will be happy to know that our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews found there are no leaks in the bottle when you shake it to mix up the formula. You will find that the markings are clear so it’s easy to fix a bottle when the baby
is hungry. The wide mouth makes cleaning it easy too!

8. The unique shape of the bottle is not a problem when you put it into a regular bottle warmer. And it is BPA-free, so heat it knowing it’s safe for your baby.

9. All the parts of the baby bottle can fit into other Playtex bottles. So you can do mix up and mix and match parts, getting your baby exactly what he/she needs.

10. Our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews found the bottles are very good travelers. Just make sure to place the nipple inside the travel lid correctly, screw on the lid and you’re good to go! No leaks, no waste, and your baby’s food is ready at a moment’s notice.

There are always a few cons, so here we go:

Where there are pluses there are also a few minor cons too so after our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews, we have a small list for you to consider:

– The lid pops off when you drop it

– The bottom of the bottle can develop a leak if not closed properly or after some use

– Lots of parts that need careful cleaning.

– The curve of the bottle needs special care with a good bottle brush to scrub out.

– The nipple can stain if left with things like tomato sauce.

– A small portion of babies found it difficult to latch on to the NaturaLatch nipples. Each baby is different so do try another if yours has the same problem.

Other Details We Think You Should Know

The bottles come in both 6 oz and 9 oz. They come as a set of three in a pack. You can find a starter pack at a low price which has three bottles of 6oz and two bottles in the 9 oz size. It also comes with extra nipples, bottle caps, and the vent disk. There are numerous selections of nipples to choose from like the Petite nipple, the Full sized nipple, the angled nipple and the Breast-like nipple. Our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews also note since the back and the top is removable, the bottle is so easy to clean. You can also put the bottles in the dishwasher’s top rack as it is dishwasher safe. The three lovely colors are very pleasing to the eye.

Remember You Know What’s Best

Our Playtex Ventaire Bottles reviews are done with an eye on really helping you make the right decisions. It can get very confusing for new mother when you see the numerous choices out there. It’s not always possible to rely on word of mouth. We have analyzed the products as thoroughly as possible from all angles. Sometimes what works for one baby doesn’t work for another. In which case, it’s wise to give up and try another product to see if baby responds better. We know how precious your baby is to you and want you to make informed choices. Ultimately you know what’s best for your precious baby.