Playtex VentAire Bottles Are The Best Baby Bottles For Your Little Ones


Every mother (or father) knows that bottle-feeding is one of the most difficult and strenuous tasks. One of the most common problems that make it so difficult is the spit-ups caused by accumulated gas ingested from an unsuitable baby bottle. Fortunately, Playtex VentAire Bottles are specially made to prevent air ingestion and spit-ups. Giving you a much easier feeding time and making it more comfortable for your little ones.

Choosing the right baby bottle for your child

All parents want the best for their kids, and it starts with making an informed choice on baby products. A baby bottle is one of the most important products as it is a tool that delivers nutrition and sustenance to your baby multiple times a day. Since it is used so often in direct contact, the baby bottle must be designed with careful attention to details and promotes health benefits.

You may have tried many different baby bottles, and while some of them might even have lessened the spit-ups. None of them completely solves the problem. Doctors may even regard the problem as normal for some babies, and calling them the “happy spitters”. However, if your baby regularly bursts out in fits of crying or show signs of distress while using the bottle such as, being fussy, fidgeting, keeps trying to sit up or push the bottle away, it is highly likely that the baby bottle is causing discomfort and unsuitable for the child.

What makes Playtex VentAire bottles special

Playtex VentAire bottles eliminate the problem of the tummy ache and spit-ups due to air ingested from baby bottles. It is achieved by using a micro-channel vent technology to prevent the milk from mixing with the air inside the bottle. The angled design of the bottles makes it easier for your baby to reach the milk in the semi-upright feeding position.

Moreover, the bottles come with naturally shaped wide nipples with a textured area that feel just like real nipples. It helps the baby latch on easier, as well as provide a smoother transition from breast to bottle.

A clinical study conducted has proven that babies that used Playtex VentAire bottles had fewer incidents of spit-ups, colic, stomach gas and other discomforts, as compared to babies that used other leading brands of baby bottles.

Features and benefits

Playtex VentAirebottles’s unique combination of features is a first of its kind in the market. Each feature compliments one another to provide benefits for both the baby and the parents. Feeding does not have to be a long, weary chore anymore. Both you and your baby can happily enjoy this bonding time!

Playtex VentAire Bottles

Anti-colic bottom vent

Colic is a severe abdominal pain commonly experienced by babies, especially in the first few months of infancy. It is caused by gas that seeps into the stomach and usually lead to incessant crying and spit-up of the milk.

To prevent that, Playtex VentAire bottles are made with a micro-channel bottom anti-colic vent that keeps air pushed to the back of the bottle as your baby drinks. The air in the bottle does not mix with the milk and thus, does not get ingested into the stomach. Air bubbles are the main cause of babies getting gassy and fussy. They may even spit up the milk, making a huge mess and frustration around the house. To solve this long-time feeding issue, the anti-colic vent is a huge relief to parents and babies alike.

Angled design

Playtex VentAire bottles have an angled design to promote a healthy semi-upright feeding position. This position is recommended by pediatricians to help prevent ear infection.

When babies feed while lying in a horizontal position, the sucking and swallowing action opens up the tubes in the ears. This allows germs and fluids to backflow from the throat to the ears and increases the risk of ear infection. That is why it is important to keep your baby in a semi-upright in your arms at all times throughout the feeding session.

Playtex VentAire bottles angled design is for this very purpose. Not only can make the baby live in a comfortable and healthy position, but less tilting action also means a more relaxing experience for the parent feeding the baby. Feeding sessions can now be quicker, with lesser fuss and mess.

Most Like Mom NaturaLatch nipples

Babies may not be able to understand the transition from breast to bottle. But they can tell the difference from the way the baby bottle nipples feel. This may be a difficult period for everyone as the baby might kick up a fuss and refuse to drink from the bottle. But whether you are switching to bottle-feeding due to many reasons, this time of transition with Playtex VentAire bottles.

The natural wide shape of the baby bottle nipples mimics the feel of breast nipples. Making it easier for your baby to accept. It also has a raised textured area that helps your baby latch on easily and naturally and has been clinically proven to work effectively.

The Most Like Mom NaturaLatch nipples keep your baby feeling secure and soothed. Those that come with the bottle are slow flow, but there are also different sizes of nipples available in slow, medium and fast flow options.

Buying the product

Playtex VentAire’s anti-colic bottles are BPA-free and come with a removable top and bottoms caps for easy cleaning and assembly. They have also recently changed to a new and improved silicone vent that allows a better flow rate.

The bottles come in sizes of 6oz, 8oz, and 9oz to contain different portions of milk. There are three colors to choose from blue, pink and clear. They are available in packs of 1, 3 and 5 bottles each. You can also get the gift set that is perfect for baby showers. The set contains 3 6oz bottles, 2 9oz bottles, 1 extra NaturaLatch slow nipple, 1 extra NaturaLatch medium nipple, and extra vent disks.

A better bottle for your baby

A happy baby makes for an even happier mommy (and daddy). Feeding time should be a joyous, intimate session for both baby and parent. Playtex VentAire bottles can make that happen. The bottles keep your little ones healthy, comfortable, happy and help them drift into a good, sound sleep. Like a mommy assistant, it multitasks and makes your job much easier!