Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle Review

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle

The Closer To Nature Bottle is among the budget friendly products in the market that have many attractive attributes. Tommee Tippee has been on the market for many years and has been offering a wider range of quality baby accessories such as nipples, bottles, monitors, and pumps. They have designed the Closer to Nature bottle to mimic the mother’s breast. They are wider neck bottles boasting wider nipples to allow effortless switching between bottle-feeding and breastfeeding. This Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle Review should help you make an informed purchase decision.

More about the product

TT has made the Closer to Nature Bottle to imitate the size, natural shape, and feel of a breast. The movement, the flex, and rigidity of the bottle nipple replicate the behavior of a mother’s nipple. The wide range of Closer to Nature accessories includes Sensitive Tummy Feeding Bottles, Regular Feeding Bottles, and Added Comfort Feeding Bottles. The accessories share the same nipples and designs. The Added Comfort and the Sensitive tummy bottles are suitable for the exceptionally sensitive and colic prone babies, respectively.

The Bottle’s design and key features

– Short and compact

The Closer To Nature Bottle is not only short but also compact. Therefore, it does not take much space. Due to the width, you can fill it with 5 ounces of milk – you possibly know that the volume of most baby bottles is less than 4 ounces. The manufacturer also offers larger 9 ounces bottles that are suitable for older babies. Most customers have praised compactness of the bottle in their reviews.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle Review

– Made of BPA-free Plastic material

The manufacturer uses BPA-free plastic to make the bottles, and therefore, you should not worry about harmful Bisphenol leaking into your toddler’s milk. Just as you expect with the other Tommee Tippee products, the Closer to Nature Bottles is licensed and suitable for all babies irrespective of the age.

– Functional design

Depending on aesthetic sense, you may interpret the appearance of Closer to Nature Bottle as awkward or stylish. The manufacturer has indented its middle part, and it will fit firmly in your hand when feeding your baby. What’s more, your baby will easily grab it once she is old enough to start holding a bottle herself.

– Simple and efficient air vent

The simple and efficient air vent in the Closer to Nature bottle nipple helps eliminate reflux, colic, and spit-ups. The manufacturer has built the vent into the nipple, and therefore you will not add any extra part for cleaning purposes.

– Large, wider nipples

Large, wider nipples are suitable for breastfed babies. The nipples mimic the feel and shape of a woman’s breast, and your baby will be willing to hold it. Tommee Tippee supplies the nipples with varying flow rates. In other words, you can use the Closer to Nature Bottle with a four-week-old baby that need slower flow rate and with older babies in need of faster milk supply.

– Features three parts

Each bottle has three primary parts and a cap. That alone, makes them easier to clean. You can use the special brush (sold separately) to speed up the cleaning process. In my opinion, the nipple’s cleaning process is outstanding. It offers a hygiene level that competitors cannot match.

– More accessories

The manufacturer offers a wider range of high-quality, ideally fitting and lower priced accessories. The bottle and its accessories are interchangeable. If you are a busy mom, that should sound great to you because you will have an easier time feeding your baby.

Some of the common accessories you can use with Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles include the Cleaning Brush. The manufacturer has purposely designed the cleaning brush to help clean the Closer to Bottles. The brush boasts an exceptional rubber cleaner. The other accessory is the Breast Pump Adaptor that should help you use the Closer to Nature Bottle with Madela pump. To purchase it, you need $5.

You might also need to purchase the In Bottle Formula Dispensers. The Formula Dispenser is a $1 piece container that allows easier preparation of the formula for the busy moms. You possibly know that you should not prepare the formula milk a long time before you start feeding your baby. You should prepare it immediately before use. The innovatory dispensers allow you to measure the powder and water and leave them for later mixing.

What to expect in the bottle package

The manufacturer offers two types of Closer to Nature Bottles. The first one has a 5 ounces capacity and the second type has 9 ounces capacity. The two types boast graduations in both ounces and milliliters on their side. Therefore, you can easily know the amount of milk inside the bottle. The Tommee Tippee package includes:

– Hygienic caps

– Bottles

– Slow flow nipples and

– Collars

If you are planning to use Madela pumps and to express directly into the Closer to Nature Bottle, you have to keep in mind that your bottle will not fit into the pump directly. You will have to purchase the special adapter. The other option is to express the milk into the container that came with your pump and transfer it into the Closer to Nature Bottle. Tommee Tippee supplies a wide range of accessories that are also available at a lower price. You might need to consider the manual breast pump.


– Wider nipple that mimics the mother’s breast

– A simple design that allows easier cleaning

– Wider range of accessories to allow easier feeding

– The manufacturer uses BPA-free material to make the bottle. It is, therefore, safe for baby feeding.


– The design might look awkward to some people

– You cannot use it with a Madela Pump directly

Bottom line

The review should help you make an informed purchase decision. One of the features that allow the bottle to stand out in the market is the Closer to Nature nipple. The stretch ripple and nipple’s flex provides the bottle with a feel similar to mother’s nipples. As a result, your baby will be more comfortable and relaxed when feeding. What’s more, the bottle features a design that will make it easier for your child to transition from nursing to bottle-feeding. The easy-latch-on nipple shape stretches moves and flexes like a woman’s nipple. The soft silicone material feels like skin. It elongates during feeding to imitate a natural breast. You might need to buy the bottle.